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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
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Sue Thomas, deaf since she was a baby, starts a new job with the FBI where she is promptly put to work analyzing fingerprints. Fortunately, she is noticed by Agent Jack Hudson who realizes her excellant lip reading skills could be put to better use in his elite surveillance unit.

Season One: 19 episodes
1/2101/102Oct 13/02Pilot (two hours)
3103Oct 20/02Bombs Away
4104Oct 27/02Assassins
5105Nov 03/02A Snitch in Time
6106Nov 10/02The Signing
7107Nov 24/02A Blast From the Past
8108Dec 15/02Silent Night
9109Jan 12/03Greed
10110Jan 19/03Diplomatic Immunity
11111Feb 02/03Dirty Bomb
12112Feb 09/03The Heist
13113Feb 16/03The Leak
14114Mar 16/03Missing
15115Apr 06/03Prodigal Father
16116Apr 27/03He Said, She Said
17117May 04/03The Hunter
18118May 11/03The Fugitive
19119May 18/03Billy the Kid

Season Two: 19 episodes
20120Sep 27/03(CA)The Girl Who Signed Wolf
21121Oct 04/03(CA)The Sniper
22122Oct 18/03(CA)Homeland Security
23201Oct 25/03(CA)Cold Case
24202Nov 15/03(CA)The Newlywed Game (part 1)
25203Nov 22/03(CA)Breaking Up is Hard to Do (part 2)
26204Dec 06/03(CA)Bad Hair Day
27205Jan 18/04(US)Political Agenda
28206Feb 08/04(US)The Gambler
29207Feb 15/04(US)Into Thin Air
30208Feb 22/04(US)To Grandmother's House We Go
31209Mar 13/04(CA)The Lawyer
32210Mar 20/04(CA)The Holocaust Survivor
33211Mar 27/04(CA)The Mentor
34212Apr 25/04(US)Rocket Man
35213May 02/04(US)Elvis is in the Building
36214May 09/04(US)Hit and Run
37215May 16/04(US)Concrete Evidence
38216May 23/04(US)The Kiss

Season Three: 19 episodes
39217Oct 02/04(CA)Adventures in Babysitting
40218Oct 10/04(US)The Body Shop
41219Oct 17/04(US)Skin Deep
42220Oct 31/04(US)The New Mafia
43221Nov 07/04(US)The Actor (part 1)
44222Nov 14/04(US)Planes, Trains & Automobiles (part 2)
45301Nov 21/04(US)Simon Says
46302Nov 28/04(US)Did She or Didn't She?
47303Jan 30/05(US)Fraternity
48304Feb 12/05(CA)Secret Agent Man (part 1)
49305Feb 19/05(CA)Spy Games (part 2)
50306Feb 26/05(CA)Boy Meets World
51Mar 05/05(CA)False Profit
52Mar 12/05(CA)Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
53Mar 19/05(CA)The Bounty Hunter
54Mar 26/05(CA)Troy Story
55311Apr 02/05(CA)Mind Games
56312Apr 09/05(CA)Bad Girls
57313Apr 16/05(CA)Endings and Beginnings
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
Genre: crime, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 57
Broadcast Run: 2002 - 2005
Starring: Deanne Bray
Yannick Bisson
Rick Peters
Marc Gomes
Enuka Okuma
Ted Atherton
Tara Samuel
Jesse Renfro
Created By: Gary R. Johnson
Dave Alan Johnson
Broadcast Network: PAX
Production Company: Pebblehut Productions
Paxson Entertainment
Country of Origin: Canada
United States
Official Website: The Real Sue Thomas
IMDb: Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye