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Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension
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Season One
Bill Switzer ... Mitchell Taylor
Daniel Clark ... Stanley Hope
Deborah Odell ... Mrs. Taylor
Lindy Booth ... Carrie Taylor
Neil Crone ... Mr. Crawford
Bruce Hunter ... Edward Taylor
  • Ep: 1
  • Switching Channels
  • Guest Starring: Richard McMillan (Ted)
  • Featuring: Tony Daniels (Elvis)
  • Uncredited: Omri Katz (Marshall Teller), Justin Shenkarow (Simon Holmes)
  • Written By: Jim Henshaw & Peter Mohan
  • Directed By: Bill Corcoran
  • Ep: 2
  • The Goody-Two-Shoes People
  • Guest Starring: Nick Mancuso (Mr. Stepford)
  • Featuring: Kris Lemche (Rodney Covington), Christian Matheson (Newt), Lee MacDougall (Mr. Covington), Barbara Radecki (Mrs. Covington), Michael Vollans (Bad Apple Assistant)
  • Written By: Jim Henshaw
  • Directed By: Don McCutcheon
  • Ep: 3
  • Standard Deviation
  • Guest Starring: Jenny Parsons (Agnes Median)
  • Featuring: Vincent Corazza (Armondo), David Keeley (Sheriff), Brenda Adams (Stunt Female Dance Partner)
  • Written By: Tony DiFranco
  • Directed By: John Bell
  • Ep: 4
  • Time Flies
  • Guest Starring: Tony Rosato (Armand Tempus)
  • Featuring: Sam Moses (Fugit), Kenny Robinson (Customer #1), Aimee McKenzie (Woman #1), Naomi Blicker (Woman #2), Kenner Ames (Man #1), Liz Gordon (Polkadot Woman)
  • Written By: Peter Mohan
  • Directed By: Fred Gerber
  • Ep: 5
  • The Phantom
  • Guest Starring: Joe Dinicol (Ollie Roberts)
  • Featuring: Diane Douglas (Mrs. Flipper), Tony Daniels (Elvis), Melody Johnson (Holly), Lindsay Murrell (Judy), Barbara Barsky (Mrs. Roberts), Billy Turnbull (Bully)
  • Written By: Dennis Foon
  • Directed By: Graeme Lynch
  • Ep: 6
  • The Young and the Twitchy
  • Guest Starring: Peter Keleghan (Stag Carnalli)
  • Featuring: David Keeley (Sheriff), Jeffrey Smith (Thug), Avery Saltzman (Surly Purser), Anne Marie Loder (Lucy), Deborah Lobban (Matronly Woman), Laura Catalano (Misty)
  • Written By: Jeremy Hole
  • Directed By: Don McCutcheon
  • Ep: 7
  • Last Laugh
  • Guest Starring: Heath Lamberts (Howie Lipman)
  • Featuring: John Hemphill (Freddie Foster/Janitor Bob), Christian Matheson (Newt), Dov Tiefenbach (Specialist), Tyler Cairns (Assistant Kid), Chloe Brown (Shauna), Herb Rieschl (Stunt Howie), C. J. Fidler (Teacher Stunt)
  • Written By: Tim Burns
  • Directed By: John Bell
  • Ep: 8
  • Little Buddy Beep Beep
  • Guest Starring: Richard Waugh (Prendergast)
  • Featuring: Jeffery Akomah (Oscar)
  • Written By: Tony Sheer
  • Directed By: Gary Harvey
  • Ep: 9
  • The Newsroom
  • Guest Starring: Robin Gammell (Mr. Conrad)
  • Featuring: Richard Binsley (Scoop), Elisa Moolecherry (Trixie)
  • Written By: Terry Saltsman
  • Directed By: Don McCutcheon
  • Ep: 10
  • Perfect
  • Guest Starring: Lynne Cormack (Dolly Smith)
  • Featuring: John Robinson (George), Polly Shannon (Esthetician, Lisa Hynes (Farm Woman), Amy Smith (Little Girl)
  • Written By: Esther Behar
  • Directed By: John Bell
  • Ep: 11
  • Nightmare on Eerie Street
  • Guest Starring: Don Francks (Sandman), Wayne Robson (Mr. Toomis)
  • Featuring: Dan Gallagher (DJ)
  • Written By: Janet MacLean
  • Directed By: Rene Bonnière
  • Ep: 12
  • Mr. Lucky
  • Guest Starring: Patrick McKenna (Todd MacLachlin)
  • Featuring: Kathleen Laskey (Gretchen), Roger Dunn (Judge), Dan Gallagher (Don the DJ), Stephanie Harris (Cheerleader #1)
  • Written By: Peter Mohan
  • Directed By: John Bell
  • Ep: 13
  • Send in the Clones
  • Guest Starring: Bradie Whetham (Young Edward Taylor Clone)
  • Featuring: David Keeley (Sheriff), Tony Daniels (Elvis), Brian Heighton (Mayor Carver)
  • Written By: Luciano Casimiri
  • Directed By: John Bell
  • Ep: 14
  • I'm Okay, You're Really Weird
  • Guest Starring: Sean Sullivan (Dr. Siggy Lloyd)
  • Featuring: Janey Wright (Mrs. Lloyd), David Keeley (Sheriff), Tony Daniels (Elvis), David Sparrow (Mr. Dudley)
  • Written By: Janet MacLean
  • Directed By: Fred Gerber
  • Ep: 15
  • Jackalope
  • Guest Starring: Kenneth Welsh (Buck Corona III)
  • Featuring: Devon Welsh (Kid), Dan Belley (Stunt Mitchell), Suzi Stingl (Stunt Stanley), Marco Bianco (Stunt Corona)
  • Written By: Jim Henshaw
  • Directed By: Malcolm Cross