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Season Eight: ?? episodes
366Oct 14/22Welcome to Halloween
367Dec 09/22The Great Holiday Escape
368Feb 06/23Looking For Love
369/370Feb 20/23Teen Titans Action (half hour)
371Feb 27/23TV Knight 8
372Mar 06/23A Stickier Situation
373Mar 13/23Winning a Golf Tournament is the Solution to All of Life's Money Problems
374Mar 20/23Always Be Crimefighting
375Mar 27/23Easter Annihilation
376/377May 06/23The Brain of the Family (half hour)
378May 13/23Arthur
379May 13/23Toilet Water
380May 20/23Plot Holes
381May 20/23Utility Belt
382Jul 24/23Our House
383Jul 25/23Beard Hunter
384Jul 26/23Elasti-Bot
385Jul 27/23Negative Feels
386Jul 28/23New Chum
387Sep 23/23Intro
388Oct 07/23Haunted Tank
389/390Oct 14/23Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary (half hour)
391Nov 18/23Wishbone
392Dec 02/23Christmas Magic
393Mar 02/24Ship
394Mar 09/24Catpin Freak
395Mar 16/2450% Crew
396Mar 23/24Five Bucks
397Mar 30/24Wild Card

Season One: 52 episodes
1001aApr 23/13Legendary Sandwich
2001bApr 23/13Pie Bros
3002aApr 30/13Driver's Ed
4002bApr 30/13Dog Hand
5003aMay 07/13Double Trouble
6003bMay 07/13The Date
7004aMay 14/13Dude, Relax!
8004bMay 14/13Laundry Day
9005aMay 21/13Ghostboy
10005bMay 28/13La Larva De Amor
11006aJun 04/13Hey Pizza!
12006bJun 11/13Gorilla
13007aJun 18/13Girls Night Out
14007bJun 25/13You're Fired!
15008aJul 02/13Super Robin
16008bJul 09/13Tower Power
17009aJul 16/13Parasite
18009bJul 23/13Starliar
19010aJul 30/13Meatball Party
20010bAug 13/13Staff Meeting
21011aAug 20/13Terra-ized
22011bAug 27/13Artful Dodgers
23012aSep 03/13Burger vs Burrito
24012bSep 11/13Matched
25013aSep 18/13Colors of Raven
26013bSep 25/13The Left Leg
27014aOct 02/13Books
28014bOct 09/13Lazy Sunday
29015aOct 16/13Starfire the Terrible
30015bDec 04/13Second Christmas
31016aOct 23/13Power Moves
32016bOct 30/13Staring at the Future
33017aNov 06/13No Power
34017bNov 13/13Sidekick
35018aNov 20/13Caged Tiger
36018bJan 08/14Nose Mouth
37019aJan 15/14Legs
38019bJan 22/14Breakfast Cheese
39020aFeb 05/14Waffles
40020bFeb 19/14Opposites
41021aFeb 26/14Birds
42021bFeb 12/14Be Mine
43022aMar 05/14Brain Food
44022bMar 12/14In and Out
45023aMar 19/14Little Buddies
46023bMar 26/14Missing
47024aApr 09/14Uncle Jokes
48024bApr 16/14Mas Y Menos
49025aApr 23/14Dreams
50025bApr 30/14Grandma Voice
51026aMay 07/14Real Magic
52026bJun 05/14Puppets, Whaaaaat?

Season Two: 52 episodes
53027aJun 12/14Mr. Butt
54027bJun 19/14Man Person
55028aJun 26/14Pirates
56028bJul 24/14I See You
57029aJul 31/14Brian
58029bAug 07/14Nature
59030aAug 14/14Salty Codgers
60030bAug 21/14Knowledge
61031aSep 04/14Love Monsters
62031bSep 11/14Baby Hands
63032aSep 18/14Caramel Apples
64032bOct 30/14Halloween
65033aSep 25/14Sandwich Thief
66033bJul 03/14Money Grandma
67034aOct 02/14Friendship
68034bOct 09/14Vegetables
69035aOct 16/14The Mask
70035bAug 28/14Slumber Party
71036aOct 23/14Serious Business
72036bNov 26/14Thanksgiving
73037aNov 06/14Boys vs Girls
74037bNov 13/14Body Adventure
75038aNov 20/14Road Trip
76038bDec 04/14The Best Robin
77039aJan 08/15Mouth Hole
78039bJan 15/15Hot Garbage
79040aJan 22/15Robin Backwards
80040bJan 29/15Crazy Day
81041aFeb 05/15Smile Bones
82041bFeb 12/15Real Boy Adventures
83042aMay 14/15Yearbook Madness
84042bFeb 19/15Hose Water
85043aFeb 26/15Let's Get Serious
86043bMar 05/15Tamaranian Vacation
87044aMar 12/15Rocks and Water
87044bMar 19/15Multiple Trick Pony
89045aMar 26/15Truth, Justice and What?
90045bJun 29/15Beast Man
91046aApr 02/15Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp
92046bApr 09/15Oil Drums
93047aApr 16/15Video Game References
94047bApr 23/15Cool School
95048aApr 30/15Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt
96048bMay 07/15Head Fruit
97049aJun 30/15Operation Tin Man
98049bJul 01/15Nean
99050aJul 02/15Campfire Stories
100050bJul 27/15The HIVE Five
101051aJul 28/15The Return of Slade
102051bJul 29/15More of the Same
103052aJul 03/15And the Award For Sound Design Goes to Rob
104052bJul 30/15Some of Their Parts

