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First Wave
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Season One
Sebastian Spence ... Kincaid Lawrence "Cade" Foster
Rob LaBelle ... Crazy Eddie Nambulous
  • Ep: 1
  • Subject 117
  • Quatrain 3, Century 1:
    On the seventh dawn of the seventh day,
    A twice-bless'd man will roam the fields,
    Doomed to shadows with his brethren,
    Or savior to all who walk the ground.

  • Guest Starring: Stacy Grant (Hannah Foster), Dana Brooks (Colonel Grace), Myron Natwick (Emmett Mayhew), Andrew McIlroy (Alien Doctor), Laurie Paton (Mrs. Hitchens), Ed Evanko ()
  • Co-Starring: Eric Schneider (Alexander Dray), Gordon Van Ieperen (Sam Hitchens), Terry Arrowsmith (Alien Gentleman #1), Richard Sargent (Alien Gentleman #2), Charles Payne (Orderly), Rick Burgess (Cop #1), George Josef (Cop #2), Ken Kirzinger (Cop #3), Marco Roy (Friend #1), Michelle Hart (Friend #2), Craig Warkenten (Waiter)
  • Written By: Chris Brancato
  • Directed By: Brenton Spencer
  • Ep: 2
  • Crazy Eddie
  • Quatrain 6, Century 1:
    From leagues away they shall arrive,
    And reign blind terror upon all men,
    An empty vessel for the soul,
    Their wretched beauty sleeps no more.

  • Guest Starring: Roger Cross (Joshua), Rebecca Reichert (Amsa-1), Aundrea MacDonald (Amsa-2), Paul Raskin (Roland Kelso), Tim Progosh (Dean Hormeth), Rick Ravanello (Anton)
  • Co-Starring: Michasha Armstrong (Choker Husk), Heath Stevenson (Hulking Man #1), Scott Nicholson (Hulking Man #2)
  • Story By: Chris Brancato & Paul Eckstein
  • Teleplay By: Chris Brancato
  • Directed By: Jorge Montesi
  • Ep: 3
  • Mata Hari
  • Quatrain 6, Century 8:
    Where ivory towers meet the eastern sea,
    Young trees of knowledge will fall,
    Crushed by the thorny vine,
    Of a red rose.

  • Guest Starring: Dana Brooks (Colonel Grace), Heather Hanson (Lara), Sarah Strange (Henrietta "Hank"), David Lovgren (Elliot Drake)
  • Co-Starring: Rafe McDonald (Ted Echmann), Richard Newman (Dr. Allenson), Gerry MacKay (Dr. Barrett), Ben Derrick (Cop), Andre Benjamin (Soldier)
  • Written By: Scott Smith Miller
  • Directed By: Brenton Spencer
  • Ep: 4
  • Hypnotic
  • Quatrain 45, Century 3:
    The Trickster seeds the mind,
    With paralyzing terror,
    Bearing false witness,
    To the bitter truth at hand.

  • Guest Starring: Keegan Tracy (Nicole), Russell B. Porter (Evan), Julie Patzwald (Vanessa), Gillian Barber (Dr. Rita Hagen), Robert Moloney (Drew), Stacy Grant (Hannah Foster)
  • Co-Starring: Joanna Piros (News Reporter), Sue Astley (Waitress), Saskia Gould (Angelic Woman), Andrew Bailey (Humanoid Alien)
  • Written By: Paul Brown
  • Directed By: Rene Bonniere
  • Ep: 5
  • Elixir
  • Quatrain 13, Century 6:
    The younger woman shall surmount the old,
    Before the lusty hearts of many men,
    The precious drops quench the thirst of time,
    Before the ugly truth shall take it's toll.

