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Twice in a Lifetime
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What if, after you died, you had a second chance to go back to a point in your life and convince your younger self to choose a different path? You would not go back as yourself and you couldn't tell your younger self who you were. And you only had three days. Would you take it?

Of course you would.

Season One: 22 episodes
1Aug 25/99(US)Sixteen Candles
2Sep 01/99(US)Death and Taxes
3Sep 08/99(US)The Healing Touch
4Sep 15/99(US)Ashes to Ashes
5Sep 22/99(US)Double Exposure
6Sep 29/99(US)The Blame Game
7Oct 02/99(CA)O'er the Ramparts We Watched
8Oct 13/99(US)Blood Brothers
9Oct 27/99(US)School's Out
10Nov 10/99(US)A Match Made in Heaven
11Nov 17/99(US)Quality of Mercy
12Nov 24/99(US)What She Did For Love
13Dec 01/99(US)Second Service
14Dec 15/99(US)The Gift of Life
15Jan 12/00(US)Birds of Paradise
16Feb 02/00(US)Take Two
17Feb 09/00(US)For Love and Money
18Feb 16/00(US)Old Flames
19Mar 01/00(US)Pride and Prejudice
20Mar 08/00(US)Party Girls
21Mar 15/00(US)The Trouble With Harry
22Apr 08/00(CA)The Sins of Our Fathers

Season Two: 22 episodes
23Aug 20/00(US)Fallen Angel
24Aug 30/00(US)It's a Hard Knock Life
25Sep 06/00(US)Matchmaker, Matchmaker
26Sep 13/00(US)Curveball
27Sep 23/00(CA)My Blue Heaven
28Oct 11/00(US)Expose
29Oct 18/00(US)The Escape Artist
30Oct 21/00(CA)The War of the Poseys
31Nov 01/00(US)Some Like it... Not
32Nov 08/00(US)The Whistle Blower
33Nov 11/00(CA)Grandma's Shoes
34Nov 15/00(US)Used Hearts
35Dec 09/00(CA)The Frat Pack
36Dec 12/00(US)The Night Before Christmas
37Jan 31/01(US)Even Steven
38Feb 07/01(US)Moonshine Over Harlem
39Feb 21/01(US)Daddy's Girl
40Feb 28/01(US)The Knockout
41Mar 17/01(CA)Then Love Came Along
42Apr 07/01(CA)Mama Mia
43Apr 11/01(US)Final Flight
44Apr 21/01(CA)The Choice
Twice in a Lifetime
Genre: drama, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 44
Broadcast Run: 1999 - 2001
Starring: Al Waxman
Paul Popowich (season 2)
Gordie Brown (season 1)
Created By: Steve Sohmer
Broadcast Network: CTV
Production Company: Pebblehut Productions
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Twice in a Lifetime