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The swamp is my world.
It is who I am... it is what I am.
I was once a man, I know the evil men do.
Do not bring your evil here, I warn you.
Beware the wrath of Swamp Thing.

Season One: 13 episodes
Feb 19/82Swamp Thing (91 mins)
May 12/89Return of the Swamp Thing (89 mins)
19801Jul 27/90The Emerald Heart
29802Nov 09/90Falco
39803Oct 26/90Treasure
49804Nov 16/90From Beyond the Grave
59805Oct 05/90Blood Wind
69806Oct 12/90Grotesquery
79807Nov 02/90New Acquaintance
89808Nov 19/90Natural Enemy
99809Sep 28/90Spirit of the Swamp
109810Sep 21/90Legend of the Swamp Maiden
119811Sep 14/90The Death of Dr. Arcane
129812Sep 07/90The Living Image
139813Nov 23/90The Shipment

Season Two: 9 episodes
149814Feb 01/91Birth Marks
159815Feb 08/91Dark Side of the Mirror
169816Feb 15/91Silent Screams
179817Feb 22/91Walk a Mile in My Shoots
189818Mar 01/91The Watchers
199819Mar 08/91The Hunt
209820Mar 15/91Touch of Death
219821Mar 22/91Tremors of the Heart
229822Apr 05/91The Prometheus Parabola

Season Three: 50 episodes
2372023Jan 24/92A Nightmare on Jackson Street
2472024Jan 17/92Mist Demeanor
2572025Mar 06/92This Old House of Mayan
2672026Jan 31/92Better Angels
2772027Feb 14/92A Jury of His Fears
2872028Jan 10/92Love Lost
2972029Feb 21/92Poisonous
3072030Feb 07/92Children of the Fool
3172031Jan 03/92Night of the Dying
3272032Feb 28/92Smoke and Mirrors
3372033Jul 31/92What Goes Around, Comes Around
3472034Jul 10/92Dead and Married
3572035Jul 17/92The Powers of Darkness
3672036Apr 17/93Swamp of Dreams
3772037Mar 20/92Sonata
3872038Aug 14/92Changes
3972039Mar 20/93An Eye For an Eye
4072040Jul 24/92Special Request
4172041Aug 21/92Destiny
4272042Aug 07/92Fear Itself
4372043Sep 11/92Mirador's Brain
4472044Aug 28/92Tatania
4572045Feb 27/93The Chains of Forever
4672046Oct 10/92The Handyman
4772047Jan 23/93The Hurting
4872048Oct 03/92Easy Prey
4972049Nov 14/92Rites of Passage
5072050Jan 16/93Vendetta
5172051Sep 26/92Revelations
5272052Oct 17/92Future Tense
5372053Dec 05/92A Most Bitter Pill
5472054Jan 30/93The Burning Times
5572055Dec 12/92The Curse
5672056Apr 24/93Heart of the Mantis
5772057Mar 06/93In the Beginning
5872058Feb 20/93Patient Zero
5972059Feb 13/93Cross-Fired
6072060Mar 13/93Brotherly Love
6172061Jan 09/93Eye of the Storm
6272062Nov 21/92Never Alone
6372063Apr 03/93Heart of Stone
6472064Nov 07/92Return of LaRoche
6572065Mar 27/93Yo Ho Ho
6672066Oct 24/92Hide in the Night
6772067Dec 19/92Judgement Day
6872068Sep 18/92Lesser of Two Evils
6972069Feb 06/93The Spector of Death
7072070Oct 31/92Pay Day
7172071Apr 10/93Romancing Arcane
7272072May 01/93That's a Wrap
Swamp Thing
Genre: science fiction, fantasy, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 72
Broadcast Run: 1990 - 1993
Starring: Dick Durock
Mark Lindsay Chapman
Carrell Myers
Scott Garrison
Kevin Quigley
Based on Characters in: DC Comics
Swamp Thing Created by: Len Wein
Berni Wrightson
Broadcast Network: USA Network
Production Company: BBK Productions
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Swamp Thing (1991)
Swamp Thing (2019)
IMDb: Swamp Thing