  • Guest Starring: Dana Brooks (Colonel Grace), Walter Marsh (Leonard), Tom Butler (Sheriff Robey), Doris Chillcott (Patricia), Garwin Sanford (Trevor Hyams), Ellin Dubin (Sarah Washburne), Rob Freeman (Doctor Ken)
  • Co-Starring: Johanna Lebovitz (Young Patricia), Mar Andersons (Young Leonard), Paul Moniz De Sa (Rookie Cop), Christine Wach (Margaret Grant), Micki Maunsell (Margaret Grant at 70 Years), Danny Virtue (Redneck)
  • Written By: Chris Brancato
  • Directed By: Brenton Spencer
  • Ep: 6
  • Speaking in Tongues
  • Quatrain 11, Century 2:
    The Starborn one will fly into the hearts of many,
    With promises of salvation,
    But vanity will destroy his purpose,
    And bring vengeance from his own.

  • Guest Starring: Gordon Currie (Elton Beleye), Roger R. Cross (Joshua), Kendall Cross (Jenny), Tara Spencer-Nairn (Cassandra), George Buza (Zachary)
  • Co-Starring: Jenny Mitchell (Mary), Dean Barrett (Jack), Mark Gibbon (Guard #1), Dana Pemberton (Guard #2)
  • Written By: Jeff King
  • Directed By: Graeme Kynch
  • Ep: 7
  • Lungfish
  • Quatrain 32, Century 9:
    The fish that travels land and sea,
    Will be cast up on shore by a great wave,
    And pestilence from the sky,
    Will drive multitudes into the ocean.

  • Guest Starring: Dana Brooks (Colonel Grace), Eric Pospish (Cody), Emmanuelle Vaugier (Esther Carrington), Lorena Gale (Dr. Alice Gundry), Mitchell Kosterman (), Ian Robison (Everett Paul)
  • Co-Starring: Ian Carter (Aide), Paul McGillion (Raphael), Rebecca Toolan (Aunt Judy)
  • Written By: Daniel Howard Cerone
  • Directed By: Brenton Spencer
  • Ep: 8
  • Book of Shadows
  • Quatrain 42, Century 6:
    The dark craft shall slay the dragons,
    Conjured by the humble raven,
    Justice shall be blind to history,
    Until windswept leaves return to the barren tree.

  • Guest Starring: Camille Sullivan (Diana Black), William S. Taylor (D.A. Warren Phipps), Katharine Isabelle (Elizabeth), Nicole Oliver (Lawyer), L. Harvey Gold (Judge R. Maxwell), Leslie Hopps (Abby), Amber Rothwell (Mary)
  • Co-Starring: Will Sanderson (Ross Braxton), Robin Avery (Robert Sterling), C. Ernst Harth (Mel Ludwig), Rob Lee (Bert Samuel)
  • Story By: Daniel Howard Cerone
  • Teleplay By: Dan E. Fesman & Harry Victor
  • Directed By: Michael Robison
  • Ep: 9
  • Joshua
  • Guest Starring: Roger R. Cross (Joshua), Christina Cox (Jody Nolan), Stephen E. Miller (Sheriff Haddock)
  • Co-Starring: Allan Franz (Field Officer), Steve Makaj (Deputy Graham), Tim Henry (Officer Nash), J. Douglas Stewart (Brad Crowley), Ben Derrick (S.A.R. Manager), Steve Woodley (Dog Handler Deputy)
  • Story By: Daniel Howard Cerone & Paul Eckstein
  • Teleplay By: Daniel Howard Cerone
  • Directed By: Jorge Montesi
  • Ep: 10
  • Marker 262
  • Quatrain 88, Century 9:
    Their doom was sealed at the gate,
    Steel chariots vanished in still clear night,
    Glorious terrain left undefended,
    Till the river changes course.

  • Guest Starring: Ingrid Kavelaars (Darcy), Brennan Elliott (Danny Coleman), Kavan Smith (Tommy Cranston), Tobias Mehler (Jason Coleman)
  • Co-Starring: Leigh Cronish (Girl #1)
  • Written By: Chris Brancato
  • Directed By: Shaun Levy
  • Ep: 11
  • Motel California
  • Quatrain 20, Century 4:
    The unseen mistress,
    Drives her slave mad,
    In a mansion of many rooms,
    Where waves ripple within.

