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Seeing Things
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Louis Ciccone is a reporter by trade but often finds himself in strange circumstances in his attempts to solve murders because of his ability to see past events though postcognitive visions that he cannot control.

Season One: 3 episodes
1Sep 15/81(CA)I May Be Seeing Things, But I'm Not Crazy
2Sep 22/81(CA)Sight Unseen
3Sep 29/81(CA)A Charming Sight

Season Two: 8 episodes
4Oct 20/82(CA)An Eye For An Eye
5Oct 27/82(CA)Looking Back
6Nov 03/82(CA)Seeing Double
7Nov 10/82(CA)Through the Looking Glass
8Nov 17/82(CA)Eyes Too Big For His Stomach
9Nov 24/82(CA)Evil Eye
10Dec 01/82(CA)Hear No Evil, See No Evil
11Dec 08/82(CA)In the Eyes of the Law

Season Three: 8 episodes
12Jan 15/84(CA)Seeing R.E.D. (90 mins)
13Jan 22/84(CA)Someone is Watching
14Jan 29/84(CA)I'm Looking Through You
15Feb 05/84(CA)Now You See Him, Now You Don't
16Feb 12/84(CA)Snow Blind
17Feb 19/84(CA)An Eye on the Future
18Feb 26/84(CA)Second Sight
19Mar 04/84(CA)Looking Good

Season Four: 8 episodes
20Feb 03/85(CA)Fortune and Ladies' Eyes
21Feb 10/85(CA)Seeing the Country
22Feb 17/85(CA)You Can't Believe Your Eyes
23Feb 24/85(CA)Defective Vision
24Mar 03/85(CA)Eye in the Sky
25Mar 10/85(CA)Eye in the Sky, Part 2
26Mar 17/85(CA)I'll Be Seeing You
27Mar 24/85(CA)Blind Alley

Season Five: 8 episodes
28Jan 26/86(CA)The Walls Have Eyes
29Feb 02/86(CA)The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
30Feb 09/86(CA)If Looks Could Kill
31Feb 16/86(CA)The Eyes of Ra
32Feb 23/86(CA)I'm Dancing With Stars in My Eyes
33Mar 02/86(CA)Optical Illusion
34Mar 09/86(CA)Look at Me, Look at Me
35Mar 16/86(CA)The Hang Dog Look

Season Six: 8 episodes
36Feb 24/87(CA)Here's Looking at You
37Mar 03/87(CA)Eye of the Beholder
38Mar 10/87(CA)Spectacle of India
39Mar 17/87(CA)Another Point of View
40Mar 24/87(CA)The Naked Eye
41Mar 31/87(CA)Bull's-Eye
42Apr 07/87(CA)Gifted Pupils
43May 15/87(CA)A Vision in White
Seeing Things
Genre: mystery, comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 6
Number of Episodes: 43
Broadcast Run: 1981 - 1987
Starring: Louis Del Grande
Janet-Laine Green
Martha Gibson
Created By: Louis Del Grande
David Barlow
Broadcast Network: CBC
Production Company: CBC Film Productions
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Seeing Things