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Welcome to Horace White High School for Boys, where the weirdest things you could possibly imagine, and the weirdest things you could never even dream of, are commonplace. And they all happen to Zack.

Season One: 26 episodes
1001Sep 15/00Library of No Return
2002Sep 22/00You Don't Say
3003Sep 29/00It's a Wonderful School
4004Oct 06/00Quiet Please, I'm Reading Your Mind
5005Oct 13/00Sockworld
6006Oct 16/00Total Rewind
7007Oct 23/00Loose Lips: A Dog's Story
8008Oct 30/00Crypt Seeker
9009Nov 06/00Misfortune Cookie
10010Nov 13/00Run, Zack, Run
11011Nov 20/00Deja Vudoo
12012Nov 27/00But I'm Too Young to Be My Dad
13013Dec 04/00Photo Double
14014Dec 11/00One Bad Seed
15015Dec 18/00Fiber
16016Jan 08/01Anchovy of Doom
17017Jan 15/01Exit, Stage Fright
18018Jan 22/01The Talented Mr. Talisman
19019Jan 29/01This is Your Conscience Calling
20020Feb 05/01The Switch
21021Feb 12/01The Bottom Line
22022Feb 19/01Sparkin'
23023Feb 26/01Gone
24024Mar 05/01It's a Jungle in There
25025Mar 12/01A Place of My Own
26026Mar 19/01Dinner With Grandpa

Season Two: 26 episodes
27027Aug 30/01Blast From the Past
28028Sep 06/01Searching For Zack Greenburg
29029Sep 13/01The Terrible Truth
30030Sep 20/01Groovin'
31031Sep 27/01What's Eating Zack Greenburg?
32032Oct 04/01In Your Dreams
33033Oct 11/01Captain Sonic
34034Oct 18/01Zack Zero
35035Oct 25/01Zack Girl
36036Nov 01/01Dead Men Do Wear Plaid
37037Nov 08/01Frog Prince
38038Nov 15/01Things to Do in Horace Hyde White When You're Dead
39039Nov 22/01Bionic Zack
40040Nov 29/01Attack of the Killer Zack-uum
41041Dec 06/01Once and Future Zack
42042Dec 13/01Kleptomanizack
43043Dec 20/01Zack Times Two
44044Jan 10/02Pop!
45045Jan 17/02The Zack Show
46046Jan 24/02Zack and White
47047Feb 01/02Little Big Zack
48048Feb 07/02The Eyes of Gwen Killerby
49049Feb 14/02Zack Greenburg's Day Off
50050Feb 21/02Almost Famous Almost
51051Mar 01/02Zackeo and Juliet
52052Mar 07/02Who Did You Say I Was?
The Zack Files
Genre: comedy, science fiction, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 52
Broadcast Run: 2000 - 2002
Starring: Robert Clark
Jake Epstein
Michael Seater
Katie Boland
Noah Giffin
Jeff Clarke
Based Upon the Books By: Dan Greenburg
Developed By: Kathy Slevin
Broadcast Network: YTV
Production Company: DECODE Entertainment
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: The Zack Files