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Transporter: The Series
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One man, three rules.

1. Never change the deal
2. No names
3. Never open the package

Season One: 12 episodes
Oct 02/02(US)The Transporter (92 mins)
Aug 03/05(FR)Transporter 2 (87 mins)
Nov 26/08(US)Transporter 3 (104 mins)
1Nov 29/12(DE)Trojan Horsepower
2Nov 08/12(DE)Payback
3Oct 11/12(DE)The General's Daughter
4Oct 18/12(DE)Harvest
5Nov 01/12(DE)Dead Drop
6Dec 06/12(DE)Hot Ice
7Jan 03/13(FR)Give the Guy a Hand
8Nov 15/12(DE)Sharks
9Dec 13/12(DE)City of Love
10Oct 25/12(DE)The Switch
11Dec 13/12(FR)12 Hours
12Dec 20/12(DE)Cherchez La Femme
*Every channel aired this season in a different order.
This is the Canadian order and I didn't notice any continuity errors.

Season Two: 12 episodes
13Oct 05/14(CA)2B or Not 2B
14Oct 05/14(CA)We Go Back
15Oct 12/14(CA)Sex, Lies and Video Tapes
16Oct 19/14(CA)Boom
17Oct 26/14(CA)Beacon of Hope
18Nov 02/14(CA)The Diva
19Nov 09/14(CA)T2
20Nov 15/14(CA)Chimera
21Nov 22/14(CA)Euphro
22Nov 28/14(CA)Trust
23Dec 07/14(CA)Sixteen Hands
24Dec 14/14(CA)End Game
Transporter: The Series
Genre: action, crime
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 24
Broadcast Run: 2012 - 2014
Starring: Chris Vance
Charly Hübner
François Berléand
Violante Placido (season 2)
Mark Rendall (season 2)
Andrea Osvart (season 1)
Delphine Chanéac (season 1)
Based on Characters Created By: Luc Besson
Robert Mark Kamen
Broadcast Network: RTL
HBO Canada
Production Company: QVF Inc.
Atlantique Productions
Country of Origin: France
IMDb: Transporter: The Series