Season Three: 53 episodes
105105Jul 31/15Cat's Fancy
106106Aug 06/15Leg Day
107107Aug 13/15Dignity of Teeth
108108Aug 20/15Croissant
109109Aug 27/15Spice Game
110110Sep 03/15I'm the Sauce
111111Oct 19/15Accept the Next Proposition You Hear
112112Sep 10/15Hey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory
113113Oct 21/15The Fourth Wall
114114Oct 20/1540%, 40%, 20%
115115Oct 22/15Grube's Fairytales
116116Oct 23/15A Farce
117117Nov 05/15Animals, It's Just a Word!
118118Oct 29/15Scary Figure Dance
119119Nov 12/15BBB Day!
120120Nov 19/15Black Friday
121121Jan 07/16Squash and Stretch
122122Nov 26/15Two Parter: Part One
123123Nov 26/15Two Parter: Part Two
124124Dec 03/15The True Meaning of Christmas
125125Jan 14/16Garage Sale
126126Mar 17/16Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad
127127Jan 21/16Secret Garden
128128Feb 11/16The Cruel Giggling Ghoul
129129Feb 15/16How Bout Some Effort
130130Apr 21/16Bottle Episode (clip show)
131131Feb 15/16Pyramid Scheme
132132Apr 28/16Finally a Lesson
133133May 05/16Arms Race With Legs
134134May 12/16Obinray
135135Mar 28/16Batman vs Teen Titans: Dark Injustice
136136May 19/16Wally T
137137Mar 25/16The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic
138138May 26/16Rad Dudes With Bad Tudes
139139Jun 09/16History Lesson
140140Jun 16/16The Art of Ninjutsu
141141Jun 23/16Think About Your Future
142142Sep 05/16Booty Scooty
143143May 30/16Operation Dude Rescue, Part 1
144144May 30/16Operation Dude Rescue, Part 2
145145Sep 08/16Who's Laughing Now
146146Sep 15/16Oregon Trail
147147Sep 22/16Snuggle Time
148148Sep 29/16Oh Yeah!
149149Sep 29/16Riding the Dragon
150150Aug 01/16Island Adventures, Part 1:Coconut Cream Pie
151151Aug 03/16Island Adventures, Part 2:Open Door Policy
152152Aug 02/16Island Adventures, Part 3:Pure Protein
153153Aug 04/16Island Adventures, Part 4:Crazy Desire Island
154154Aug 05/16Island Adventures, Part 5:The Titans Show
155155Oct 06/16The Overbite
156156Oct 13/16The Cape
157Jun 30/16TTG vs PPG (The Powerpuff Girls crossover)

