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What if you found a portal to a parallel universe?
What if you could slide to a thousand different worlds?
Where it's the same year, and you're the same person, but everything else is different.
And what if you can't find your way home?

Season One: 10 episodes
1/283584Mar 22/95(US)Sliders (two hours)
370402Mar 29/95(US)Fever
470404Apr 05/95(US)Last Days
570403Apr 12/95(US)Prince of Wails
670401Apr 19/95(US)Summer of Love
770405Apr 26/95(US)Eggheads
870406May 03/95(US)The Weaker Sex
970408May 10/95(US)The King is Back
1070409May 17/95(US)Luck of the Draw

Season Two: 13 episodes
11K0807Mar 01/96(US)Into the Mystic
12K0803Mar 08/96(US)Love Gods
13K0810Mar 15/96(US)Gillian of the Spirits
14K0805Mar 22/96(US)The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy
15K0802Mar 29/96(US)El Sid
16K0801Apr 05/96(US)Time Again and World
17K0813Apr 26/96(US)In Dino Veritas
18K0812May 03/96(US)Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome
19K0809May 24/96(US)Obsession
20K0804May 31/96(US)Greatfellas
21K0814Jun 07/96(US)The Young and the Relentless
22K0811Jun 28/96(US)Invasion
23K0808Jul 12/96(US)As Time Goes By

Season Three: 25 episodes
24K1805Sep 20/96(US)Rules of the Game
25K1801Sep 27/96(US)Double Cross
26K1809Oct 04/96(US)Electric Twister Acid Test
27K1803Oct 11/96(US)The Guardian
28K1807Oct 18/96(US)The Dream Masters
29K1810Nov 01/96(US)Desert Storm
30K1816Nov 08/96(US)Dragonslide
31K1814Nov 15/96(US)The Fire Within
32K1808Nov 22/96(US)The Prince of Slides
33K1804Nov 29/96(US)Dead Man Sliding
34K1813Dec 06/96(US)State of the Art
35K1806Dec 20/96(US)Season's Greedings
36K1815Jan 03/97(US)Murder Most Foul
37K1817Jan 17/97(US)Slide Like an Egyptian
38K1818Jan 31/97(US)Paradise Lost
39K1825Feb 21/97(US)The Exodus
40K1824Feb 28/97(US)The Exodus, Part 2
41K1819Mar 07/97(US)Sole Survivors
42K1823Mar 14/97(US)The Breeder
43K1820Mar 28/97(US)The Last of Eden
44K1802Apr 11/97(US)The Other Slide of Darkness
45K1829Apr 25/97(US)Slither
46K1826May 02/97(US)Dinoslide
47K1827May 09/97(US)Stoker
48K1828May 16/97(US)This Slide of Paradise

Season Four: 22 episodes
49K2801Apr 27/98(UK)Genesis
50K2805Apr 27/98(UK)Prophets and Loss
51K2810May 04/98(UK)Common Ground
52K2807Jun 07/98(CA)Virtual Slide
53K2804Jun 14/98(CA)World Killer
54K2811Jun 21/98(CA)Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
55K2809Jun 28/98(CA)Just Say Yes
56K2802Jul 07/98(CA)California Reich
57K2803Jul 12/98(CA)The Alternateville Horror
58K2806Jul 19/98(CA)Net Worth
59K2808Jul 26/98(CA)Data World
60K2812Aug 02/98(CA)The Dying Fields
61K2813Jun 15/98(UK)Asylum
62K2814Jul 20/98(UK)Lipschitz Live!
63K2815Jun 22/98(UK)Slidecage
64K2819Jul 27/98(UK)Mother and Child
65K2820Aug 03/98(UK)Slide by Wire
66K2816Aug 17/98(UK)My Brother's Keeper
67K2821Aug 31/98(UK)Way Out West
68K2817Aug 24/98(UK)The Chasm
69K2822Sep 07/98(UK)Roads Taken
70K2823Sep 14/98(UK)Revelations

Season Five: 18 episodes
71E0801Jun 11/99(US)The Unstuck Man
72E0804Jun 18/99(US)Applied Physics
73E0809Jun 25/99(US)Strangers and Comrades
74E0806Jul 09/99(US)The Great Work
75E0810Jul 16/99(US)New Gods For Old
76E0808Jul 23/99(US)Please Press One
77E0805Jul 30/99(US)A Current Affair
78E0807Aug 06/99(US)Java Jive
79E0812Aug 13/99(US)The Return of Maggie Beckett
80E0813Aug 20/99(US)Easy Slider
81E0802Sep 10/99(US)Requiem
82E0811Sep 17/99(US)Map of the Mind
83E0815Sep 24/99(US)A Thousand Deaths
84E0814Oct 01/99(US)Heavy Metal
85E0816Dec 22/99(UK)To Catch a Slider
86E0817Dec 22/99(UK)Dust
87E0803Dec 29/99(UK)Eye of the Storm
88E0818Dec 29/99(UK)The Seer
Genre: science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 88
Broadcast Run: 1995 - 1999
Starring: Jerry O'Connell
Sabrina Lloyd
Cleavant Derricks
John Rhys-Davies
Created By: Tracy Tormé
Robert K. Weiss
Broadcast Network: FOX (season 1 - 3)
SciFi (season 4 - 5)
Production Company: St. Clare Entertainment
Universal City Studios
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Sliders