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When mystical meets muscle anything can happen...

Season One: 12 episodes
1Jul 08/12(UK)Pilot
2Jul 15/12(UK)Queen of the Water-Thieves
3Jul 22/12(UK)House of Games
4Jul 29/12(UK)Old Man of the Sea
5Aug 05/12(UK)Hunted
6Aug 12/12(UK)The Siren
7Aug 19/12(UK)Homecoming
8Aug 26/12(UK)Kuji
9Sep 02/12(UK)Eye of the Tiger
10Sep 09/12(UK)For Whom the Egg Shatters
11Sep 16/12(UK)Fiend or Friend?
12Sep 23/12(UK)Land of the Dead
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 12
Broadcast Run: 2012
Starring: Elliot Knight
Marama Corlett
Elliot Cowan
Estella Daniels
Junix Inocian
Dimitri Leonidas
Naveen Andrews
Orla Brady
Igal Naor
Broadcast Network: Sky One
Production Company: Impossible Pictures
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
See Also: The Adventures of Sinbad (1996)
IMDb: Sinbad