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When an injured Major Steve Trevor discovers Paradise Island, the hidden home of the Amazons, Princess Diana is chosen to take him back to the mainland where she will come to fight the forces of evil as Wonder Woman.

Season One: 13 episodes
Mar 12/74Wonder Woman (1st pilot - 90 mins)
Nov 07/75The New Original Wonder Woman (2nd pilot - 90 mins)
1166532Apr 21/76Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther
2166531Apr 28/76Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman
3166601Oct 13/76Beauty on Parade
4166602Nov 06/76The Feminum Mystique
5166602Nov 08/76The Feminum Mystique, Part 2
6166606Dec 18/76Wonder Woman vs Gargantua
7166605Dec 25/76The Pluto File
8166604Jan 08/77The Last of the Two Dollar Bills
9166608Jan 15/77Judgement From Outer Space
10166608Jan 17/77Judgement From Outer Space, Part 2
11166607Jan 22/77Formula 407
12166610Jan 29/77The Bushwackers
13166611Feb 16/77Wonder Woman in Hollywood

Season Two: 22 episodes
The New Adventures of Wonder Woman
14166701Sep 16/77The Return of Wonder Woman (90 mins)
15166702Sep 23/77Anschluss '77
16166703Sep 30/77The Bermuda Triangle Crisis
17166704Oct 07/77The Man Who Could Move the World
18166705Oct 14/77Knockout
19166706Oct 21/77The Pied Piper
20166707Oct 28/77The Queen and the Thief
21166708Nov 11/77I Do, I Do
22166709Nov 18/77The Man Who Made Volcanos
23166710Dec 02/77The Mind Stealers From Outer Space
24166711Dec 09/77The Mind Stealers From Outer Space, Part 2
25166712Dec 30/77Deadly Toys
26166713Jan 06/78Light-Fingered Lady
27166714Jan 20/78Screaming Javelins
28166715Feb 03/78IRAC is Missing
29166716Feb 10/78Diana's Disappearing Act
30166717Feb 17/78Death in Disguise
31166718Mar 03/78Seance of Terror
32166719Mar 10/78Flight to Oblivion
33166720Mar 31/78The Girl From Ilandia
34166721Apr 07/78The Man Who Wouldn't Tell
35166722Jul 21/78The Murderous Missile

Season Three: 24 episodes
36166835Sep 22/78My Teenage Idol is Missing
37166834Sep 29/78Hot Wheels
38166831Oct 06/78The Deadly Sting
39166832Oct 13/78The Fine Art of Crime
40166836Oct 21/78Disco Devil
41166833Oct 28/78Formicida
42166837Nov 10/78Time Bomb
43166838Nov 24/78Skateboard Wiz
44166839Dec 01/78The Deadly Dolphin
45166840Dec 15/78Stolen Faces
46166843Dec 22/78Pot of Gold
47166841Dec 29/78Gault's Brain
48166842Jan 12/79Going, Going, Gone
49166844Jan 29/79Spaced Out
50166845Feb 02/79The Starships Are Coming
51166846Feb 16/79Amazon Hot Wax
52166848Feb 19/79The Richest Man in the World
53166849Mar 10/79A Date With Doomsday
54166850Mar 17/79The Girl With a Gift For Disaster
55166852May 28/79The Boy Who Knew Her Secret
56166853May 29/79The Boy Who Knew Her Secret, Part 2
57166854Aug 28/79The Man Who Could Not Die
58166847Sep 11/79Phantom of the Roller Coaster
59166851Sep 24/79Phantom of the Roller Coaster, Part 2
Wonder Woman
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 59
Broadcast Run: 1976 - 1979
Starring: Lynda Carter
Lyle Waggoner
Richard Eastham
Beatrice Colen
Based on Characters Created By: Charles Moulton
Developed By: Stanley Ralph Ross
Broadcast Network: ABC (season 1)
CBS (season 2-3)
Production Company: The Douglas S. Cramer Company
Bruce Lansbury Productions (season 2-3)
Warner Bros. Television
Copyright: © 1976-1979 D.C. Comics, Inc. - Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Wonder Woman