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My name is Molly Caffrey and I work for the Federal Government. I deal in worst-case scenarios, the unthinkable. On September 16th, 2005, the unthinkable happened. An extraterrestrial object appeared off the bow of a naval freighter. The entire crew was exposed to a high frequency signal. Some died instantly. Others began to change. They are now stronger, more resilient. They dream of alien landscapes. And they are driven by the impulse to infect others. Several of the crewmen are now loose in the United States. They will strike anytime, anyplace, anyone. Their goal: to turn us into them. But I have a plan to stop them. That plan is called "Threshold".

Season One: 13 episodes
1Sep 16/05Trees Made of Glass
2Sep 16/05Trees Made of Glass, Part 2
3Sep 23/05Blood of the Children
4Sep 30/05The Burning
5Oct 07/05Pulse
6Oct 14/05Shock
7Oct 21/05The Order
8Nov 04/05Revelations
9Nov 22/05Progeny
10Jan 11/06(UK)The Crossing
11Jan 18/06(UK)Outbreak aka Escalation
12Jan 25/06(UK)Vigilante
13Feb 01/06(UK)Alienville
unproducedHead Trip
Genre: science fiction, drama, thriller
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 13
Broadcast Run: 2005 - 2006
Starring: Carla Gugino
Brian Van Holt
Brent Spiner
Rob Benedict
Peter Dinklage
Charles S. Dutton
Created By: Bragi Schut
Broadcast Network: CBS
Sky One
Production Company: Braga Productions
Phantom Four Films
Heyday Films
Country of Origin: United States
United Kingdom
IMDb: Threshold