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King Edwyn has been murdered by his own brother, Bragan, who has assumed control of his throne because the king's heir, Arthus, is too young to rule. Princess Djana discovers the truth and also the missing Sword of Justice, Xcalibur. With this sword and the aid of her new companions, Herik the apprentice Shogi; Tara the barbarian warrior; and Wip, her tiny fire breathing dragon, Djana must find a way to defeat Bragan and his evil master, Kwodahn.

Season One: 40 episodes
1Sep 12/01(CA)The Sword of Justice
2Sep 19/01(CA)The Barbarian
3Oct 03/01(CA)The Heart of the Beast
4Mar 04/02(CA)The Request of the Just
5Oct 17/01(CA)A Charming Prince
6Nov 21/01(CA)The Hexed Chessboard
7Sep 26/01(CA)The Destiny of the Shogis
8The Wandering City
9Oct 10/01(CA)The Broken Sword
10Oct 31/01(CA)Test of Blood
11Nov 14/01(CA)The Slumbering Palace
12Mar 11/02(CA)A Second Chance
13Feb 11/02(CA)The Lure
14Nov 07/01(CA)Nadja
15Feb 25/02(CA)The 7th Crystal
16Jan 23/02(CA)The Enchanted Forest
17Feb 04/02(CA)The Kiss
18Feb 18/02(CA)The Dragon's Breath
19Mar 18/02(CA)I Have Faith in You
20The Forbidden Experience
21The Toll of the Past
22Nov 28/01(CA)The Strange Sickness
23The Promised Land
24Mar 25/02(CA)The Ice Fortress
25Golden Eyes
26The Night of the Two Moons
27The Tournament
28Presumed Guilty
29The Invisible Monastery
30The Initiation
32The Ice Shogi
33Vivid Memory
34One Day
35Love and Duty
36The Secret of the Sylphs
37Apr 01/02(CA)The Return
38In the King's Service
39Quest For Justice
40The Duel
* This is my personal recommendation for the viewing order.
It may not be perfect but it's much better than the aired or DVD order.
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy
Show Type: cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 40
Broadcast Run: 2001 - 2002
Starring: Joanna Ruiz Rodriquez
Ben Small
Jules DeJongh
Tom Clarke-Hill
Regine Candler
Tom Eastwood
Andy Turvey
Eric Meyers
Created By: Benjamin Legrand
Philippe Druillet
Amélie Aubert
Broadcast Network: YTV
The CW
Production Company: Ellipsanime
TVA International
Tooncan Productions
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Xcalibur