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The life they know
The family they love
Will change forever

Season Four: 13 episodes
60Mar 11/22Not That Girl
61Mar 18/22You Can't Go Home Again
62Mar 25/22Unlucky Charmed
63Apr 01/22Ripples
64Apr 08/22The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sandwich
65Apr 15/22The Tallyman Cometh
66Apr 29/22Cats and Camels and Elephants, Oh My...
67May 06/22Unveiled
68May 13/22Truth or Cares
69May 20/22Hashing it Out
70May 27/22Divine Secrets of the O.G. Sisterhood
71Jun 03/22Be Kind. Rewind.
72Jun 10/22The End is Never the End

Season One: 22 episodes
1Oct 14/18Pilot
2Oct 21/18Let This Mother Out
3Oct 28/18Sweet Tooth
4Nov 04/18Exorcise Your Demons
5Nov 11/18Other Women
6Nov 18/18Kappa Spirit
7Nov 25/18Out of Scythe
8Dec 02/18Bug a Boo
9Dec 09/18Jingle Hell
10Jan 20/19Keep Calm and Harry On
11Jan 27/19Witch Perfect
12Feb 17/19You're Dead to Me
13Mar 03/19Manic Pixie Nightmare
14Mar 10/19Touched By a Demon
15Mar 17/19Switches and Stones
16Mar 24/19Memento Mori
17Mar 31/19Surrender
18Apr 21/19The Replacement
19Apr 28/19Source Material
20May 05/19Ambush
21May 12/19Red Rain
22May 19/19The Source Awakens

Season Two: 19 episodes
23Oct 11/19Safe Space
24Oct 18/19Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead
25Oct 25/19Careful What You Witch For
26Nov 01/19Deconstructing Harry
27Nov 08/19The Truth About Kat and Dogs
28Nov 15/19When Sparks Fly
29Nov 22/19Past is Present
30Dec 06/19The Rules of Engagement
31Jan 17/20Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle
32Jan 24/20Curse Words
33Jan 31/20Dance Like No One is Witching
34Feb 07/20Needs to Know
35Feb 21/20Breaking the Cycle
36Feb 28/20Sudden Death
37Mar 27/20Third Time's the Charm
38Apr 03/20The Enemy of My Frenemy
39Apr 10/20Search Party
40Apr 17/20Don't Look Back in Anger
41May 01/20Unsafe Space

Season Three: 18 episodes
42Jan 24/21An Inconvenient Truth
43Jan 31/21Someone's Going to Die
44Feb 14/21Triage
45Feb 21/21You Can't Touch This
46Feb 28/21Yew Do You
47Mar 14/21Private Enemy No. 1
48Mar 21/21Witch Way Out
49Mar 28/21O, The Tangled Web
50Apr 11/21No Hablo Brujeria
51Apr 18/21Bruja-Ha
52May 07/21Witchful Thinking
53May 14/21Spectral Healing
54May 21/21Chaos Theory
55Jun 11/21Perfecti is the Enemy of Good
56Jun 18/21Schrodinger's Future
57Jun 25/21What to Expect When You're Expecting the Apocalypse
58Jul 16/21The Storm Before the Calm
59Jul 23/21I Dreamed a Dream...
Genre: fantasy, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 72
Broadcast Run: 2018 - 2022
Starring: Melonie Diaz
Sarah Jeffery
Rupert Evans
Lucy Barrett (season 4)
Jordan Donica (season 2-4)
Poppy Drayton (season 2-3)
Madeleine Mantock (season 1-3)
Nick Hargrove (season 1)
Ellen Tamaki (season 1)
Ser'Darius Blain (season 1)
Developed By: Jennie Snyder Urman
Based on Charmed Created By: Constance M. Burge
Showrunner: Carter Covington (season 1)
Liz Kruger (season 2-3)
Craig Shapiro (season 2-3)
Jeffrey Lieber (season 4)
Joey Falco (season 4)
Nicki Renna (season 4)
Broadcast Network: The CW
Production Company: Poppy Productions
Reveal Entertainment
CBS Television Studios
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Charmed
See Also: Charmed (1998)
IMDb: Charmed