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Veromica Mars uses the skills she's learned from her father's private investigating business to solve cases of her own, all the while searching for clues to the mystery of who killed her best friend.

Season One: 22 episodes
1475258Sep 22/04Pilot
22T5701Sep 28/04Credit Where Credit's Due
32T5702Oct 12/04Meet John Smith
42T5703Oct 19/04The Wrath of Con
52T5704Oct 26/04You Think You Know Somebody
62T5705Nov 02/04The Return of the Kane
72T5706Nov 11/04The Girl Next Door
82T5707Nov 23/04Like a Virgin
92T5708Nov 30/04Drinking the Kool-Aid
102T5710Dec 14/04An Echolls Family Christmas
112T5709Jan 04/05Silence of the Lamb
122T5711Jan 11/05Clash of the Tritons
132T5712Feb 08/05Lord of the Bling
142T5713Feb 15/05Mars vs Mars
152T5714Feb 22/05Ruskie Business
162T5715Mar 29/05Betty and Veronica
172T5716Apr 05/05Kanes and Abels
182T5717Apr 12/05Weapons of Class Destruction
192T5718Apr 19/05Hot Dogs
202T5719Apr 26/05M.A.D.
212T5720May 03/05A Trip to the Dentist
222T5721May 10/05Leave it to Beaver

Season Two: 22 episodes
232T7201Sep 28/05Normal is the Watchword
242T7202Oct 05/05Driver Ed
252T7203Oct 12/05Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang
262T7204Oct 19/05Green Eyed Monster
272T7205Oct 26/05Blast From the Past
282T7206Nov 09/05Rat Saw God
292T7207Nov 16/05Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
302T7208Nov 23/05Ahoy, Mateys!
312T7209Nov 30/05My Mother, the Fiend
322T7210Dec 07/05One Angry Veronica
332T7211Jan 25/06Donut Run
342T7212Feb 01/06Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle
352T7213Feb 08/06Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough
362T7214Mar 15/06Versatile Toppings
372T7215Mar 22/06The Quick and the Wed
382T7216Mar 29/06The Rapes of Graff
392T7217Apr 05/06Plan B
402T7218Apr 11/06I Am God
412T7219Apr 18/06Never Mind the Buttocks
422T7220Apr 25/06Look Who's Stalking
432T7221May 02/06Happy Go Lucky
442T7222May 09/06Not Pictured

Season Three: 20 episodes
453T5801Oct 03/06Welcome Wagon
463T5802Oct 10/06My Big Fat Greek Rush Week
473T5803Oct 17/06Witchita Linebacker
483T5804Oct 24/06Charlie Don't Surf
493T5805Oct 31/06President Evil
503T5806Nov 07/06Hi, Infidelity
513T5807Nov 14/06Of Vice and Men
523T5808Nov 21/06Lord of the PI's
533T5809Nov 28/06Spit and Eggs
543T5810Jan 23/07Show Me the Monkey
553T5811Jan 30/07Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves
563T5812Feb 06/07There Has Got to Be a Morning Afer Pill
573T5813Feb 13/07Postgame Mortem
583T5814Feb 20/07Mars, Bars
593T5815Feb 27/07Papa's Cabin
603T5816May 01/07Un-American Graffiti
613T5817May 08/07Debasement Tapes
623T5818May 15/07I Know What You'll Do Next Summer
633T5819May 22/07Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down
643T5820May 22/07The Bitch is Back
Mar 14/14Veronica Mars: The Movie

Season Four: 8 episodes
65T13.21601Jul 19/19Spring Break Forever
66T13.21602Jul 19/19Chino and the Man
67T13.21603Jul 19/19Keep Calm and Party On
68T13.21604Jul 19/19Heads You Lose
69T13.21605Jul 19/19Losing Streak
70T13.21606Jul 19/19Entering a World of Pain
71T13.21607Jul 19/19Gods of War
72T13.21608Jul 19/19Years, Continents, Bloodshed
Veronica Mars
Genre: crime, drama, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 72
Broadcast Run: 2004 - 2007, 2019
Starring: Kristen Bell
Percy Daggs III
Teddy Dunn
Jason Dohring
Francis Capra
Enrico Colantoni
Clifton Collins, Jr. (season 4)
Frank Gallegos (season 4)
Max Greenfield (season 4)
Mido Hamada (season 4)
Kirby Howell-Baptiste (season 4)
Dawnn Lewis (season 4)
Daran Norris (season 4)
Patton Oswalt (season 4)
David Starzyk (season 4)
Izabela Vidovic (season 4)
Jacqueline Antaramian (season 4)
Paul Karmiryan (season 4)
J.K. Simmons (season 4)
Ryan Hansen (season 2-4)
Julie Gonzalo (season 3)
Chris Lowell (season 3)
Tina Majorino (season 3)
Michael Muhney (season 3)
Kyle Gallner (season 2)
Tessa Thompson (season 2)
Sydney Tamiia Poitier (season 1)
Created By: Rob Thomas
Broadcast Network: UPN (season 1-2)
The CW (season 3)
Hulu (season 4)
Production Company: Warner Bros. Television
Spondoolie Productions (season 4)
Silver Pictures Television (season 1-3)
Rob Thomas Productions (season 1-3)
Stu Segall Productions (season 1-3)
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Veronica Mars