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Las Vegas
Season One - 23 episodes
1101Sep 22/03Pilot
2102Sep 29/03What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
3103Oct 06/03Donny, We Hardly Knew Ye
4104Oct 13/03Jokers and Fools
5105Oct 20/03Groundhog Summer
6106Nov 03/03Semper Spy
7107Nov 10/03Pros and Cons
8108Nov 17/03Luck Be a Lady
9109Dec 01/03Year of the Tiger
10110Dec 15/03Decks and Violence
11112Jan 05/04Blood and Sand
12113Jan 12/04Hellraisers and Heartbreakers
13111Jan 26/04The Night the Lights Went Out in Vegas
14114Feb 02/04Things That Go Jump in the Night
15115Feb 09/04Die Fast, Die Furious
16116Feb 16/04New Orleans
17117Mar 01/04You Can't Take it With You
18118Mar 15/04Nevada State
19119Mar 22/04Sons and Lovers
20120Apr 19/04The Strange Life of Bob
21121Apr 26/04Family Jewels
22122May 10/04The Big Bang
23123May 17/04Always Faithful

Season Two - 24 episodes
24201Sep 13/04Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
25202Sep 20/04The Count of Montecito
26203Sep 27/04Blood is Thicker
27204Oct 04/04Catch of the Day
28205Oct 11/04Good Run of Bad Luck
29206Oct 18/04Games People Play
30207Nov 01/04Montecito Lancers
04006Nov 07/04What Happens in Vegas, Dies in Boston (part 1 - Crossing Jordan episode)
31209Nov 08/04Two of a Kind (part 2 - Crossing Jordan crossover)
32208Nov 15/04Degas Away With It
33211Nov 29/04Silver Star
34210Dec 06/04My Beautiful Launderette
35213Jan 03/05When You Got to Go, You Got to Go
36Jan 10/05Sperm Whales and Spearmint Rhinos
37Jan 17/05The Lie is Cast
38Jan 24/05A Whale of a Time
39216Feb 07/05Can You See What I See?
40217Feb 14/05Tainted Love
41218Feb 21/05To Protect and Serve Manicotti
42Mar 14/05One Nation, Under Surveillance
43Mar 28/05Hit Me!
44221Apr 25/05Hide and Sneak
45222May 02/05Letters, Lawyers and Loose Women
46223May 09/05Magic Carpet Fred
47224May 23/05Centennial

Season Three - 23 episodes
48Sep 19/05Viva Las Vegas
49Sep 26/05Fake the Money and Run
05005Oct 02/05Luck Be a Lady (part 1 - Crossing Jordan episode)
50Oct 03/05Double Down, Triple Threat (part 2 - Crossing Jordan crossover)
51Oct 10/05Whatever Happened to Seymour Magoon?
52Oct 17/05Big Ed De-cline
53Oct 24/05The Real McCoy
54307Nov 07/05Everything Old is You Again
55308Nov 14/05Bold, Beautiful and Blue
56309Nov 21/05Mothwoman (part 1)
57Nov 28/05For Sail By Owner (part 2)
58311Dec 05/05Down and Dirty
59Jan 02/06Bait and Switch
60Jan 09/06The Bitch is Back
61314Jan 23/06And Here's Mike With the Weather
62Feb 06/06Urban Legends
63316Mar 03/06Coyote Ugly
64Mar 10/06Lyle and Substance
65Mar 17/06Like a Virgin
66Mar 31/06Cash Springs Eternal
67Apr 07/06All Quiet on the Montecito Front
68321Apr 28/06Chaos Theory
69322May 05/06Fidelity, Security, Delivery (Crossing Jordan crossover)
70323May 12/06Father of the Bride (Crossing Jordan crossover)

Season Four - 17 episodes
71Oct 27/06Father of the Bride Redux (part 1)
72402Nov 03/06Died in Plain Sight (part 2)
73403Nov 10/06The Story of Owe
74Nov 17/06History of Violins (Crossing Jordan crossover)
75/76Dec 01/06Delinda's Box (two hours)
77407Dec 08/06Meatball Montecito
78408Dec 15/06White Christmas
79409Jan 05/07Wines and Misdemeanors
80410Jan 12/07Fleeting Cheating Meeting
81411Jan 19/07Wagers of Sin
82Feb 02/07The Chicken is Making My Back Hurt
83413Feb 09/07Pharaoh 'Nuff
Feb 11/07Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Crossing Jordan episode)
84414Feb 16/07The Burning Bedouin
85415Feb 23/07Bare Chested in the Park
86416Mar 02/07Junk in the Trunk
87417Mar 09/07Heroes (part 1)

Season Five - 19 episodes
88501Sep 28/07A Hero Ain't Nothing But a Sandwich (part 2)
89502Sep 28/07Shrink Rap (part 3)
90503Oct 05/07The Glass is Always Cleaner
91504Oct 12/07Head Games
92508Oct 19/07Run, Cooper, Run
93Oct 26/07When Life Gives You Lemon Bars
94507Nov 02/07Adventures in the Skin Trade
95Nov 09/07It's Not Easy Being Green
96505Nov 16/07My Uncle's a Gas (part 1)
97506Nov 30/07The High Price of Gas (part 2)
98512Dec 07/07A Cannon Carol
99511Jan 04/08I Could Eat a Horse
100517Jan 11/083 Babes, 100 Guns and a Fat Chick
101513Jan 18/08Secrets, Lies and Lamaze
102514Jan 25/08Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast
103515Feb 01/082 On 2
104519Feb 08/08Win, Place, Bingo
105516Feb 15/08High Steaks (part 1)
106518Feb 15/08Three Weddings and a Funeral (part 2)

Welcome to the Montecito Resort and Casino where the staff go to extremes to see that you have a good time. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Just don't do anything you shouldn't because they are watching... and they will deal with you.

Las Vegas
Genre: crime, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 106
Broadcast Run: 2003 - 2008
Starring: Josh Duhamel
James Lesure
Vanessa Marcil
Molly Sims
Tom Selleck (season 5)
James Caan (season 1-4)
Nikki Cox (season 1-4)
Marsha Thomason (season 1-2)
Created By: Gary Scott Thompson
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Productions
DreamWorks Television
NBC Studios (season 1)
NBC Universal Television (season 2-4)
Universal Media Studios (season 5)
Copyright: © 2003-2007 NBC Studios Inc.
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Crossing Jordan (2001)
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