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Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension
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My name is Mitchell Taylor and I've lived in Eerie, Indiana all my life. Up 'til now my biggest complaint was that everything was too normal. I always wished that something would happen, something weird even. If only I'd listened to that old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, it might come true."

Season One: 15 episodes
1201Feb 07/98Switching Channels
2203Feb 14/98The Goody-Two-Shoes People
3204Feb 21/98Standard Deviation
4206Feb 28/98Time Flies
5202Mar 07/98The Phantom
6208Mar 14/98The Young and the Twitchy
7207Mar 21/98Last Laugh
8205Apr 04/98Little Buddy Beep Beep
9211Apr 11/98The Newsroom
10212Apr 18/98Perfect
11210Apr 25/98Nightmare on Eerie Street
12214May 02/98Mr. Lucky
13209May 09/98Send in the Clones
14213May 16/98I'm Okay, You're Really Weird
15215May 30/98Jackalope
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension
Genre: fantasy, mystery, comedy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 15
Broadcast Run: 1998
Starring: Bill Switzer
Daniel Clark
Deborah Odell
Lindy Booth
Neil Crone
Bruce Hunter
Based on "Eerie, Indiana" Created By: Karl Schaefer
José Rivera
Broadcast Network: Global
Production Company: Power Pictures
Hearst Entertainment
Country of Origin: Canada
See Also: Eerie, Indiana (1991)
IMDb: Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension