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Season Two
Bret Harrison ... Sam Oliver
Tyler Labine ... Bert "Sock" Wysocki
Rick Gonzalez ... Ben Gonzalez
Missy Peregrym ... Andi Prendergast
Andrew Airlie ... Mr. Oliver
Donavon Stinson ... Ted
Ray Wise ... The Devil
  • Ep: 19
  • Episode IV: A New Hope
  • Guest Starring: Sean Patrick Thomas (Alan Townsend), Eriko (Kristen)
  • Co-Starring: Hiro Kanagawa (Morris), Marilyn Norry (Sock's Mom), Reese Alexander (Beer Delivery Guy)
  • Written By: Craig DiGregorio
  • Directed By: Stephen Cragg
  • Ep: 20
  • Dirty Sexy Mongol
  • Guest Starring: Sean Patrick Thomas (Alan Townsend), Jenny Wade (Nina), Eriko (Kristen), Michael Antonakos (Topher), Stacy Grant (Shopper), Christine Willes (Gladys)
  • Co-Starring: Tri Cao (Restaurant Host), Pesi Daruwalla (Older Customer), John Destry (Groundskeeper), Chris Nowland (Security Guard)
  • Written By: Kevin Etten
  • Directed By: Ron Underwood
  • Ep: 21
  • The Sweet Science
  • Guest Starring: Erik Palladino (Michael "Red" Sabatino), Jenny Wade (Nina), Stacy Grant (Shopper)
  • Co-Starring: Donald Adams (Carl), Laura Jaye (Barbara), Jonathan Bruce (Irish Tenor), Michael Bean (Dave the Grief Counselor)
  • Written By: Chris Dingess
  • Directed By: Tom Cherones
  • Ep: 22
  • The Favorite
  • Guest Starring: Armie Hammer (Morgan), Eriko (Kristen), Jenny Wade (Nina), Christine Willes (Gladys), Alex Diakun (Edmund Fitzgerald)
  • Co-Starring: Brenda McDonald (Mary Ann Fitzgerald), C. Ernst Harth (Consignment Store Owner), Anna Cummer (Female Customer #1), Kathryn Kirkpatrick (Female Customer #2), Steve Maddock (Uniformed Cop)
  • Written By: Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters
  • Directed By: Kevin Dowling
  • Ep: 23
  • I Want My Baby Back
  • Guest Starring: Armie Hammer (Morgan), Eriko (Kristen), Christine Willes (Gladys), Alessandro Juliani ()
  • And: Ken Marino (Tony)
  • Co-Starring: Heather Doerksen (Tracy), Garnet Harding (Maitre D')
  • Written By: Thomas Schnauz
  • Directed By: John Fortenberry
  • Ep: 24
  • Underbelly
  • Guest Starring: Stephen McHattie (Sheriff), Eriko (Kristen), Jenny Wade (Nina), Hiro Kanagawa (Morris), Marilyn Norry (Sock's Mom)
  • Co-Starring: Carrie Ruscheinsky (Millie), Sean Tyson (Lowell), John Shaw (Gus)
  • Written By: Jeffrey Vlaming
  • Directed By: Stephen Cragg
  • Ep: 25
  • The Good Soil
  • Guest Starring: Armie Hammer (Morgan), Sean Patrick Thomas (Alan Townsend), Eriko (Kristen), Jenny Wade (Nina), Jake Sandvig (Billy Boyland), Marilyn Norry (Sock's Mom), Christine Willes (Gladys), Hiro Kanagawa (Morris), Brendan Beiser (Photographer), Claudette Mink (Cindy), June B. Wilde (Psychotherapist)
  • Co-Starring: Heath Stevenson (The Ender)
  • Written By: James Eagan
  • Directed By: Michael Patrick Jann
  • Ep: 26
  • The Home Stretch
  • Guest Starring: Armie Hammer (Morgan), Lupe Ontiveros (Ben's Grandmother), Sean Patrick Thomas (Alan Townsend), Jenny Wade (Nina), Collette Wolfe (Olivia), Bill Dow (Funeral Director), Michael Adamthwaite (Bud)
  • Co-Starring: Pesi Daruwalla (Pesi), Robin Mossley (Priest), Anthony Shim (Nate), Lisa Waines (Waitress)
  • Written By: Craig DiGregorio & Kevin Etten
  • Directed By: Bob Berlinger
  • Ep: 27
  • No Reaper Left Behind
  • Guest Starring: Simone Kessell (Sally), Jenny Wade (Nina)
  • Co-Starring: Pesi Daruwalla (Pesi), Robin Nielsen (Delivery Guy)
  • Written By: Tom Spezialy
  • Directed By: Tom Spezialy
  • Ep: 28
  • My Brother's Reaper
  • Guest Starring: Armie Hammer (Morgan), Jenny Wade (Nina), Michael Weaver (Gary Martin), April Amber Telek (Phyllis)
  • With: Michael Ian Black (Steve)
  • And: Ken Marino (Tony)
  • Co-Starring: Pesi Daruwalla (Pesi), Chris Shields (Doctor), Jerry Getty (Corporate Rep), Zoltan Barabas (Demon), John Tierney (Butler), Holly Eglinton (Stripper Clown)
  • Written By: Chris Dingess
  • Directed By: Ron Underwood
  • Ep: 29
  • To Sprong, With Love
  • Guest Starring: Michael McDonald (Elliott Sprong), Jenny Wade (Nina), Charlie Weber (Jordy Boone), Peter Benson (Bargain Bench Manager), Matty Finochio (Xavier)
  • Co-Starring: Doreem Ramus (Bargain Brandon), Michael Teigen (Cheesy Dude), Kai Kennedy (Little Kid), Michael Strusievici (Second Little Kid), Ben Wilkinson (Man in Suit), Ashleigh Gryzko (Pretty Woman), Jarrod Terrell (Young Man), Luisa Jojic (Young Woman), David Neale (Uniformed Cop #1), Luvia Petersen (Uniformed Cop #2)
  • Written By: Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters
  • Directed By: Jamie Babbit
  • Ep: 30
  • Business Casualty
  • Guest Starring: Matt Champagne (Phil), Jenny Wade (Nina), Catherine Reitman (Maggie), Matthew Harrison (Walter Randall)
  • And: Ken Marino (Tony)
  • Co-Starring: Lisa Marie Caruk (Avery), James Upton (Man in Suit), Darren Daurie (Janitor), Ellen Ewusie (Beautiful Female Customer), Serinda Swan (Hot Patron), Andrew Zachar (Demon #1), Ben Geldreich (Demon #2)
  • Written By: Matt Warshauer & Marlana Hope
  • Directed By: Fred Gerber
  • Ep: 31
  • The Devil and Sam Oliver
  • Guest Starring: Jenny Wade (Nina), Lupe Ontiveros (Ben's Grandmother), Christine Willes (Gladys), Rachel Cronin (Mary Pat), Timothy Webber (Father O'Malley)
  • With: Michael Ian Black (Steve)
  • Co-Starring: Gustavo Febres (Jose), Pesi Daruwalla (Pesi), Paul Moniz De Sa (Roger)
  • Written By: Michael F.X. Daley
  • Directed By: Kevin Dowling