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Crossing Jordan
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Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh is a brilliant and beautiful forensic pathologist, working at the Boston Medical Examiner's Office, whose feisty and stubborn nature drive her to go above and beyond her duty to solve crimes and capture criminals.

Season One: 23 episodes
164301Sep 24/01Pilot
264302Oct 01/01The Dawn of a New Day
364303Oct 08/01The Ties That Bind
464304Oct 22/01You Can't Go Home Again
564305Oct 15/01Born to Run
664306Oct 29/01Believers
764307Nov 12/01Sight Unseen
864308Nov 19/01Digger
964309Nov 26/01Digger, Part 2
1064310Dec 10/01Blue Christmas
1164311Jan 07/02Wrong Place, Wrong Time
1264312Jan 14/02Blood Relatives
1364313Jan 21/02Miracles and Wonders
1464314Jan 28/02Four Fathers
1564315Feb 04/02Acts of Mercy
1664316Feb 25/02Lost and Found
1764317Mar 04/02Crime and Punishment
1864318Mar 18/02With Honor
1964319Apr 08/02For Harry, With Love and Squalor
2064320Apr 15/02The Gift of Life
2164321Apr 29/02Someone to Count On
2264322May 06/02Secrets and Lies
2364323May 13/02Secrets and Lies, Part 2

Season Two: 22 episodes
2402001Sep 23/02There's No Place Like Home
2502002Sep 30/02Bombs Away
2602003Oct 07/02The Truth is Out There
2702004Oct 14/02Payback
2802005Oct 21/02As if by Fate
2902006Nov 18/02Scared Straight
3002007Nov 11/02Upon the Wasted Building
3102008Dec 02/02Don't Look Back
3202009Feb 24/03John Doe
3302010Dec 09/02Prisoner Exchange
3402011Jan 06/03Ockham's Razor
3502012Jan 13/03Family Ties
3602013Jan 27/03Perfect Storm
3702014Feb 10/03Wild Card
3802015Feb 03/03Strangled
3902016Mar 17/03Conspiracy
4002017Apr 21/03Sunset Division
4102018Mar 31/03Cruel and Unusual
4202019Apr 07/03Fire and Ice
4302020Apr 14/03Dead Wives' Club
4402021Apr 28/03Pandora's Trunk
4502022May 05/03Pandora's Trunk, Part 2

Season Three: 13 episodes
4603001Jun 06/04Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? (part 3)
4703002Apr 04/04Missing Pieces
4803003Mar 14/04'Til Death Do Us Part
4903004Mar 07/04Devil May Care
5003005May 23/04Dead in the Water
5103006Mar 12/04Slam Dunk
5203007Apr 25/04All the News Fit to Print
5303008Mar 19/04Is That Plutonium in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
5403009Mar 21/04Dead or Alive
5503010Mar 28/04Second Chances
5603011May 16/04He Said, She Said
5703012Apr 18/04Most Likely
5803013May 09/04Revealed

Season Four: 21 episodes
5904001Oct 10/04Intruded
6004002Sep 26/04After Dark
6104003Oct 17/04Deja Past
6204004Oct 03/04Out of Sight
6304005Nov 14/04Fire From the Sky
6404006Nov 07/04What Happens in Vegas, Dies in Boston (part 1 - Las Vegas crossover)
Nov 08/04Two of a Kind (part 2 - Las Vegas episode)
6504007Nov 21/04Necessary Risks
6604008Oct 24/04Justice Delayed
6704009Oct 31/04Blue Moon
6804010Jan 30/05Family Affair
6904011Jan 09/05Murder in the Rue Morgue
7004012Jan 02/05A Stranger Among Us
7104013Feb 13/05You Really Got Me
7204014Mar 13/05Gray Murders
7304015Mar 20/05It Happened One Night
7404016Mar 27/05Skin and Bone
7504017May 01/05Embraceable You
7604018Apr 10/05Locard's Exchange
7704019Apr 24/05Sanctuary
7804020May 08/05Forget Me Not
7904021May 15/05Jump, Push, Fall

Season Five: 21 episodes
8005001Sep 25/05There's No Place Like Home II
8105005Oct 02/05Luck Be a Lady (part 1 - Las Vegas crossover)
Oct 03/05Double Down, Triple Threat (part 2 - Las Vegas episode)
8205004Oct 09/05Under the Weather
8305002Oct 16/05Judgement Day
8405003Oct 23/05Enlightenment
8505006Oct 30/05Total Recall
8605007Nov 27/05Road Kill
8705008Dec 04/05A Man in Blue
8805009Dec 11/05Death Goes On
8905010Jan 08/06Loves Me Not
9005011Jan 15/06The Elephant in the Room
9105012Jan 22/06Code of Ethics
9205013Jan 29/06Dreamland
9305014Mar 12/06Death Toll
94Mar 19/06Blame Game
95Mar 26/06Someone to Watch Over Me
96Apr 02/06Save Me
97Apr 09/06The Iceman Cometh
9805019Apr 16/06Mysterious Ways
9905020Apr 30/06Mace vs Scalpel
May 05/06Fidelity, Security, Delivery (Las Vegas episode)
10005021May 07/06 Don't Leave Me This Way
May 12/06Father of the Bride (Las Vegas episode)

Season Six: 17 episodes
Nov 17/06History of Violins (Las Vegas episode)
10106001Jan 14/07Retribution
10206002Jan 21/07Shattered
10306003Jan 28/0733 Bullets
104Feb 11/07Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Las Vegas crossover)
105Feb 18/07Mr. Little and Mr. Big
106Feb 25/07Night of the Living Dead
10706008Mar 07/07Hubris
10806007Mar 14/07Isolation
10906009Mar 21/07Seven Feet Under
11006010Mar 28/07Fall From Grace
111Apr 04/07Faith
11206012Apr 11/07Sleeping Beauty
11306013Apr 18/07Post Hoc
114Apr 25/07In Sickness and in Health
115May 02/07Dead Again
11606016May 09/07D.O.A.
11706017May 16/07Crash
Crossing Jordan
Genre: crime, drama, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 6
Number of Episodes: 117
Broadcast Run: 2001 - 2007
Starring: Jill Hennessy
Miguel Ferrer
Ken Howard
Ravi Kapoor
Mahershalalhashbaz Ali
Kathryn Hahn
Steve Valentine
Created By: Tim Kring
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: Tailwind Productions
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Las Vegas (2003)
IMDb: Crossing Jordan