Season Four: 52 episodes
158157Oct 27/16Halloween vs Christmas
159158Oct 20/16Shrimps and Prime Rib
160159Nov 03/16Booby Trap House
161160Nov 17/16Fish Water
162161Dec 03/16BBSFBDAY
163162Nov 26/16TV Knight
164163Jan 27/17The Streak, Part 1
165164Jan 27/17The Streak, Part 2
166165Dec 01/16Teen Titans Save Christmas
167166Feb 03/17The Inner Beauty of a Cactus
168167Feb 10/17Movie Night
169168Mar 03/17Permanent Record
170169Feb 20/17BBRAE, Part 1
171170Feb 20/17BBRAE, Part 2
172171Mar 16/17Titan Saving Time
173172Mar 23/17The Gold Standard
174173Mar 31/17Master Detective
175174Apr 14/17Easter Creeps
176175May 05/17The Avogodo
177176Apr 21/17Hand Zombie
178177May 29/17Orangins
179178Apr 28/17Employee of the Month: Redux
180179Jun 09/17Jinxed
181180Aug 01/17TDtNSBtSaBDETiWtD*, Chapter One:I Saw You Dance
182181Aug 02/17TDtNSBtSaBDETiWtD*, Chapter Two:The Story in Your Eyes
183182Aug 03/17TDtNSBtSaBDETiWtD*, Chapter Three:Playing Hard to Get
184183Aug 04/17TDtNSBtSaBDETiWtD*, Chapter Four:The Night Begins to Shine
*The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though it Was the Day
185184Jun 30/17Hot Salad Water
186185Jun 16/17Brain Percentages
187186Jun 23/17BL4Z3
188187Sep 01/17Lication
189188Sep 15/17Classic Titans
190189Oct 06/17Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star, Part 1
191190Oct 06/17Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star, Part 2
192191Sep 04/17Labor Day
193192Sep 22/17Ones and Zeroes
194193Sep 29/17Career Day
195194Oct 06/17TV Knight 2
196195Oct 20/17The Academy
197196Nov 03/17Throne of Bones
198197Oct 27/17Costume Contest
199198Nov 24/17The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular, Part 1
200199Nov 24/17The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular, Part 2
201200Nov 10/17Demon Prom
202201Dec 08/17BBCYFSHIPBDAY
203202Nov 17/17Thanksgetting
204203Jun 25/18Mo' Money Mo' Problems
205204Feb 19/18Beast Girl
206205Jun 26/18TV Knight 3
207206May 28/18Bro-Pocalypse
208207Mar 30/18Flashback, Part 1
209208Mar 30/18Flashback, Part 2

Season Five: 52 episodes
210Jun 27/18The Scoop
211Jun 28/18Chicken in the Cradle
212Jul 20/18Kabooms, Part 1
213Jul 20/18Kabooms, Part 2
214Aug 13/18Tower Renovation
215Oct 08/18My Name is Jose
216Oct 08/18The Power of Shrimps
217Oct 19/18Monster Squad!
218Nov 05/18Real Orangins
219Nov 06/18Quantum Fun
220Nov 07/18The Fight
221Nov 08/18The Groover
222Nov 21/18Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition, Part 1
223Nov 21/18Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition, Part 2
224Dec 21/18How's This For a Special? Spaaaace, Part 1
225Dec 21/18How's This For a Special? Spaaaace, Part 2
226Dec 31/18BBRBDAY
227Jan 28/19Slapping Butts and Celebrating For No Reason
228Feb 04/19Nostalgia is Not a Substitute For An Actual Story
229Feb 11/19Business Ethics Wink Wink
230Feb 18/19Genie President
231Feb 25/19Tall Titan Tales
232Mar 04/19I Used to Be a Peoples
233Mar 11/19The Metric System vs Freedom
234Mar 18/19The Chaff
235Mar 25/19Them Soviet Boys
236Apr 01/19Little Elvis
237Apr 15/19Booty Eggs
238Apr 22/19TV Knight 4
239Apr 29/19Lil' Dimples
240May 06/19Don't Be An Icarus
241May 13/19Stockton, CA!
242May 20/19What's Opera Titans
243May 27/19Super Summer Hero Camp, Part 1:Forest Pirates
244Jun 03/19Super Summer Hero Camp, Part 2:The Bergerac
245Jun 10/19Super Summer Hero Camp, Part 3:Snot and Tears
246Jun 17/19Super Summer Hero Camp, Part 4:Campfire!
247Jun 24/19Super Summer Hero Camp, Part 5:What We Learned at Camp
248Jul 01/19Communicate Openly
249Jul 08/19Royal Jelly
250Jul 15/19Strength of a Grown Man
251Jul 22/19Had to Be There
252Jul 29/19Girls Night In, Part 1
253Aug 05/19Girls Night In, Part 2
254Aug 12/19The Great Disaster
255Aug 19/19The Viewers Decide
256Oct 04/19Cartoon Feud
257Oct 04/19Curse of the Booty Scooty
258Oct 04/19Collect Them All!
259Oct 04/19Butt Atoms
260Oct 14/19TV Knight 5
261Oct 25/19Witches Brew
Jul 27/18Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (84 mins)
Sep 24/19Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans (77 mins)

