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I come from the Net, through systems, peoples, and cities, to this place: Mainframe.

My format: Guardian.
To mend and defend.
To defend my newfound friends, their hopes, and dreams.
To defend them from -- their enemies.

They say the User lives outside the Net, and inputs games for pleasure. No one knows for sure... but I intend to find out.


Season One: 13 episodes
19402Sep 17/94(CA)The Tearing
29401Sep 24/94(CA)Racing the Clock
39403Oct 01/94(CA)Quick and the Fed
49405Oct 08/94(CA)Medusa Bug
59404Nov 26/94(CA)The Tiff
69408Dec 03/94(CA)In the Belly of the Beast
79414Dec 10/94(CA)The Crimson Binome
89411Dec 17/94(CA)Enzo the Smart
99410Dec 24/94(CA)Wizards, Warriors and a Word From Our Sponsor
109406Dec 31/94(CA)The Great Brain Robbery
119416Jan 07/95(CA)Talent Night
129415aJan 14/95(CA)Identity Crisis, Part 1
139415bJan 21/95(CA)Identity Crisis, Part 2

Season Two: 10 episodes
149501Aug 31/95(CA)Infected
159502Sep 07/95(CA)High Code
169503Sep 14/95(CA)When Games Collide
179505Sep 21/95(CA)Bad Bob
189504Nov 02/95(CA)Painted Windows
199509Nov 09/95(CA)AndrAIa
209508Dec 27/95(CA)Nullzilla (part 1)
219506Dec 27/95(CA)Gigabyte (part 2)
229507Jan 25/96(CA)Trust No One (part 3)
239510Feb 01/96(CA)Web World Wars (part 4)

Season Three: 16 episodes
249701Aug 20/97(CA)v3.1.1: To Mend And Defend
259702Aug 27/97(CA)v3.1.2: Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place
269703Sep 03/97(CA)v3.1.3: Firewall
279704Sep 10/97(CA)v3.1.4: Game Over
289705Sep 17/97(CA)v3.2.1: Icons
299706Sep 24/97(CA)v3.2.2: Where No Sprite Has Gone Before
309707Oct 01/97(CA)v3.2.3: Number 7
319708Oct 08/97(CA)v3.2.4: The Episode With No Name
329709Oct 15/97(CA)v3.3.1: Return of the Crimson Binome
339710Oct 22/97(CA)v3.3.2: The Edge of Beyond
349711Oct 29/97(CA)v3.3.3: Webriders on the Storm
359712Nov 05/97(CA)v3.3.4: Mousetrap
369713Jan 03/98(CA)v3.4.1: Megaframe
379714Jan 10/98(CA)v3.4.2: Showdown
389715Jan 17/98(CA)v3.4.3: System Crash
399716Jan 24/98(CA)v3.4.4: End Prog

Season Four: 8 episodes
40 - 43Nov 18/01(CA)Daemon Rising (two hours)
44 - 47Nov 25/01(CA)My Two Bobs (two hours)
40Oct 19/01(US)v4.0.1: Daemon Rising
41Oct 19/01(US)v4.0.2: Cross Nodes
42Oct 26/01(US)v4.0.3: What's Love Got to Do With It?
43Nov 02/01(US)v4.0.4: Sacrifice
44Nov 09/01(US)v4.1.1: My Two Bobs
45Nov 16/01(US)v4.1.2: Life's a Glitch
46Nov 23/01(US)v4.1.3: Null-Bot of the Bride
47Nov 30/01(US)v4.1.4: Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus
Genre: adventure, comedy, science fiction
Show Type: cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended (unresolved)
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 47
Broadcast Run: 1994 - 2001
Starring: Michael Benyaer
Kathleen Barr
Jesse Moss
Tony Jay
Shirley Millner
Michael Donovan
Phil Hayes
Gary Chalk
Created By: Gavin Blair
John Grace
Phil Mitchell
Ian Pearson
Broadcast Network: YTV
Production Company: Mainframe Entertainment
BLT Productions
Alliance Communications
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: ReBoot