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The elite team of profilers of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit are ready at a moment's notice to go anywhere in the country they are needed to analyze and anticipate the next moves of the most sick and twisted criminal minds before they can strike again.

Season Sixteen: 10 episodes
Criminal Minds: Evolution
325Nov 24/22Just Getting Started
326Nov 24/22Sicarius
327Dec 01/22Moose
328Dec 08/22Pay-Per-View
329Dec 15/22Oedipus Wrecks (part 1)
330Jan 12/23True Conviction (part 2)
331Jan 19/23What Doesn't Kill Us
332Jan 26/23Forget Me Knots
333Feb 02/23Memento Mori
334Feb 09/23Dead End

Season One: 22 episodes
1101Sep 22/05Extreme Aggressor
2102Sep 28/05Compulsion
3103Oct 05/05Won't Get Fooled Again
4104Oct 12/05Plain Sight
5105Oct 19/05Broken Mirror
6106Nov 02/05LDSK
7107Nov 09/05The Fox
8109Nov 16/05Natural Born Killer
9108Nov 23/05Derailed
10110Nov 30/05The Popular Kids
11111Dec 14/05Blood Hungry
12112Jan 11/06What Fresh Hell?
13113Jan 18/06Poison
14114Jan 25/06Riding the Lightning
15115Mar 01/06Unfinished Business
16116Mar 08/06The Tribe
17117Mar 22/06A Real Rain
18118Mar 29/06Somebody's Watching
19119Apr 12/06Machismo
20120Apr 19/06Charm and Harm
21121May 03/06Secrets and Lies
22122May 10/06The Fisher King

Season Two: 23 episodes
23201Sep 20/06The Fisher King, Part 2
24203Sep 27/06P911
25202Oct 04/06The Perfect Storm
26204Oct 11/06Psychodrama
27205Oct 18/06Aftermath
28206Oct 25/06The Boogeyman
29207Nov 01/06North Mammon
30208Nov 08/06Empty Planet
31209Nov 15/06The Last Word
32210Nov 22/06Lessons Learned
33211Nov 29/06Sex, Birth, Death
34212Dec 13/06Profiler, Profiled
35213Jan 17/07No Way Out
36215Feb 04/07The Big Game (part 1)
37216Feb 07/07Revelations (part 2)
38214Feb 14/07Fear and Loathing
39217Feb 21/07Distress
40218Feb 28/07Jones
41219Mar 21/07Ashes and Dust
42220Apr 11/07Honor Among Thieves
43222May 02/07Open Season
44223May 09/07Legacy
45224May 16/07No Way Out, Part 2: The Evilution of Frank

Season Three: 20 episodes
46221Sep 26/07Doubt
47301Oct 03/07In Birth and Death aka In Name and Blood
48302Oct 10/07Scared to Death
49303Oct 17/07Children of the Dark
50304Oct 24/07Seven Seconds
51305Oct 31/07About Face
52306Nov 07/07Identity
53307Nov 14/07Lucky
54308Nov 21/07Penelope
55309Nov 28/07True Night
56310Dec 12/07Birthright
57311Jan 09/083rd Life
58312Jan 23/08Limelight
59313Apr 02/08Damaged
60314Apr 09/08A Higher Power
61315Apr 16/08Elephant's Memory
62316Apr 30/08In Heat
63317May 07/08The Crossing
64318May 14/08Tabula Rasa
65319May 21/08Lo-Fi

Season Four: 26 episodes
66401Sep 24/08Mayhem
67402Oct 01/08The Angel Maker
68403Oct 08/08Minimal Loss
69404Oct 22/08Paradise
70406Oct 29/08Catching Out
71405Nov 08/08The Instincts
72407Nov 12/08Memoriam
73408Nov 19/08Masterpiece
74409Nov 26/0852 Pickup
75410Dec 10/08Brothers in Arms
76411Dec 17/08Normal
77412Jan 14/09Soul Mates
78413Jan 21/09Bloodline
79414Feb 11/09Cold Comfort
80415Feb 18/09Zoe's Reprise
81416Feb 25/09Pleasure is My Business
82417Mar 11/09Demonology
83418Mar 18/09Omnivore
84419Mar 25/09House on Fire
85420Apr 08/09Conflicted
86421Apr 22/09A Shade of Gray
87422Apr 29/09The Big Wheel
88423May 06/09Roadkill
89424May 13/09Amplification
90425May 20/09To Hell...
91426May 20/09...And Back

Season Five: 23 episodes
92501Sep 23/09Nameless, Faceless
93502Sep 30/09Haunted
94503Oct 07/09Reckoner
95504Oct 14/09Hopeless
96505Oct 21/09Cradle to Grave
97506Nov 04/09The Eyes Have It
98507Nov 11/09The Performer
99508Nov 18/09Outfoxed
100509Nov 25/09100
101510Dec 09/09The Slave of Duty
102511Dec 16/09Retaliation
103512Jan 13/10The Uncanny Valley
104513Jan 20/09Risky Business
105514Feb 03/10Parasite
106515Feb 10/10Public Enemy
107516Mar 03/10Mosley Lane
108517Mar 10/10Solitary Man
109518Apr 07/10The Fight (pilot for spinoff series)
110519Apr 14/10Rite of Passage
111520May 05/10...A Thousand Words
112521May 12/10Exit Wounds
113522May 19/10The Internet is Forever
114523May 26/10Our Darkest Hour (part 1)

