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Space Precinct
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It is the year 2040 and Detective Patrick Brogan of the New York Police Department has been transferred to Demeter City on the planet Altor. Now, he and his family must adjust to living in another solar system, where aliens are all around them and humans are a distinct minority.

Season One: 24 episodes
1986Star Laws aka Space Police
1002Oct 03/94(US)Protect and Survive
2003Oct 10/94(US)Enforcer
3006Oct 17/94(US)Body and Soul
4001Oct 24/94(US)Double Duty
5005Oct 31/94(US)The Snake
6007Nov 07/94(US)Time to Kill
7008Nov 14/94(US)Deadline
8010Nov 21/94(US)Seek and Destroy
9009Jan 09/95(US)The Power
10011Jan 16/95(US)Illegal
11012Jan 30/95(US)Divided We Stand
12013Feb 06/95(US)Two Against the Rock
13014Feb 13/95(US)Takeover
14015Feb 20/95(US)Predator and Prey
18016Apr 24/95(US)The Witness
16017May 01/95(US)Hate Street
17018May 08/95(US)Friends
18019May 15/95(US)Smelter Skelter
19004May 29/95(US)Flash
20021Jun 26/95(US)The Fire Within
21022Jul 03/95(US)The Fire Within, Part 2
22023Jul 10/95(US)The Forever Beetle
23020Jul 17/95(US)Deathwatch
24024Jul 24/95(US)Deathwatch, Part 2
Space Precinct
Genre: science fiction, crime, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 24
Broadcast Run: 1994 - 1995
Starring: Ted Shackelford
Rob Youngblood
Simone Bendix
Nancy Paul
Created By: Gerry Anderson
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: Mentorn Films
Grove Television Enterprises
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
IMDb: Space Precinct