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Season Two
Gil Gerard ... Captain William "Buck" Rogers
Erin Gray ... Colonel Wilma Deering
Thom Christopher ... Hawk
Jay Garner ... Admiral Efrem Asimov
Wilfrid Hyde-White ... Dr. Goodfellow
Felix Silla ... Twiki
Mel Blanc ... Voice of Twiki
Bob Elyea ... Voice of Twiki (25 - 31)
Jeff David ... Voice of Crichton
  • Ep: 25/26
  • Time of the Hawk
  • Guest Stars: Barbara Luna (Koori), Lance Le Gault (Flagg), David Opatoshu (Llamajuna), Sid Haig (Pratt), Kenneth O'Brien (Captain)
  • Co-Starring: Dennis Haysbert (Communication-Probe Officer), Lavelle Roby (Thromis), Michael Fox (High Judge), Andre Harvey (Thordis)
  • With: J. Christopher O'Connor (Young Lieutenant), Tim O'Keefe (Bailiff), Ken Chandler (Court Clerk), Susan McIver (Simmons)
  • Written By: Norman Hudis
  • Directed By: Vincent McEveety
  • Ep: 27/28
  • Journey to Oasis
  • Guest Stars: Mark Lenard (Ambassador Duvoe), Len Birman (Admiral Zite), Paul Carr (Lieutenant Devlin)
  • Co-Starring: Donn Whyte (Zykarian, Jr.), Felix Silla (Odee-x), Michael Stroka (Rolla), Alex Hyde-White (Technician)
  • Written By: Robert and Esther Mitchell
  • Directed By: Daniel Haller
  • Ep: 29
  • The Guardians
  • Guest Stars: Harry Townes (The Guardian), Rosemary De Camp (Buck's Mother), Paul Carr (Lieutenant Devlin), Barbara Luna (Koori)
  • Co-Starring: Shawn Stevens (Boy), Dennis Haysbert (Helmsman)
  • Featuring: Vic Perrin (1st Guardian), Howard Culver (Mailman)
  • Written By: Paul Schneider & Margaret Schneider
  • Directed By: Jack Arnold
  • Ep: 30
  • Mark of the Saurian
  • Guest Stars: Linden Chiles (Ambassador Cabot), Vernon Weddle (Dr. Moray), Kim Hamilton (Nurse Paulton), Paul Carr (Lieutenant Devlin)
  • Co-Starring: Stacy Keach, Sr. (Senior Officer), Barry Cahill (Major Elif), Alex Hyde-White (Technician), Allan Hunt (Wing Man), Frank Parker (Captain)
  • With: Andrea Pike (Crew Member)
  • Written By: Francis Moss
  • Directed By: Barry Crane
  • Ep: 31
  • The Golden Man
  • Guest Stars: David Hollander (Velis), Anthony James (Prison Colony Leader), Bruce M. Fischer (Loran), Russell Wiggins (Relcos), Paul Carr (Lieutenant Devlin)
  • Co-Starring: Diana Chesney (Hag), Richard Wright (Onlooker #1)
  • With: Arthur Eisner (Onlooker #2), Roger Rose (Marcos), Michael Masters (Jailer), Bob Elyea (Alphie)
  • Written By: Calvin Clements & Stephen McPherson
  • Directed By: Vincent McEveety
  • Ep: 32
  • The Crystals
  • Guest Star: Amanda Wyss (Laura)
  • Co-Starring: Sandy-Alexander Champion (Chief Petty Officer Hall), Alex Hyde-White (Lieutenant Martin), James Parkes (Kovick)
  • With: Gary Bolen (Johnson), Leigh C. Kim (Petrie), Hubie Kerns, Jr. (Mummy Monster)
  • Written By: Robert and Esther Mitchell
  • Directed By: John Patterson
  • Ep: 33
  • The Satyr
  • Guest Stars: Anne E. Curry (Cyra Samos), Dave Cass (Major Jason Samos)
  • Co-Starring: Bobby P. Lane (Delph)
  • With: Dennis Freeman (Midshipman)
  • Written By: Paul Schneider & Margaret Schneider
  • Directed By: Victor French
  • Ep: 34
  • Shgoratchx!
  • Guest Star: Tommy Madden (General Xenos)
  • Co-Starring: Alex Hyde-White (Ensign Moore), John Edward Allen (General Zoman), Tony Cox (Private Zedht), Billy Curtis (General Yoomak), Harry Monty (General Sothoz), Spencer Russell (General Towtuk), Charles Secor (General Kuzan)
  • Written By: William Keys
  • Directed By: Vincent McEveety
  • Ep: 35
  • The Hand of the Goral
  • Guest Stars: John Fujioka (Hand of Goral), William Bryant (Chief Petty Officer Cowan), Peter Kastner (Reardon)
  • Co-Starring: Dennis Haysbert (Lieutenant Parsons)
  • With: Michael Horsley (Yeoman James)
  • Written By: Francis Moss
  • Directed By: David G. Phinney
  • Ep: 36
  • Testimony of a Traitor
  • Guest Stars: Ramon Bieri (Commissioner Bergstrom), William Sylvester (Lieutenant General Preston C. Myers), David Hooks (General Arnheim), Walter Brooke (U.S. President), John Milford (AF General)
  • Co-Starring: John O'Connell (Major Jim Peterson), Thomas Bellin (Crawford), Buck Young (Brigadier General Biles)
  • With: Carl Reindel (Air Force Sergeant), Eric Lawrence (Young Marine), Jim Emery (Marine Pilot), Dean Brooks (Marine Sergeant)
  • Written By: Stephen McPherson
  • Directed By: Bernard McEveety
  • Ep: 37
  • The Dorian Secret
  • Guest Stars: Devon Ericson (Asteria Eleefa), Denny Miller (Saurus), William Kirby Cullen (Demeter)
  • Co-Starring: Walker Edmiston (Koldar), Michele Marsh (Cleis), Dennis Haysbert (Ensign), Stuart Nisbet (Rand), Eldon Quick (Chronos)
  • With: Brady Rubin (Syla), Jackie Russell (Kally), Lachelle Chamberlain (Darel), Keith Atkinson (Joham)
  • Written By: Stephen McPherson
  • Directed By: Jack Arnold