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After being in stasis for three million years on the mining ship Red Dwarf, Dave Lister wakes up to find he is the last human alive in the universe. With his boss, Arnold Rimmer, whom the computer resurrected as a hologram to keep him company, and Cat, a humanoid feline evolved from his own pregnant cat, they set out to find their way back to Earth.

Season Twelve: 6 episodes
68Oct 12/17(UK)Cured
69Oct 19/17(UK)Siliconia
70Oct 26/17(UK)Timewave
71Nov 02/17(UK)Mechocracy
72Nov 09/17(UK)M-Corp
73Nov 16/17(UK)Skipper
Apr 09/20(UK)The Promised Land (90 mins)

Season One: 6 episodes
1Feb 15/88(UK)The End
2Feb 22/88(UK)Future Echoes
3Feb 29/88(UK)Balance of Power
4Mar 07/88(UK)Waiting For God
5Mar 14/88(UK)Confidence & Paranoia
6Mar 21/88(UK)Me2

Season Two: 6 episodes
7Sep 06/88(UK)Kryten
8Sep 13/88(UK)Better Than Life
9Sep 20/88(UK)Thanks For the Memory
10Sep 27/88(UK)Stasis Leak
11Oct 04/88(UK)Queeg
12Oct 11/88(UK)Parallel Universe

Season Three: episodes
13Nov 14/89(UK)Backwards
14Nov 21/89(UK)Marooned
15Nov 28/89(UK)Polymorph
16Dec 05/89(UK)Bodyswap
17Dec 12/89(UK)Timeslides
18Dec 19/89(UK)The Last Day
1995Red Dwarf: Smeg Outs (51 mins)

Season Four: 6 episodes
19Feb 14/91(UK)Camille
20Feb 21/91(UK)D.N.A.
21Feb 28/91(UK)Justice
22Mar 07/91(UK)White Hole
23Mar 14/91(UK)Dimension Jump
24Mar 21/91(UK)Meltdown

Season Five: 6 episodes
25Feb 20/92(UK)Holoship
26Feb 27/92(UK)Inquisitor
27Mar 05/92(UK)Terrorform
28Mar 12/92(UK)Quarantine
29Mar 19/92(UK)Demons and Angels
30Mar 26/92(UK)Back to Reality
unairedRed Dwarf (US pilot #1)
unairedRed Dwarf USA (US pilot #2)

Season Six: 6 episodes
31Oct 07/93(UK)Psirens
32Oct 14/93(UK)Legion
33Oct 21/93(UK)Gunmen of the Apocalypse
34Oct 28/93(UK)Emohawk: Polymorph II
35Nov 04/93(UK)Rimmerworld
36Nov 11/93(UK)Out of Time (part 1)
1994Red Dwarf: Smeg Ups (51 mins)

Season Seven: 8 episodes
37Jan 17/97(UK)Tikka to Ride (part 2)
38Jan 24/97(UK)Stoke Me a Clipper
39Jan 31/97(UK)Ouroboros
40Feb 07/97(UK)Duct Soup
41Feb 14/97(UK)Blue
42Feb 21/97(UK)Beyond a Joke
43Feb 28/97(UK)Epideme (part 1)
44Mar 07/97(UK)Nanarchy (part 2)

Season Eight: 8 episodes
45Feb 18/99(UK)Back in the Red, Part One
46Feb 25/99(UK)Back in the Red, Part Two
47Mar 04/99(UK)Back in the Red, Part Three
48Mar 11/99(UK)Cassandra
49Mar 18/99(UK)Krytie TV
50Mar 25/99(UK)Pete, Part One
51Apr 01/99(UK)Pete, Part Two
52Apr 05/99(UK)Only the Good...

Season Nine: 3 episodes
53Apr 10/09(UK)Back to Earth, Part 1
54Apr 11/09(UK)Back to Earth, Part 2
55Apr 12/09(UK)Back to Earth, Part 3

Season Ten: 6 episodes
56Oct 04/12(UK)Trojan
57Oct 11/12(UK)Fathers and Suns
58Oct 18/12(UK)Lemons
59Oct 25/12(UK)Entangled
60Nov 01/12(UK)Dear Dave
61Nov 08/12(UK)The Beginning

Season Eleven: 6 episodes
62Sep 22/16Twentica
63Sep 29/16Samsara
64Oct 06/16Give and Take
65Oct 13/16Officer Rimmer
66Oct 20/16Krysis
67Oct 27/16Can of Worms
Red Dwarf
Genre: comedy, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 12
Number of Episodes: 73
Broadcast Run: 1988 - present
Starring: Chris Barrie
Craig Charles
Danny John-Jules
Robert Llewellyn
Norman Lovett
Created By: Rob Grant
Doug Naylor
Broadcast Network: BBC Two (season 1-8)
Dave (season 9-12)
Production Company: Grant Naylor Productions
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Official Website: Red Dwarf
IMDb: Red Dwarf