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Small Wonder
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She's a small wonder
Lovely and bright and soft curls
She's a small wonder
A child unlike other girls

She's a miracle and I grant you
She'll enchant you at her sight
She's a small wonder
And she'll make your heart take flight

She's fantastic, made of plastic
Microchips here and there
She's a small wonder
Brings love and laughter everywhere

Season One: 24 episodes
1101Sep 07/85Vicki's Homecoming
2102Sep 14/85The Neighbors
3103Sep 21/85The Sitter
4104Sep 28/85The Suitor
5105Oct 05/85Sibling Rivalry
6106Oct 12/85Spielberg, Jr.
7107Oct 19/85The Lie
8108Oct 26/85The Bully
9109Nov 02/85Slightly Dishonorable
10110Nov 09/85The Adoption
11111Nov 16/85Child Genius
12112Nov 23/85Ted's New Boss
13113Nov 30/85Brainwashed
14114Jan 04/86The Burrito Story
15115Jan 11/86The Camping Trip
16116Jan 18/86Love Story
17117Jan 25/86Substitute Father
18118Feb 08/86The Robot Nappers
19120Feb 15/86The Company Takeover
20123Feb 22/86Good Ol' Lou
21121Mar 01/86Like Father, Like Son
22122May 03/86Show Biz
23119May 10/86The Real Facts of Life
24124May 17/86The Grandparents

Season Two: 24 episodes
25215Sep 13/86Chewed Out
26201Sep 20/86Money, Money, Money
27203Sep 27/86My Mother the Teacher
28213Oct 04/86Here Comes the Judge
29209Oct 11/86Home Sweet Homeless
30212Oct 18/86Crazy Like a Fox
31210Oct 25/86The Older Woman
32204Nov 01/86Who's the Boss?
33207Nov 08/86P-P-Paula
34211Nov 15/86You Gotta Have Heart
35202Nov 22/86The Shoplifter
36208Nov 29/86Thanksgiving Story
37206Dec 06/86Neighborhood Watch
38205Jan 10/87Movin' Up
39221Jan 17/87Top Secret
40218Jan 24/87The Personality Kid
41216Jan 31/87Matchmaker, Matchmaker
42223Feb 07/87Little Miss Shopping Mall
43214Feb 14/87Victor / Vicki-toria
44222Feb 21/87Look Into My Eyes
45217Feb 28/87Wally the Wimp
46219May 09/87The Cat's Meow
47220May 16/87Vicki Goodwrench
48224May 23/87Double Wedding

Season Three: 24 episodes
49303Sep 12/87Woodward and Bernstein
50312Sep 19/87Everyone Into the Pool
51314Sep 26/87Whodunit?
52306Oct 03/87Bride and Groom
53302Oct 10/87It's Okay to Say No
54307Oct 17/87Read My Lips
55316Oct 24/87The Promotion
56320Oct 31/87The Lawsonville Horror
57308Nov 07/87The Bad Seed
58318Nov 14/87TV or Not TV
59317Nov 21/87The Fats of Life
60309Nov 28/87The Bank Job
61305Dec 05/87Ooga Mooga
62301Jan 16/88Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
63304Jan 23/88Bye Bye Brindles
64319Jan 30/88For Sale By Robot
65411Feb 06/88Ronald McDonald House
66325Feb 13/88The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming
67311Feb 20/88I'll Drink to That
68313Feb 27/88Big J the DJ
69324Apr 30/88The Rock Band
70415May 07/88Book It
71310May 14/88Safety First
72321May 21/88When You Hear the Beep

Season Four: 24 episodes
73409Sep 17/88Divided We Stand
74413Sep 25/88Double Dates
75315Oct 01/88The Gang's All Here
76422Oct 15/88Rashomon
77410Oct 22/88Come Fly With Me
78322Oct 29/88Love at First Byte
79405Nov 05/88The Sheik
80403Nov 12/88Togetherness
81416Nov 19/88My Favorite Martian
82406Nov 26/88Mommie Dearest
83407Dec 04/88No Laughing Matter
84401Dec 11/88Tag, You're It
85404Jan 07/89The Jailbirds
86408Jan 14/89Riches to Rags
87418Jan 21/89Radio Days
88421Jan 28/89Kid-o-Grams
89402Feb 04/89More About L.E.S.
90420Feb 11/89Hooray For Hollywood
91419Feb 18/89Minnesota Vicki
92417Feb 25/89Vicki Doolittle
93414Apr 29/89The Tattletale
94323May 06/89The Strike
95412May 13/89See No Evil
96326May 20/89Thy Neighbor's Wife
Small Wonder
Genre: comedy, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 96
Broadcast Run: 1985 - 1989
Starring: Dick Christie
Marla Pennington
Jerry Supiran
Tiffany Brissette
Emily Schulman
Created By: Howard Leeds
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: Metromedia Productions
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Small Wonder