Season Six: 52 episodes
262Nov 09/19Teen Titans Vroom, Part 1
263Nov 09/19Teen Titans Vroom, Part 2
264Nov 27/19That's What's Up
265Nov 27/19Crab Shenanigans
266Nov 27/19Brobots
267Nov 27/19Brain Flip
268Dec 16/19Walk Away
269Dec 21/19Beast Boy on a Shelf
270Dec 21/19Christmas Crusaders
271Dec 23/19Record Book
272Dec 30/19Bat Scouts
273Feb 22/20We're Off to Get Awards
274Mar 13/20Magic Man
275Mar 13/20The Titans Go Casual
276Mar 13/20Rain On Your Wedding Day
277Mar 13/20Teen Titans Roar
278Apr 10/20Egg Hunt
279May 25/20Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition, Part 1
280May 25/20Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition, Part 2
281Jul 10/20The Night Begins to Shine: Chapter One:Mission to Find the Lost Stems
282Jul 10/20The Night Begins to Shine: Chapter Two:Drums
283Jul 10/20The Night Begins to Shine: Chapter Three:Guitar
284Jul 10/20The Night Begins to Shine: Chapter Four:Bass
285Jul 10/20The Night Begins to Shine: Chapter Five:You're the One
286Jul 20/20Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro, Part 1
287Jul 20/20Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro, Part 2
288Jul 20/20Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro, Part 3
289Jul 20/20Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro, Part 4
290Oct 02/20Ghost With the Most
291Oct 02/20Bucket List
292Oct 02/20TV Knight 6
293Oct 02/20Kryptonite
294Oct 02/20Thumb War
295Nov 14/20Toddler Titans... Yay!
296Nov 14/20Huggbees (Freakazoid crossover)
297Nov 21/20Baby Mouth
298Dec 12/20The Cast
299Dec 20/20Superhero Feud (DC Super Hero Girls crossover)
300Jan 08/21Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition, Part 1
301Jan 08/21Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition, Part 2
302Jan 23/21Lucky Stars
303Jan 23/21Various Modes of Transportation
304Jan 30/21Cool Uncles
305Feb 06/21Butter Wall
306Feb 13/21BBRAEBDAY
307Feb 20/21Don't Press Play
308Feb 27/21Real Art
309Mar 06/21Just a Little Patience... Yeah... Yeah
310Mar 13/21Villains in a Van Getting Gelato
311Mar 20/21I Am Chair
312Mar 27/21Bumgorf
313Apr 03/21Feed Me

Season Seven: 52 episodes
314Apr 17/21The Mug
315Apr 24/21Hafo Safo
316May 01/21Zimdings
317May 08/21Pig in a Poke
318May 15/21P.P.
319May 22/21A Little Help Please
320May 29/21Marv Wolfman & George Pérez
321May 31/21Space House, Part 1 (DC Super Hero Girls crossover)
322May 31/21Space House, Part 2 (DC Super Hero Girls crossover)
323May 31/21Space House, Part 3 (DC Super Hero Girls crossover)
324May 31/21Space House, Part 4 (DC Super Hero Girls crossover)
325Aug 02/21Cy & Beasty
326Aug 03/21T is For Titans
327Aug 04/21Creative Geniuses
328Aug 05/21Manor and Mannerisms
329Aug 06/21Trans Oceanic Magical Cruise
330Sep 04/21Polly Ethylene and Tara Phthalate
331Sep 11/21EEbows
332Sep 18/21Batman's Birthday Gift
333Sep 25/21What a Boy Wonders
334Oct 02/21Doomsday Preppers
335Oct 09/21Fat Cats
336Oct 16/21Jam
337Oct 23/21DC
338Oct 27/21Pepo the Pumpkinman
339Nov 06/21Breakfast
340Nov 13/21Captain Cool
341/342Nov 19/21A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving (half hour)
343Nov 27/21Glunkakakakah
344Dec 04/21Control Freak
345Dec 08/21A Holiday Story
346Feb 21/22The Drip
347Mar 07/22S&P
348Mar 08/22Belly Math
349Mar 09/22Free Perk
350Mar 10/22Go!
351May 14/22Finding Aquaman
352May 23/22Whodundidit?
353May 24/22Sweet Revenge
354May 25/22Porch Pirates
355May 26/22A Sticky Situation
356May 27/22The Perfect Pitch?
357Aug 01/22Pool Season
358Aug 02/22Kyle
359Aug 03/22TV Knight 7
360Aug 04/22We'll Be Right Back
361Sep 12/22Jump City Rock
362Sep 13/22Natural Gas
363Sep 14/2250% Chad
364Sep 15/22The Score
365Sep 16/22365!
Jun 20/21Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam (83 mins)
May 28/22Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse (78 mins)
Teen Titans Go!
Genre: comedy, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: short form
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 8
Number of Episodes: 397
Broadcast Run: 2013 - present
Starring: Scott Menville
Tara Strong
Greg Cipes
Hynden Walch
Khary Payton
Based on Characters From: DC Comics
Broadcast Network: Cartoon Network
Production Company: Warner Bros. Television Animation
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Teen Titans (2003)
IMDb: Teen Titans Go!