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In 1564, Nostradamus predicted the destruction of Earth in three terrifying waves. The first wave is here.

My name is Cade Foster. These are my journals. They killed my wife, framed me for murder -- now I run but I don't hide. With the prophecies of Nostradamus as my guide, I seek them, I hunt them.

I will stop the First Wave.

Season One: 22 episodes
1101Sep 09/98(CA)Subject 117
2102Sep 16/98(CA)Crazy Eddie
3103Sep 23/98(CA)Mata Hari
4104Sep 30/98(CA)Hypnotic
5105Oct 07/98(CA)Elixir
6106Oct 14/98(CA)Speaking in Tongues
7107Oct 21/98(CA)Lungfish
8108Oct 28/98(CA)Book of Shadows
9109Nov 04/98(CA)Joshua
10110Nov 11/98(CA)Marker 262
11111Nov 18/98(CA)Motel California
12112Nov 25/98(CA)Breeding Ground
13113Dec 02/98(CA)Blue Agave
14114Dec 09/98(CA)Cul-De-Sac
15115Dec 16/98(CA)The Box
16116Dec 23/98(CA)Undesirables
17117Dec 30/98(CA)Second Wave
18118Jan 06/99(CA)Blind Witness
19119Jan 13/99(CA)Deluge
20120Jan 20/99(CA)Melody
21121Jun 23/99(CA)The Aftertime
22122Jan 27/99(CA)The Decision (clip show)

Season Two: 22 episodes
23201Sep 22/99(CA)Target 117
24202Sep 29/99(CA)Deepthroat
25203Oct 06/99(CA)The Apostles
26204Oct 13/99(CA)Susperience
27205Oct 20/99(CA)The Channel
28206Oct 27/99(CA)Red Flag
29207Nov 03/99(CA)Prayer For the White Man
30208Nov 10/99(CA)The Purge
31209Nov 17/99(CA)Lost Souls
32210Nov 24/99(CA)The Heist
33211Dec 01/99(CA)Ohio Players
34212Dec 08/99(CA)Night Falls
35213Dec 15/99(CA)Normal, Illinois
36214Dec 22/99(CA)All About Eddie
37215Dec 29/99(CA)Playland
38216Jan 05/00(CA)The Harvest
39217Jan 12/00(CA)Rubicon
40218May 17/00(CA)Gladiator
41219May 24/00(CA)The Trial of Joshua Bridges (clip show)
42220May 31/00(CA)Underworld
43221Jun 07/00(CA)Tomorrow
44222Jun 14/00(CA)The Believers

Season Three: 22 episodes
45301Sep 13/00(CA)Mabus
46302Sep 20/00(CA)Raven Nation
47303Sep 27/00(CA)Comes a Horseman
48304Oct 04/00(CA)Gulag
49305Oct 11/00(CA)The Flight of Francis Jeffries
50306Oct 18/00(CA)Still at Large
51307Oct 25/00(CA)Asylum
52308Nov 01/00(CA)Eyes of the Gua
53309Nov 08/00(CA)Skywatchers
54310Nov 15/00(CA)The Plan
55311Nov 22/00(CA)Wednesday's Child
56312Nov 29/00(CA)Unearthed
57313Dec 06/00(CA)Shadowland
58314Dec 13/00(CA)Legacy
59315Dec 20/00(CA)The Edge
60316Dec 27/00(CA)The Vessel
61317Jan 03/01(CA)Requiem
62318Jan 10/01(CA)Checkmate
63319Jan 17/01(CA)Black Box
64320Jan 24/01(CA)Beneath the Black Sky
65321Jan 31/01(CA)Terminal City
66322Feb 07/01(CA)Twice Bless'd
First Wave
Genre: science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 66
Broadcast Run: 1998 - 2001
Starring: Sebastian Spence
Rob LaBelle
Created By: Chris Brancato
Broadcast Network: SciFi
Production Company: Vidatron Entertainment Group
Location Filming: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: First Wave