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My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive.

Season Nine: 13 episodes
172Feb 08/23

Season One: 23 episodes
Dec 04/13The Scientist (Arrow episode)
Dec 11/13Three Ghosts (Arrow episode)
1296848/T25.10090Oct 07/14City of Heroes (Arrow crossover)
23J5352/T27.12352Oct 14/14Fastest Man Alive
33J5353/T27.12353Oct 21/14Things You Can't Outrun
43J5354/T27.12354Oct 28/14Going Rogue (Arrow crossover)
53J5355/T27.12355Nov 11/14Plastique
63J5356/T27.12356Nov 18/14The Flash is Born
73J5357/T27.12357Nov 25/14Power Outage
83J5358/T27.12358Dec 02/14Flash vs Arrow (part 1 - Arrow crossover)
Dec 03/14The Brave and the Bold (part 2 - Arrow episode)
93J5359/T29.12359Dec 09/14The Man in the Yellow Suit
103J5360/T29.12360Jan 20/15Revenge of the Rogues
113J5361/T29.12361Jan 27/15The Sound and the Fury
123J5362/T29.12362Feb 03/15Crazy For You
133J5363/T29.12363Feb 10/15The Nuclear Man
Apr 15/15Broken Arrow (Arrow episode)
143J5364/T29.12364Feb 17/15Fallout
153J5365/T29.12365Mar 17/15Out of Time
163J5366/T29.12366Mar 24/15Rogue Time
173J5367/T29.12367Mar 31/15Tricksters
183J5368/T29.12368Apr 14/15All-Star Team-Up (Arrow crossover)
193J5369/T29.12369Apr 21/15Who is Harrison Wells? (Arrow crossover)
203J5370/T29.12370Apr 28/15The Trap
213J5371/T29.12371May 05/15Grodd Lives
223J5372/T29.12372May 12/15Rogue Air (Arrow crossover)
May 13/15My Name is Oliver Queen (Arrow episode)
233J5373/T29.12373May 19/15Fast Enough

Season Two: 23 episodes
243J5651/T27.12651Oct 06/15The Man Who Saved Central City
Oct 07/14Green Arrow (Arrow episode)
253J5652/T27.12652Oct 13/15Flash of Two Worlds
263J5653/T27.12653Oct 20/15Family of Rogues
273J5654/T27.12654Oct 27/15The Fury of Firestorm
283J5655/T27.12655Nov 03/15The Darkness and the Light
293J5656/T27.12656Nov 10/15Enter Zoom
303J5657/T27.12657Nov 17/15Gorilla Warfare
313J5658/T27.12658Dec 01/15Legends of Today (part 1 - Arrow crossover)
Dec 02/15Legends of Yesterday (part 2 - Arrow episode)
323J5659/T27.12659Dec 08/15Running to Stand Still
333J5660/T27.12660Jan 19/16Potential Energy
Jan 20/16Blood Debts (Arrow episode)
343J5661/T27.12661Jan 26/16The Reverse-Flash Returns
353J5662/T27.12662Feb 02/16Fast Lane
363J5663/T27.12663Feb 09/16Welcome to Earth-2
373J5664/T27.12664Feb 16/16Escape From Earth-2
Feb 18/16Fail-Safe (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
383J5665/T27.12665Feb 23/16King Shark (Arrow crossover)
393J5666/T27.12666Mar 22/16Trajectory
403J5667/T27.12667Mar 29/16Flash Back
413J5668/T27.12668Apr 19/16Versus Zoom
Mar 28/16Worlds Finest (Supergirl episode)
423J5669/T27.12669Apr 26/16Back to Normal
Apr 27/16Canary Cry (Arrow episode)
433J5670/T27.12670May 03/16Rupture
443J5671/T27.12671May 10/16The Runaway Dinosaur
453J5672/T27.12672May 17/16Invincible
463J5673/T27.12673May 24/16The Race of His Life

