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The Secret World of Alex Mack
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Would you want to grow up here? I have to.

I'm Alex Mack. I was just another average kid until my first day of junior high. One minute, I'm walking home, the next there's a crash and I'm drenched in some weird chemical... and since then, nothing's been the same.

My best friend Ray thinks it's cool and my sister Annie thinks I'm a science project. I can't let anyone else find out, not even my parents. I know the chemical plant wants to find me and turn me into some experiment. But you know something... I guess I'm not so average anymore.

Season One: 13 episodes
1101Oct 08/94The Accident
2103Oct 15/94Hoop War
3102Oct 22/94Shock Value
4110Nov 05/94The Videotape
5106Nov 12/94School Dance
6107Nov 19/94Science Fair
7105Dec 03/94False Alarms
8109Dec 10/94The Feud
9108Jan 07/95Alex and Mom
10104Jan 14/95Cold Day in Paradise Valley
11112Jan 21/95Annie Bails
12111Jan 28/95The Solo
13113Feb 04/95Road Trip

Season Two: 20 episodes
14203Oct 14/95The Journal
15205Oct 14/95Double Bogey
16202Oct 21/95New Kid in Town
17210Oct 28/95The Secret
18204Nov 04/95Suspect
19212Nov 11/95Pressure
20207Nov 18/95The Secret World of Ray Alvarado
21208Dec 02/95Rat Trap
22201Dec 09/95Busted
23218Dec 23/95The Gift
24209Dec 30/95Ray Goes to Washington
25211Jan 06/96Trophy Case
26217Jan 13/96On the Rocks
27213Jul 20/96Saturn
28214Jul 27/96Mack TV
29220Aug 03/96The Party
30216Aug 10/96Carnival
31215Sep 14/96Local Hero
32221Sep 21/96World Without Alex
33206Sep 28/96Nerve

Season Three: 25 episodes
34224Oct 05/96The Other Side
35225Oct 08/96The Other Side II
36219Oct 10/96Working
37222Oct 15/96Operation Breakout
38223Oct 17/96The Neighbor
39226Oct 22/96Images
40303Oct 24/96Big Ray
41302Oct 29/96New World Order
42301Nov 05/96Bubbling Over
43304Nov 07/96Muckraker
44305Nov 12/96Bad Girl
45306Nov 14/96The Understudy
46309Nov 19/96Mystery Man
47308Nov 21/96Chemistry
48307Nov 26/96A Room of Her Own
49310Dec 03/96Spivey
50311Dec 05/96Woman of the Year
51312Dec 10/96Twelve and a Half
52313Dec 26/96The Test
53314Jan 02/97The Creeper
54315Feb 18/97Triangle
55316Feb 20/97Friends Like That
56317Feb 25/97BMX
57318Feb 27/97Nightmare in Paradise
58319Mar 04/97Cheers

Season Four: 20 episodes
59401Sep 23/97Driving
60402Sep 25/97Green Day
61320Sep 30/97Camping
62321Oct 02/97Ashley
63322Oct 07/97Oscar
64324Oct 09/97Foot Fault
65326Oct 14/97The Switch
66323Oct 16/97The Storm
67325Oct 21/97Leaving
68327Oct 23/97Señora Garcia
69328Oct 28/97The Doctor
70329Nov 04/97The Band
71330Nov 06/97Things Change
72403Nov 18/97The Return
73404Nov 20/97Friendly Fire
74405Nov 25/97Lies and Secrets
75406Dec 02/97Without Feathers
76409Dec 04/9724 Hours
77407Jan 13/98Paradise Lost (part 1)
78408Jan 15/98Paradise Regained (part 2)
The Secret World of Alex Mack
Genre: science fiction, drama, comedy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 78
Broadcast Run: 1994 - 1998
Starring: Larisa Oleynik
Darris Love
Meredith Bishop
Michael Blakley
Dorian Lopinto
Created By: Thomas W. Lynch
Ken Lipman
Broadcast Network: Nickelodeon
Production Company: Lynch Entertainment
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: The Secret World of Alex Mack