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Tru Calling
Season One - 20 episodes
11AHP79Oct 30/03Pilot
21AHP01Nov 06/03Putting Out Fires
31AHP02Nov 13/03Brother's Keeper
41AHP03Nov 20/03Past Tense
51AHP04Dec 04/03Haunted
61AHP05Dec 11/03Star Crossed
71AHP06Dec 18/03Morning After
81AHP07Jan 08/04Closure
91AHP08Jan 15/04Murder in the Morgue
101AHP09Jan 22/04Reunion
111AHP10Feb 05/04The Longest Day
121AHP11Feb 12/04Valentine
131AHP12Mar 18/04Drop Dead Gorgeous
141AHP13Mar 25/04Daddy's Girl
151AHP14Apr 01/04The Getaway
161AHP16Apr 08/04Two Pair
171AHP15Apr 15/04Death Becomes Her
181AHP17Apr 22/04Rear Window
191AHP18Apr 29/04D.O.A.
201AHP19Apr 29/04Two Weddings and a Funeral

Season Two - 6 episodes
212AHP01Mar 31/05Perfect Storm
222AHP02Mar 31/05Grace
232AHP03Apr 07/05In the Dark
242AHP04Apr 14/05The Last Good Day
252AHP05Apr 21/05Enough
262AHP06Jan 21/08'Twas the Night Before Christmas... Again

What if you had the power to change the future, by reliving the past? When Tru Davies takes a job on the graveyard shift at the city morgue, a dead body askes her for help. Instantly, time rewinds to the previous morning and she has just one day to prevent their death.

Tru Calling
Genre: crime, drama, supernatural
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 26
Broadcast Run: 2003 - 2005
Starring: Eliza Dushku
Shawn Reaves
Zach Galifianakis
A.J. Cook
Matthew Bomer
Jessica Collins
Benjamin Benitez
Jason Priestley
Created By: Jon Harmon Feldman
Broadcast Network: FOX
Production Company: Oh That Gus!
Original Film
Copyright: © 2003-2004 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Country of Origin: United States
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