  • Guest Starring: Ingrid Torrance (Mary), Kirsten Robek (Stacy), Ty Olsson ()
  • Co-Starring: Peter Hanlon (Elroy Dunn), Anne Openshaw (Lady Lumina), Natassia Malthe (Maid), Robert Duncan (Morgan), Sean Campbell (Officer One), Yolanda Ulmer (Trooper), Stephanie Von Pfeten (Waitress), Mark Holden (Officer Two)
  • Written By: Jean Gennis & Phyllis Murphy
  • Directed By: Gilbert Shilton
  • Ep: 12
  • Breeding Ground
  • Quatrain 65, Century 10:
    The Cheshire breed is spawned,
    An intertwining battleground,
    Dominance attained,
    Without a ship set sail.

  • Guest Starring: Margot Finley (Julia Hartman), Stevie Vallance (Nurse Kelly), Susan Hogan (Megan Loomis), Tanja Reichert (Nikki), Peter Yunker (Headmaster)
  • Co-Starring: Carolyn Maraghi (Caroline), Tyron Leitso (David)
  • Story By: Albert J. Salke & Adam Grossman
  • Teleplay By: Adam Grossman
  • Directed By: Mike Rohl
  • Ep: 13
  • Blue Agave
  • Quatrain 32, Century 9:
    Pillars of light will fall with serpents coiled in their heads,
    Twelve Lords and Ladies of the Empire,
    Will be devoured by the darkness,
    Or spared by the fruit of golden hue.

  • Guest Starring: Roger R. Cross (Joshua), Rachel Hayward (Susan Tannen), Peter Flemming (Grant), Claudette Mink (Sasha), Jonathan Walker (Jeff Draper), David Fredericks (Frankie DeSalvo)
  • Co-Starring: Alfonso Quijada (Raoul), Jason Boychuk (Jace), Terri-Lynn Ibisoglu (Female Escort)
  • Written By: Louis Venosta
  • Directed By: Brad Turner
  • Ep: 14
  • Cul-De-Sac
  • Quatrain 28, Century 5:
    When Jezebel enters the village,
    Her steps shall shake foundations,
    With a venomous flower,
    She breaks chains of steel.

  • Guest Starring: Bill Switzer (Nick Patterson), Brandy Ledford (Michelle Ingram), Fred Henderson (Ron Patterson), Iris Quinn (Joanne Patterson)
  • Co-Starring: Rheta Hutton (Mrs. Gimmell), Michael Tiernan (Barry), David Allan Pearson (Sam), Mike Lapage (Postman), Kevin Conway (Policeman), Catherine Smith (Ethel), Kevin McCrae (Warren)
  • Written By: Bruce Zimmerman
  • Directed By: Tibor Takacs
  • Ep: 15
  • The Box
  • Guest Starring: John Novak (Detective Fred Ludlow), Aaron Pearl (Detective Mike Olanski), Duncan Fraser (Lieutenant)
  • Co-Starring: Stephen Spender (Officer Marty Gavin), Guy Jellis (Young Cop)
  • Written By: Chris Brancato
  • Directed By: George Mendeluk
  • Ep: 16
  • Undesirables
  • One man seeks a leap to the distant stars,
    Through a rift on the northwest sea,
    A forbidden love finds,
    A safe shore, and removes battle lines between foes.

  • Guest Starring: Roger R. Cross (Joshua), Joely Collins (Anita), Robert Wisden (James Dutton), Jill Teed (Talia), Edgar Davis, Jr. (Cole), Steve Bacic (Gua)
  • Co-Starring: Brock Lohnson (Calvin)
  • Written By: Daniel Howard Cerone
  • Directed By: Rene Bonniere
  • Ep: 17
  • Second Wave
  • Quatrain 34, Century 2:
    A vision of destruction appears near the throne,
    And the struggle to reign supreme begins,
    An approaching storm unchecked,
    To test the mettle of all men.