Season Six: 24 episodes
115601Sep 22/10The Longest Night (part 2)
116602Sep 29/10JJ
117604Oct 06/10Remembrance of Things Past
118603Oct 13/10Compromising Positions
119605Oct 20/10Safe Haven
120606Oct 27/10Devil's Night
121607Nov 03/10Middle Man
122608Nov 10/10Reflection of Desire
123609Nov 17/10Into the Woods
124610Dec 08/10What Happens at Home
125611Dec 15/1025 to Life
126612Jan 19/11Corazon
127613Jan 26/11The Thirteenth Step
128614Feb 09/11Sense Memory
129615Feb 16/11Today I Do
130616Feb 23/11Coda
131617Mar 02/11Valhalla (part 1)
132618Mar 16/11Lauren (part 2)
133619Mar 30/11With Friends Like These
134620Apr 06/11Hanley Waters
135621Apr 13/11The Stranger
136622May 04/11Out of the Light
137623May 11/11Big Sea
138624May 18/11Supply & Demand

Season Seven: 24 episodes
139701Sep 21/11It Takes a Village
140702Sep 28/11Proof
141703Oct 05/11Dorado Falls
142704Oct 12/11Painless
143705Oct 19/11From Childhood's Hour
144706Nov 02/11Epilogue
145707Nov 09/11There's No Place Like Home
146708Nov 16/11Hope
147709Dec 07/11Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
148710Dec 14/11The Bittersweet Science
149711Jan 18/12True Genius
150712Jan 25/12Unknown Subject
151713Feb 08/12Snake Eyes
152714Feb 15/12Closing Time
153715Feb 22/12A Thin Line
154716Feb 29/12A Family Affair
155718Mar 14/12I Love You, Tommy Brown
156717Mar 21/12Foundation
157719Apr 04/12Heathridge Manor
158720Apr 11/12The Company
159721May 02/12Divining Rod
160722May 09/12Profiling 101
161723May 16/12Hit (part 1)
162724May 16/12Run (part 2)

Season Eight: 24 episodes
163801Sep 26/12The Silencer
164802Oct 10/12The Pact
165803Oct 17/12Through the Looking Glass
166804Oct 24/12God Complex
167805Oct 31/12The Good Earth
168806Nov 07/12The Apprenticeship
169807Nov 14/12The Fallen
170808Nov 21/12The Wheels on the Bus...
171809Nov 28/12Magnificent Light
172810Dec 05/12The Lesson
173811Dec 12/12Perennials
174812Jan 16/13Zugzwang
175813Jan 23/13Magnum Opus
176815Feb 06/13All That Remains
177814Feb 20/13Broken
178816Feb 27/13Carbon Copy
179817Mar 20/13The Gathering
180818Apr 03/13Restoration
181819Apr 10/13Pay it Forward
182820May 01/13Alchemy
183821May 08/13Nanny Dearest
184822May 15/13Number Six
185823May 22/13Brothers Hotchner
186824May 22/13The Replicator

Season Nine: 24 episodes
187901Sep 25/13The Inspiration (part 1)
188902Oct 02/13The Inspired (part 2)
189904Oct 09/13Final Shot
190903Oct 16/13To Bear Witness
191905Oct 23/13Route 66
192906Oct 30/13In the Blood
193907Nov 06/13Gatekeeper
194908Nov 13/13The Return
195909Nov 20/13Strange Fruit
196910Nov 27/13The Caller
197911Dec 11/13Bully
198912Jan 15/14The Black Queen
199913Jan 22/14The Road Home (part 1)
200914Feb 05/14200 (part 2)
201915Feb 19/14Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
202916Feb 26/14Gabby
203917Mar 05/14Persuasion
204918Mar 12/14Rabid
205919Mar 19/14The Edge of Winter
206920Apr 02/14Blood Relations
207921Apr 09/14What Happens in Mecklinburg
208922Apr 30/14Fatal
209923May 07/14Angels (part 1)
210924May 14/14Demons (part 2)

Season Ten: 23 episodes
2111001Oct 01/14X
2121002Oct 08/14Burn
2131003Oct 15/14A Thousand Suns
2141004Oct 22/14The Itch
2151006Oct 29/14Boxed In
2161005Nov 05/14If the Shoe Fits
2171007Nov 12/14Hashtag
2181008Nov 19/14The Boys of Sudworth Place
2191009Nov 26/14Fate
2201010Dec 10/14Amelia Porter
2211011Jan 14/15The Forever People
2221012Jan 21/15Anonymous
2231013Jan 28/15Nelson's Sparrow
2241014Feb 04/15Hero Worship
2251015Feb 11/15Scream
2261016Mar 04/15Lockdown
2271017Mar 11/15Breath Play
2281018Mar 25/15Rock Creek Park
2291019Apr 08/15Beyond Borders (pilot for spinoff series)
2301020Apr 15/15A Place at the Table
2311021Apr 22/15Mr. Scratch
2321022Apr 29/15Protection (part 1)
2331023May 06/15The Hunt (part 2)

