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Season Two
Jackson Bostwick ... Captain Marvel (16,18)
John Davey ... Captain Marvel
Michael Gray ... Billy Batson
Les Tremayne ... Mentor
  • Ep: 16
  • On Winning
  • Cast: John Lupton (Craig Enright), Stephen Hudis (Dan), Eric Shea (Corky)
  • Written By: Barry Greenfield & Frank Granville
  • Directed By: Hollingsworth Morse
  • Ep: 17
  • Debbie
  • Cast: Cindy Henderson (Debbie), Harry Moses (Tom), Wallace Earl (Mrs. Clausen), Casey Young (Paul)
  • Written By: Michael Pressman
  • Directed By: Arnold Laven
  • Note: This is the first appearance of John Davey as Captain Marvel
  • Ep: 18
  • Fool's Gold
  • Cast: Dabbs Greer (Seldom Seen Slim), Radames Pera (Rafael), Michael LeClaire (Jimmy)
  • Written By: Olga Palsson Simms
  • Directed By: Hollingsworth Morse
  • Note: This is the last appearance of Jackson Bostwick as Captain Marvel. He missed a day of shooting because he was at the doctor checking out injuries from a stunt gone wrong the previous day and was fired because the producers thought he was holding out for a higher salary. He sued them and won.
  • Ep: 19
  • Double Trouble
  • Cast: Ross Elliott (Sheriff Martin), Ben Andrews (Pearce Young), William H. Bassett (Bill Ritzi), Jimmy McNichol (Kelly Martin), Bill Quinn (Larry Frank), Jack Garner (Phil Schartoff)
  • Written By: Michael Sutton
  • Directed By: Arnold Laven
  • Ep: 20
  • Goodbye, Packy
  • Cast: Conlan Carter (Bob Rose), Shannon Terhune (Kathy Rose)
  • Written By: Bill Danch & Jim Ryan
  • Directed By: Arnold Laven
  • Ep: 21
  • Speak No Evil
  • Cast: Danny Bonaduce (Paul), Melvin S. Allen (Sheriff), Hal Lynch (John Jerome), Eric Chase (Sam), Scott Rogers (Vic)
  • Written By: Arthur Nadel & Olga Simms
  • Directed By: Arnold Laven
  • Ep: 22
  • The Odd Couple
  • Special Guest Star: JoAnna Cameron (Andrea Thomas aka Isis)
  • Cast: Cindy Eilbacher (Susie Walsh), Steve Benedict (Don Haley)
  • Written By: Sid Morse
  • Directed By: Hollingsworth Morse