  • Guest Starring: Kathryn Anderson (Pauline Lamont), Gerard Plunkett (Boyd Hackett), Garry Chalk (Sheldon Lamont), Peter Bryant (Dale Moody), Brenda Crichlow (Alice Moody), Hiro Kanagawa (Jonathan Tran)
  • Co-Starring: Marc Baur (Detective), Pamela Martin (Newscaster)
  • Written By: Chris Brancato & David Wilcox
  • Directed By: Gilbert Shilton
  • Ep: 18
  • Blind Witness
  • Quatrain 12, Century 5:
    Where angels touch grace,
    One without sight sees the dark enemy,
    At the right hand of the twice-bless'd man,
    The ally leads him to the summit.

  • Guest Starring: Enuka Okuma (Alikah), Andrew Airlie (Dr. Reid), Jerry Wasserman (Dr. Markowitz)
  • Co-Starring: Jen Jasey (Dr. Giddings), Adrian Holmes (Jim), Gregor Trpin (Will), Rochelle Greenwood (Margaret), Khaira Le (Nurse Cho), Hiro Hauata (Latin Gunshot Victim), Jesse Partridge (Young Boy), Rani Takhar (23 hr. Hold Nurse), Alan Costar (Mr. Schwartz)
  • Written By: Daniel Howard Cerone
  • Directed By: Holly Dale
  • Ep: 19
  • Deluge
  • Quatrain 64, Century 8:
    The slayer flees to the shadow of Olympus,
    Where a mother' s tears washes away ties to Rome,
    Fear extracts vain sacrifice,
    Until the raging pyre of the deluge is quenched.

  • Guest Starring: Coco Yares (Glynnis McDougall), Kevin McNulty (Ryan McDougall), Zachary Ansley (Fergus McKay), Stuart O'Connell (Kieran), Don Thompson (Sheriff O'Connor)
  • Co-Starring: David Glyn-Jones (Garth), Gary Ellison (Mate), Rick Burgess (Glenn Harris)
  • Written By: Joseph Inglese
  • Directed By: Randolph Cheveldave
  • Ep: 20
  • Melody
  • Quatrain 30, Century 4:
    Where chariots of iron are forged,
    Sweet youth cries revolt over a bitter melody,
    The poisoned song taints mind and soul,
    Spread by air across the land.

  • Guest Starring: Jennifer Copping (Kat), Peter Wilds (Preston), Tyler Labine (Billy), Dean McNeill (Jeremy)
  • Co-Starring: John McConnach (Bouncer), Wezley Morris (Fig), Chris Wilding (Jelani), D. Harlan Cutshall (Police Officer 1), Jim Dunn (Police Officer 2), Yvette Narlock (Receptionist), Terry Barclay (Factory Manager)
  • Written By: Daniel Howard Cerone
  • Directed By: Jorge Montesi
  • Ep: 21
  • The Aftertime
  • Quatrain 81, Century 5:
    Dusk will become dawn,
    And the man twice-bless'd will be resurrected,
    The follower will beckon him,
    To the great war ahead.

  • Guest Starring: Rob LaBelle (Crazy Eddie), Roger R. Cross (Joshua), Kathrin Nicholson (Elizabeth), Jorgito D. Vargas (Steven Kim), Yoko Sakai (Mrs. Kim)
  • Co-Starring: Phillip Mitchell (Gua Agent #1), Darryl Scheelar (Gua Agent #2)
  • Written By: Theresa Rebeck
  • Directed By: Mark Sobel
  • Ep: 22
  • The Decision
  • Guest Starring: Roger R. Cross (Joshua), Alison Matthews (Maya), William DeVry (Carl)
  • Co-Starring: Jada Stark (Brook), J.M. Landry (Cash), Terry Arrowsmith (Gentleman #1), Dean Choe (Stunt Orderly), Gordon Currie (Elton Beleye), Brennan Elliot (Danny), David Fredericks (Frankie DeSalvo), Stacy Grant (Hannah Foster), Rachel Hayward (Susan Tannen), Guy Jellis (Young Cop), Brock Johnson (Calvin), Andrew McIlroy (Alien Doctor), Tobias Mehler (Jason), John Novak (Detective Ludlow), Laurie Paton (Mrs. Hitchens), Alfonso Quijada (Raoul), Richard Sargent (Gentleman #2)
  • Written By: Chris Brancato
  • Directed By: Larry Sugar