Season Eleven: 22 episodes
234Sep 30/15The Job
235Oct 07/15The Witness
236Oct 14/15Til Death Do Us Part
237Oct 21/15Outlaw
238Oct 28/15The Night Watch
239Nov 04/15Pariahville
240Nov 11/15Target Rich
241Nov 18/15Awake
242Dec 02/15Internal Affairs
243Dec 09/15Future Perfect (part 1)
244Jan 13/16Entropy (part 2)
245Jan 20/16Drive
246Jan 27/16The Bond
247Feb 10/16Hostage
248Feb 24/16A Badge and a Gun (part 1)
249Mar 02/16Derek (part 2)
250Mar 16/16The Sandman (part 1)
251Mar 23/16Beautiful Disaster (part 2)
252Mar 30/16Tribute
253Apr 13/16Inner Beauty
254Apr 20/16Devil's Backbone
255May 04/16The Storm

Season Twelve: 22 episodes
256Sep 28/16The Crimson King
257Oct 05/16Sick Day
258Oct 12/16Taboo
259Oct 26/16Keeper
260Nov 09/16The Anti-Terror Squad
261Nov 16/16Elliott's Pond
262Nov 30/16Mirror Image
263Dec 07/16Scarecrow
264Jan 04/17Profiling 202
265Jan 11/17Seek and Destroy
266Feb 01/17Surface Tension
267Feb 08/17A Good Husband
268Feb 15/17Spencer (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders crossover)
269Feb 22/17Collision Course
270Mar 01/17Alpha Male
271Mar 15/17Assistance is Futile
272Mar 22/17In the Dark
273Mar 29/17Hell's Kitchen
274Apr 05/17True North
275Apr 26/17Unforgettable
276May 03/17Green Light (part 1)
277May 10/17Red Light (part 2)

Season Thirteen: episodes
278Sep 27/17Wheels Up
279Oct 04/17To a Better Place
280Oct 11/17Blue Angel
281Oct 18/17Killer App
282Oct 25/17Lucky Strikes
283Nov 08/17The Bunker
284Nov 15/17Dust and Bones
285Nov 22/17Neon Terror
286Dec 06/17False Flag
287Jan 03/18Submerged
288Jan 10/18Full-Tilt Boogie
289Jan 17/18Bad Moon on the Rise
290Jan 24/18Cure
291Jan 31/18Miasma
292Mar 07/18Annihilator
293Mar 14/18Last Gasp
294Mar 21/18The Capilanos
295Mar 28/18The Dance of Love
296Apr 04/18Ex Parte
297Apr 11/18All You Can Eat
298Apr 18/18Mixed Signals
299Apr 18/18Believer (part 1)

Season Fourteen: 15 episodes
300Oct 03/18300 (part 2)
301Oct 10/18Starter Home
302Oct 17/18Rule 34
303Oct 24/18Innocence
304Oct 31/18The Tall Man
305Nov 07/18Luke
306Nov 14/18Twenty Seven
307Nov 21/18Ashley
308Dec 05/18Broken Wing
309Dec 12/18Flesh and Blood
310Jan 02/19Night Lights
311Jan 09/19Hamelin
312Jan 23/19Chameleon
313Jan 30/19Sick and Evil
314Feb 06/19Truth or Dare

Season Fifteen: 10 episodes
315Jan 08/20Under the Skin
316Jan 08/20Awakenings
317Jan 15/20Spectator Slowing
318Jan 22/20Saturday
319Jan 29/20Ghost
320Feb 05/20Date Night
321Feb 05/20Rusty
322Feb 12/20Family Tree (part 1)
323Feb 19/20Face Off (part 2)
324Feb 19/20And in the End... (part 3)
Criminal Minds
Genre: crime, drama, thriller
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 16
Number of Episodes: 334
Broadcast Run: 2005 - present
Starring: A.J. Cook
Kirsten Vangsness (season 2-)
Paget Brewster (season 2-7,12-)
Joe Mantegna (season 3-)
Adam Rodriguez (season 12-)
Aisha Tyler (season 12-)
Daniel Henney (season 13-15)
Damon Gupton (season 12)
Jennifer Love Hewitt (season 10)
Jeanne Tripplehorn (season 8-9)
Rachel Nichols (season 6)
Matthew Gray Gubler (season 1-15)
Thomas Gibson (season 1-12)
Shemar Moore (season 1-11)
Mandy Patinkin (season 1-3)
Lola Glaudini (season 1-2)
Created By: Jeff Davis
Showrunner: Jeff Davis (season 1)
Edward Allen Bernero (season 2-6)
Erica Messer (season 7-)
Broadcast Network: CBS
Paramount+ (season 16-)
Production Company: The Mark Gordon Company
ABC Studios
CBS Television Studios
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (2011)
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016)
IMDb: Criminal Minds
IMDb: Criminal Minds: Evolution