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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
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The official mission of the Seaview, the world's first privately owned nuclear submarine, was marine research and exploration, but secretly it was charged with the protection of the planet from threat, both earthbound and extraterrestrial.

Season One: 32 episodes
Jul 12/61Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (105 mins)
17201Sep 14/64Eleven Days to Zero
27204Sep 21/64The City Beneath the Sea
37207Sep 28/64The Fear-Makers
47203Oct 05/64The Mist of Silence
57210Oct 12/64The Price of Doom
67209Oct 19/64The Sky is Falling
77205Oct 26/64Turn Back the Clock
87202Nov 02/64The Village of Guilt
97208Nov 09/64Hot Line
107212Nov 16/64Submarine Sunk Here
117213Nov 23/64The Magnus Beam
127214Nov 30/64No Way Out
137215Dec 07/64The Blizzard Makers
147216Dec 14/64The Ghost of Moby Dick
157211Dec 21/64Long Live the King
167206Dec 28/64Hail to the Chief
177220Jan 04/65The Last Battle
187219Jan 11/65Mutiny
197217Jan 18/65Doomsday
207221Jan 25/65The Invaders
217222Feb 01/65The Indestructible Man
227223Feb 08/65The Buccaneer
237224Feb 15/65The Human Computer
247226Feb 22/65The Saboteur
257227Mar 01/65Cradle of the Deep
267229Mar 08/65The Amphibians
277228Mar 15/65The Exile
287230Mar 22/65The Creature
297231Mar 29/65The Enemies
307232Apr 05/65The Secret of the Loch
317218Apr 12/65The Condemned
327225Apr 19/65The Traitor

Season Two: 26 episodes
338210Sep 19/65Jonah and the Whale
348203Sep 26/65Time Bomb
358202Oct 03/65...And Five of Us Are Left
368205Oct 10/65The Cyborg
378204Oct 17/65Escape From Venice
388207Oct 24/65The Left-Handed Man
398206Oct 31/65The Deadliest Game
408211Nov 07/65Leviathan
418212Nov 14/65The Peacemaker
428209Nov 28/65The Silent Saboteurs
438214Dec 05/65The X Factor
448215Dec 12/65The Machines Strike Back
458213Dec 19/65The Monster From Outer Space
468217Dec 26/65Terror on Dinosaur Island
478216Jan 02/66Killers of the Deep
488218Jan 09/66Deadly Creature Below!
498219Jan 16/66The Phantom Strikes
508220Jan 23/66The Sky's on Fire
518221Jan 30/66Graveyard of Fear
528222Feb 06/66The Shape of Doom
538223Feb 13/66Dead Men's Doubloons
548210Feb 20/66The Death Ship
558224Feb 27/66The Monster's Web
568225Mar 06/66The Menfish
578226Mar 13/66The Mechanical Man
588227Mar 20/66The Return of the Phantom

Season Three: 26 episodes
599201Sep 18/66Monster From the Inferno
609202Sep 25/66Werewolf
619205Oct 02/66The Day the World Ended
629204Oct 09/66Night of Terror
639206Oct 16/66The Terrible Toys
649203Oct 23/66Day of Evil
659207Oct 30/66Deadly Waters
669208Nov 06/66Thing From Inner Space
679210Nov 13/66The Death Watch
689209Nov 20/66Deadly Invasion
699215Nov 27/66The Haunted Submarine
709212Dec 04/66The Plant Man
719211Dec 11/66The Lost Bomb
729213Dec 25/66The Brand of the Beast
739214Jan 01/67The Creature
749216Jan 08/67Death From the Past
759217Jan 15/67The Heat Monster
769218Jan 22/67The Fossil Men
779219Jan 29/67The Mermaid
789220Feb 05/67The Mummy
799221Feb 12/67Shadowman
809222Feb 19/67No Escape From Death
819223Feb 26/67Doomsday Island
829224Mar 05/67The Wax Men
839225Mar 12/67Deadly Cloud
849226Mar 26/67Destroy Seaview!

Season Four: 26 episodes
851304Sep 24/67Fires of Death
861303Oct 01/67The Deadly Dolls
871305Oct 08/67Cave of the Dead
881307Oct 15/67Journey With Fear
891306Oct 22/67Sealed Orders
901301Oct 29/67Man of Many Faces
911309Nov 05/67Fatal Cargo
921302Nov 12/67Time Lock
931310Nov 19/67Rescue
941308Nov 26/67Terror
951317Dec 03/67A Time to Die
961313Dec 10/67Blow Up
971314Dec 24/67Deadly Amphibians
981316Dec 31/67The Return of Blackbeard
991321Jan 14/68Terrible Leprechaun
1001320Jan 21/68The Lobster Man
1011319Jan 28/68Nightmare
1021315Feb 04/68The Abominable Snowman
1031312Feb 11/68Secret of the Deep
1041323Feb 18/68Man-Beast
1051322Feb 25/68Savage Jungle
1061324Mar 03/68Flaming Ice
1071325Mar 10/68Attack!
1081318Mar 17/68Edge of Doom
1091311Mar 24/68The Death Clock
1101326Mar 31/68No Way Back
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Genre: science fiction, adventure
Show Type: live action
black & white (season 1)
color (season 2-4)
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 110
Broadcast Run: 1964 - 1968
Starring: Richard Basehart
David Hedison
Created By: Irwin Allen
Broadcast Network: ABC
Production Company: Irwin Allen Productions
Cambridge Productions
20th Century Fox Television
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea