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The 21st century. Mankind has colonized the last unexplored region on Earth, the ocean. As captain of the seaQuest and its crew, we are its guardians. For beneath the surface... lies the future.

Season One: 24 episodes
1/268901Sep 12/93To Be or Not to Be (two hours)
368916Sep 19/93The Devil's Window
468918Sep 26/93Treasure of the Mind
568904Oct 03/93Games
668917Oct 10/93Treasures of the Tonga Trench
768906Oct 17/93Brothers and Sisters
868903Oct 24/93Give Me Liberte
968924Oct 31/93Knight of Shadows
1068921Nov 07/93Bad Water
1168925Nov 21/93The Regulator
1268920Nov 28/93seaWest
1368923Dec 19/93Photon Bullet
1468926Jan 02/94Better Than Martians
1568913Jan 09/94Nothing But the Truth
1668927Jan 16/94Greed For a Pirate's Dream
1768932Feb 06/94Whale Song
1868928Feb 20/94The Stinger
1968933Feb 27/94Hide and Seek
2068905Mar 20/94The Last Lap of Luxury
2168936May 01/94Abalon
2268934May 08/94Such Great Patience
2368931May 15/94The Good Death
2468937May 22/94An Ocean on Fire aka Higher Power

Season Two: 22 episodes
25/2669704Sep 18/94Daggers (two hours)
2769702Sep 25/94The Fear That Follows
2869701Oct 02/94Sympathy For the Deep
2969710Oct 09/94Vapors
3069703Oct 23/94Playtime
3169708Nov 13/94The Sincerest Form of Flattery
3269707Nov 20/94By Any Other Name
3369706Nov 27/94When We Dead Awaken
3469711Dec 11/94Special Delivery
3569712Dec 18/94Dead End
3669705Jan 08/95Meltdown
3769714Jan 15/95Lostland
3869715Jan 22/95And Everything Nice
3969713Feb 19/95Dream Weaver
4069717Feb 26/95Alone
4169716Mar 05/95Watergate
4269718Mar 19/95Something in the Air
4369719Apr 02/95Dagger Redux
4469723Apr 30/95The Siamese Dream
4569720Sep 13/95Blindsided
4669722May 21/95Splashdown

Season Three: 13 episodes
name changed to seaQuest 2032
47K0403Sep 20/95Brave New World
48K0404Sep 27/95In the Company of Ice and Profit
49K0406Oct 11/95Smoke on the Water
50K0407Oct 19/95Destination Terminal
51K0408Nov 01/95Chains of Command
52K0410Nov 08/95Spindrift
53K0411Nov 15/95Equilibrium
54K0412Dec 06/95Resurrection
55K0405Dec 20/95Good Soldiers
56K0402Dec 27/95Second Chance
57K0409Jan 12/96Brainlock
58K0413Jan 28/96Reunion
59K0414Jun 09/96Weapons of War
seaQuest DSV
Genre: science fiction, drama, adventure
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 59
Broadcast Run: 1993 - 1996
Starring: Don Franklin
Jonathan Brandis
Ted Raimi
Marco Sanchez
Michael Ironside (season 3)
Elise Neal (season 3)
Edward Kerr (season 2-3)
Michael Deluise (season 2-3)
Kathy Evison (season 2-3)
Peter Deluise (season 2-3)
Rosalind Allen (season 2)
Roy Scheider (season 1-2)
Stacy Haiduk (season 1)
John D'Aquino (season 1)
Royce D. Applegate (season 1)
Stephanie Beacham (season 1)
Created By: Rockne S. O'Bannon
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: Amblin Entertainment
Universal Television
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: seaQuest DSV