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When criminal mastermind Neal Caffrey escapes from a maximum-security prison, FBI Agent Peter Burke is called upon to catch him again, which he does. Rather than return to prison, Neal offers to use his expertise to help Peter catch other elusive criminals.

Season One: 14 episodes
15039-08-179Oct 23/09Pilot
25039-09-103/S103Oct 30/09Threads
35039-09-102/S104Nov 06/09Book of Hours
45039-09-105/S102Nov 13/09Flip of the Coin
55039-09-101/S101Nov 20/09The Portrait
65039-09-104/S105Nov 27/09All In
75039-09-107/S108Dec 04/09Free Fall
85039-09-108/S106Jan 19/10Hard Sell
95039-09-112/S112Jan 26/10Bad Judgement
105039-09-106/S107Feb 02/10Vital Signs
115039-09-110/S110Feb 09/10Home Invasion
125039-09-109/S109Feb 23/10Bottlenecked
135039-09-111/S111Mar 02/10Front Man
145039-09-113/S113Mar 09/10Out of the Box

Season Two: 16 episodes
155039-10-201/S201Jul 13/10Withdrawal
165039-10-202/S202Jul 20/10Need to Know
175039-10-203/S203Jul 27/10Copycat Caffrey
185039-10-204/S205Aug 03/10By the Book
195039-10-205/S204Aug 10/10Unfinished Business
205039-10-206/S207Aug 17/10In the Red
215039-10-208/S209Aug 24/10Prisoner's Dilemma
225039-10-207/S206Aug 31/10Company Man
235039-10-209/S210Sep 07/10Point Blank
245039-10-214/S212Jan 18/11Burke's Seven
255039-10-213/S214Jan 25/11Forging Bonds
265039-10-210/S213Feb 01/11What Happens in Burma
275039-10-211/S211Feb 08/11Countermeasures
285039-10-212/S208Feb 22/11Payback
295039-10-216/S215Mar 01/11Power Play
305039-10-215/S216Mar 08/11Under the Radar

Season Three: 16 episodes
31BCW301/S301Jun 07/11On Guard
32BCW302/S302Jun 14/11Where There's a Will
33BCW303/S303Jun 21/11Deadline
34BCW306/S304Jun 28/11The Dentist of Detroit
35BCW304/S306Jul 05/11Veiled Threat
36BCW305/S305Jul 12/11Scott Free
37BCW307/S307Jul 19/11Taking Account
38BCW308/S309Jul 26/11As You Were
39BCW309/S308Aug 02/11On the Fence
40BCW310/S310Aug 09/11Countdown
41BCW313/S313Jan 17/12Checkmate
42BCW312/S312Jan 24/12Upper West Side Story
43BCW311/S311Jan 31/12Neighborhood Watch
44BCW314/S314Feb 07/12Pulling Strings
45BCW315/S315Feb 21/12Stealing Home
46BCW316/S316Feb 28/12Judgment Day

Season Four: 16 episodes
47BCW401/S401Jul 10/12Wanted
48BCW402/S402Jul 17/12Most Wanted
49BCW403/S403Jul 24/12Diminishing Returns
50BCW404/S404Jul 31/12Parting Shots
51BCW405/S405Aug 14/12Honor Among Thieves
52BCW406/S406Aug 21/12Identity Crisis
53BCW407/S407Aug 28/12Compromising Positions
54BCW408/S408Sep 04/12Ancient History
55BCW409/S409Sep 11/12Gloves Off
56BCW410/S410Sep 18/12Vested Interest
57BCW411/S411Jan 22/13Family Business
58BCW412/S412Jan 29/13Brass Tacks
59BCW413/S413Feb 05/13Empire City
60BCW414/S414Feb 19/13Shoot the Moon
61BCW415/S415Feb 26/13The Original
62BCW416/S416Mar 05/13In the Wind

Season Five: 13 episodes
63BCW506/S501Oct 17/13At What Price
64BCW501/S503Oct 24/13Out of the Frying Pan
65BCW503/S504Oct 31/13One Last Stakeout
66BCW504/S505Nov 07/13Controlling Interest
67BCW502/S502Nov 14/13Master Plan
68BCW505/S506Nov 21/13Ice Breaker
69BCW507/S507Dec 05/13Quantico Closure
70BCW508/S508Dec 12/13Digging Deeper
71BCW509/S509Dec 19/13No Good Deed
72BCW510/S510Jan 09/14Live Feed
73BCW511/S511Jan 16/14Shot Through the Heart
74BCW512/S512Jan 23/14Taking Stock
75BCW513/S513Jan 30/14Diamond Exchange

Season Six: 6 episodes
76BCW601Nov 06/14Borrowed Time
77BCW602Nov 13/14Return to Sender
78BCW603Nov 20/14Uncontrolled Variables
79BCW604Dec 04/14All is Fair
80BCW605Dec 11/14Whack a Mole
81BCW606Dec 18/14Au Revoir
White Collar
Genre: crime, drama, comedy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended (resolved)
Number of Seasons: 6
Number of Episodes: 81
Broadcast Run: 2009 - 2014
Starring: Matt Bomer
Tim DeKay
Willie Garson
Tiffani Thiessen
Marsha Thomason (season 2-6)
Hilarie Burton (season 3)
Natalie Morales (season 1)
Created By: Jeff Eastin
Showrunner: Jeff Eastin
Broadcast Network: USA Network
Production Company: Jeff Eastin & Warrior George Productions
Fox Television Studios
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: White Collar