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X-Men: Evolution
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In this incarnation, the X-Men are going to high school while still learning to control their abilities by taking special training at the Xavier Institute.

Season One: 13 episodes
1101Nov 04/00Strategy X
2102Nov 11/00The X-Impulse
3103Nov 18/00Rogue Recruit
4104Nov 25/00Mutant Crush
5105Dec 09/00Speed and Spyke
6106Jan 27/01Middleverse
7107Feb 03/01Turn of the Rogue
8108Feb 10/01SpykeCam
9109Mar 03/01Survival of the Fittest
10110Mar 31/01Shadowed Past
11111Apr 14/01Grim Reminder
12112May 05/01The Cauldron
13113May 12/01The Cauldron, Part 2

Season Two: 17 episodes
14201Sep 29/01Growing Pains
15202Oct 13/01Power Surge
16203Oct 06/01Bada-Bing Bada-Boom
17204Oct 20/01Fun and Games
18205Oct 27/01The Beast of Bayville
19206Nov 03/01Adrift
20207Dec 15/01On Angel's Wings
21208Nov 17/01African Storm
22209Dec 01/01Joyride
23210Mar 02/02Walk on the Wild Side
24211Mar 30/02Operation Rebirth
25212Jan 26/02Mindbender
26213Feb 02/02Shadow Dance
27214Feb 16/02Retreat
28215Apr 20/02The HeX Factor
29216May 11/02Day of Reckoning
30217May 11/02Day of Reckoning, Part 2

Season Three: 13 episodes
31301Sep 14/02Day of Recovery
32302Sep 21/02The Stuff of Heroes
33303Sep 28/02Mainstream
34304Oct 05/02The Stuff of Villains
35305Oct 19/02Blind Alley
36306Nov 02/02X-Treme Measures
37307Nov 09/02The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe
38308Nov 16/02Self Possessed
39309Nov 30/02Under Lock and Key
40310Aug 23/03Cruise Control
41311Aug 02/03X23
42312Aug 09/03Dark Horizon
43313Aug 16/03Dark Horizon, Part 2

Season Four: 9 episodes
44401Aug 30/03Impact
45402Sep 06/03No Good Deed
46403Sep 13/03Target X
47404Sep 20/03Sins of the Son
48405Sep 27/03Uprising
49406Oct 04/03Cajun Spice
50407Oct 11/03Ghost of a Chance
51408Oct 18/03Ascension
52409Oct 25/03Ascension, Part 2
X-Men: Evolution
Genre: action, drama, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 52
Broadcast Run: 2000 - 2003
Voices: Kirby Morrow
Venus Terzo
Neil Denis
Scott McNeil
Kirsten Williamson
Meghan Black
Maggie Blue O'Hara
Brad Swaile
David Kaye
Richard Cox
Michael Dobson
Noel Fisher
Christopher Gray
Michael Donovan
Colleen Wheeler
Christopher Judge
Broadcast Network: Kids WB
Production Company: Film Roman
Marvel Studios
Copyright: © 2000-2003 Marvel Characters, Inc.
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: X-Men (1992)
Wolverine and the X-Men (2008)
IMDb: X-Men: Evolution