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Season One
T.W. King ... Officer Jack Logan
Cristi Conaway ... Officer Claire Hemmings
Don Stark ... Captain Eugene Matuzek
Kurt Fuller ... Dr. Dale Easter
  • Ep: 1
  • A Rip in Time
  • Guest Stars: W. Morgan Sheppard (Inspector Wells), Tom O'Brien (Ian Pascoe), Anna Galvin (Anne Thompson), Belinda Waymouth (Catharine Eddowes)
  • Co-Starring: Ric Sarobia (Forrest), John Maynard (Charles), Saige Ophelia Spinney (Bride), Michael Holden (Technician), Tim O'Hare (Constable #1), Simon Billig (Constable #2)
  • Teleplay By: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar
  • Story By: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar & Art Monterastelli
  • Directed By: Allan Arkush
  • Ep: 2
  • The Heist
  • Guest Stars: Joshua Devane (Young Detective John Langdon), Lisa Akey (Paula Langdon), Christian Bocher (Young Damon Orselli), Robert Gentili (Damon Orselli)
  • And: William Devane (Detective John Langdon)
  • Co-Starring: Ray Chang (Dome Technician), Scott Kloes (Brink's Driver), Tony Fugate (Village People Indian), Frank Noon (Scaggs), Steven Soucedo (Policeman), Lamont Johnson (Guard)
  • Written By: Mark Verheiden
  • Directed By: David Grossman
  • Ep: 3
  • Stalker
  • Guest Stars: Tom O'Brien (Ian Pascoe), Lisa Thornhill (Rita Lake), Ralph P. Martin (), Tom Silardi ()
  • And: Cliff de Young (Detective Rick Nolte)
  • Co-Starring: Lee Brooks (Lawyer), Susan Griffiths (Marilyn), Suzanne LaRusch (Lucille), Joel Weiss (Desk Clerk), Simon Harvey (Photographer), Jody Rennick (Woman), Frantz Turner (Chauffeur)
  • Written By: Elliot Stern
  • Directed By: Philip J. Sgriccia
  • Ep: 4
  • Public Enemy
  • Guest Stars: Tom O'Brien (Ian Pascoe), Ron Livingston (Elliott Ness), John Kapelos (Al Capone), Dick O'Neill (Bert), Bill Henderson (), Patrick Pankhurst ()
  • Co-Starring: Mario Di Donato (Eddie)
  • Written By: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar
  • Directed By: Chris Long
  • Ep: 5
  • Rocket Science
  • Guest Stars: Allyson Rice-Taylor (Ms. Fuller), Heidi Schanz (Hanna Schmidt), Salvator Xuereb (Dr. Reinecker), Sebastian Tillinger (Kreutzer)
  • Co-Starring: Nick Jameson (Heinrich), Julie St. Claire (Sexy Woman), Timm Wells (Sport), Larry Marks (Pyotr Yetrova), Tony Papenfuss (Hitler), Chuck Butto (Karl), Guido Foehrweisser (Sport's Guard), Wolf Muser (Scientist #1), Michael Holden (Technician #2), Kevin Fry (Soldier #1), Heinrich James (Armed Guard), Eric B. Gerleman (Scientist #2), Hans Schoeber (German Shooter), Jan Marc Kochmann (Launch Technician)
  • Written By: Mark Verheiden
  • Directed By: Robert Singer
  • Ep: 6
  • Alternate World
  • Guest Stars: Brian Cousins (Sam Usher), Joan Pringle (Judge), James S. Keane (Sheriff), Bob Larkin (Mr. Steckler)
  • Co-Starring: Drew Bell (Young Jack Logan), L.B. Fisher (Matty Ripps), Shanna Moakler (Allison Kendall), Ray Chang (Dome Technician), Aaron Nelms (Carrot Top Prom Goer), Adrienne Smith (Big Hair Date)
  • Teleplay By: Miles Millar & Alfred Gough
  • Story By: Art Monterastelli
  • Directed By: Martha Mitchell
  • Ep: 7
  • Lost Voyage
  • Guest Stars: Melora Hardin (Edith Thomas), Patrick Fabian (Dean Cooke / Eric Cooke), William G. Schilling (William J. McNeill), Nicolas Coster (Captain Harriman), Larry Holden (Fuqua), Patrick Kilpatrick (Mr. Kiefer), Scott N. Stevens (), Wayne Duvall (First Mate Lewis)
  • Co-Starring: Michael Holden (Dome Technician)
  • Written By: Mark Verheiden
  • Directed By: Jim Charleston
  • Ep: 8
  • D.O.A.
  • Guest Stars: Rena Sofer (Dr. Carrie Trent)
  • Co-Starring: Billy O'Sullivan (William Matuzek), Curtis Peek (Timecop #1), Dimitri Diatchenko (Sergeant), Jack R. Orend (Harrison)
  • Written By: Linda McGibney
  • Directed By: Philip J. Sgriccia
  • Ep: 9
  • The Future, Jack, the Future
  • Guest Stars: Keith Szarabajka (Mr. Cromwell), Tom Gallop (David Dumont)
  • And: Bruce Campbell (Tommy Maddox)
  • Co-Starring: Robert Ayers (Ulysses S. Grant), Kris Iyer (Dome Technician), Michael Mancini (Gangster #2), Rick Zumwalt (Cromwell's Bodyguard), Curtis Taylor (Trent Steadman), Pancho Demmings (Timecop), Lucky Luciano (Boy #1), Ricky Stark (Boy #2)
  • Written By: Art Monterastelli
  • Directed By: Oz Scott