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The Bionic Woman
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Tennis pro Jaime Sommers is given bionic replacements for her legs, arm and ear, after a near-fatal skydiving accident. In return, she agrees to become an operative for the government agency that funded her reconstruction, using her bionic enhanced power to go on special missions.

Season One: 14 episodes
41244Mar 16/75The Bionic Woman (Six Million Dollar Man episode)
41245Mar 23/75The Bionic Woman, Part II (Six Million Dollar Man episode)
43020Sep 14/75The Return of the Bionic Woman (Six Million Dollar Man episode)
43029Sep 21/75The Return of the Bionic Woman, Part II (Six Million Dollar Man episode)
144415Jan 11/76Welcome Home, Jaime (Six Million Dollar Man crossover)
244404Jan 21/76Welcome Home, Jaime, Part II
344403Jan 28/76Angel of Mercy
43027Feb 01/76The Secret of Bigfoot (Six Million Dollar Man episode)
43008Feb 15/76Love Song For Tanya (Six Million Dollar Man episode)
444401Feb 18/76A Thing of the Past (Six Million Dollar Man crossover)
544407Feb 25/76Claws
644402Mar 03/76The Deadly Missiles (Six Million Dollar Man crossover)
43031Mar 07/76Big Brother (Six Million Dollar Man episode)
744412Mar 17/76Bionic Beauty
844411Mar 24/76Jaime's Mother
944416Apr 07/76Winning is Everything
1044414Apr 14/76Canyon of Death
1144424May 05/76Fly Jaime
1244422May 12/76The Jailing of Jaime
1344423May 19/76Mirror Image
1444426May 26/76The Ghosthunter

Season Two: 22 episodes
45124Sep 19/76The Return of Bigfoot (Six Million Dollar Man episode)
1545403Sep 22/76The Return of Bigfoot, Part II (Six Million Dollar Man crossover)
1645416Sep 29/76In This Corner, Jaime Sommers
1745425Oct 06/76Assault on the Princess
1845406Oct 20/76Road to Nashville
1945410Oct 27/76Kill Oscar (Six Million Dollar Man crossover)
45120Oct 31/76Kill Oscar, Part II (Six Million Dollar Man episode)
2045411Nov 03/76Kill Oscar, Part III (Six Million Dollar Man crossover)
2145408Nov 10/76Black Magic
2245429Nov 24/76Sister Jaime
2345412Dec 01/76The Vega Influence
2445420Dec 15/76Jaime's Shield
2545424Dec 22/76Jaime's Shield, Part II
2645414Jan 12/77Biofeedback
2745401Jan 19/77Doomsday is Tomorrow
2845402Jan 26/77Doomsday is Tomorrow, Part II
2945426Feb 02/77Deadly Ringer
3045430Feb 09/77Deadly Ringer, Part II
3145421Feb 23/77Jaime and the King
3245440Mar 09/77Beyond the Call
3345437Mar 16/77The DeJon Caper
3445441Mar 23/77The Night Demon
3545442Mar 30/77Iron Ships and Dead Men
3645443May 04/77Once a Thief

Season Three: 22 episodes
3747418Sep 10/77The Bionic Dog
3847419Sep 17/77The Bionic Dog, Part II
3947421Sep 24/77Fembots in Las Vegas
4047122Oct 01/77Fembots in Las Vegas, Part II
4147426Oct 15/77Rodeo
4247432Oct 29/77African Connection
4347431Nov 05/77Motorcycle Boogie
4447442Nov 12/77Brain Wash
4547435Nov 26/77Escape to Love
4647450Dec 03/77Max
4747441Dec 17/77Over the Hill Spy
4847451Jan 07/78All For One
4947417Jan 14/78The Pyramid
5047448Jan 21/78The Antidote
5147449Jan 28/78The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming
5247444Feb 11/78Sanctuary Earth
5347452Feb 18/78Deadly Music
5447454Feb 25/78Which One is Jaime?
5547436Mar 04/78Out of Body
5647438Mar 25/78Long Live the King
5747407May 06/78Rancho Outcast
5847455May 13/78On the Run
May 17/87Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (two hours)
83550Apr 30/89Bionic Showdown (two hours)
Nov 19/94Bionic Ever After? (two hours)
The Bionic Woman
Genre: action, drama, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 58
Broadcast Run: 1976 - 1978
Starring: Lindsay Wagner
Richard Anderson
Martin E. Brooks
Based on the Novel "Cyborg" By: Martin Caidin
Created By: Kenneth Johnson
Broadcast Network: ABC (season 1-2)
NBC (season 3)
Production Company: Harve Bennett Productions
Universal Television
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Bionic Woman (2007)
The Six Million Dollar Man (1973)
IMDb: The Bionic Woman