Season Three: 23 episodes
47T27.13101Oct 04/16Flashpoint
48T27.13102Oct 11/16Paradox (Arrow crossover)
49T27.13103Oct 18/16Magenta
50T27.13104Oct 25/16The New Rogues
Oct 27/16Shogun (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
51T27.13105Nov 01/16Monster
52T27.13106Nov 15/16Shade
53T27.13107Nov 22/16Killer Frost
Nov 28/16Medusa (Supergirl episode)
54T27.13108Nov 29/16Invasion!, Part 1 (The Flash episode)
Nov 30/16Invasion!, Part 2 (Arrow episode)
Dec 01/16Invasion!, Part 3 (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
55T27.13109Dec 06/16The Present
56T27.13110Jan 24/17Borrowing Problems From the Future
57T27.13111Jan 31/17Dead or Alive (Supergirl crossover)
58T27.13112Feb 07/17Untouchable
59T27.13113Feb 21/17Attack on Gorilla City (part 1)
60T27.13114Feb 28/17Attack on Central City (part 2)
61T27.13115Mar 07/17The Wrath of Savitar
62T27.13116Mar 14/17Into the Speed Force
Mar 20/17Star-Crossed (part 1) (Supergirl episode)
63T27.13117Mar 21/17Duet (part 2) (Supergirl crossover)
64T27.13118Mar 28/17Abra Kadabra
65T27.13119Apr 25/17The Once and Future Flash
66T27.13120May 02/17I Know Who You Are
67T27.13121May 09/17Cause and Effect
68T27.13122May 16/17Infantino Street
69T27.13123May 23/17Finish Line

Season Four: 23 episodes
70T27.13401Oct 10/17The Flash Reborn
T13.20602Oct 10/17Aruba-Con (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
71T27.13402Oct 17/17Mixed Signals
72T27.13403Oct 24/17Luck Be a Lady
73T27.13404Oct 31/17Elongated Journey Into Night
74T27.13405Nov 07/17Girls Night Out (Arrow crossover)
75T27.13406Nov 14/17When Harry Met Harry
76T27.13407Nov 21/17Therefore I Am
Nov 27/17Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1 (Supergirl episode)
Nov 27/17Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2 (Arrow episode)
77T27.13408Nov 28/17Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3 (The Flash episode)
Nov 28/17Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4 (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
78T27.13409Dec 05/17Don't Run
79T27.13410Jan 16/18The Trial of The Flash
80T27.13411Jan 23/18The Elongated Knight Rises
81T27.13412Jan 30/18Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash
82T27.13413Feb 06/18True Colors
83T27.13414Feb 27/18Subject 9
84T27.13415Mar 06/18Enter Flashtime
85T27.13416Mar 13/18Run, Iris, Run
86T27.13417Apr 10/18Null and Annoyed
87T27.13418Apr 17/18Lose Yourself
88T27.13419Apr 24/18Fury Rogue
89T27.13420May 01/18Therefore, She Is
90T27.13421May 08/18Harry and the Harrisons
91T27.13422May 15/18Think Fast (Arrow crossover)
92T27.13423May 22/18We Are the Flash

Season Five: 22 episodes
93T27.13751Oct 09/18Nora
94T27.13752Oct 16/18Blocked
95T27.13753Oct 23/18The Death of Vibe
96T27.13754Oct 30/18News Flash
97T27.13755Nov 13/18All Doll'd Up
98T27.13756Nov 20/18The Icicle Cometh
99T27.13757Nov 27/18O Come, All Ye Thankful
100T27.13758Dec 04/18What's Past is Prologue
101T27.13759Dec 09/18Elseworlds: Hour One (The Flash episode)
Dec 10/18Elseworlds: Hour Two (Arrow episode)
Dec 11/18Elseworlds: Hour Three (Supergirl episode)
102T27.13760Jan 15/19The Flash and the Furious
103T27.13761Jan 22/19Seeing Red
104T27.13762Jan 29/19Memorabilia
105T27.13763Feb 05/19Goldfaced
106T27.13764Feb 12/19Cause and XS
107T27.13765Mar 05/19King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd
109T27.13766Mar 12/19Failure is an Orphan
109T27.13767Mar 19/19Time Bomb
110T27.13768Apr 16/19Godspeed
111T27.13769Apr 23/19Snow Pack
112T27.13770Apr 30/19Gone Rogue
113T27.13771May 07/19The Girl With the Red Lightning
114T27.13772May 14/19Legacy

Season Six: 19 episodes
115T27.14001Oct 08/19Into the Void
116T27.14002Oct 15/19A Flash of the Lightning
117T27.14003Oct 22/19Dead Man Running
118T27.14004Oct 29/19There Will Be Blood
119T27.14005Nov 05/19Kiss Kiss Breach Breach
120T27.14006Nov 19/19License to Elongate
121T27.14007Nov 26/19The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 1
122T27.14008Dec 03/19The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 2
Dec 08/19Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 1 (Supergirl episode)
Dec 09/19Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 2 (Batwoman episode)
123T27.14009Dec 10/19Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 3 (The Flash episode)
Jan 14/20Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 4 (Arrow episode)
Jan 14/20Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 5 (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
124T27.14010Feb 04/20Marathon
125T27.14011Feb 11/20Love is a Battlefield
126T27.14012Feb 18/20A Girl Named Sue
127T27.14013Feb 25/20Grodd Friended Me
128T27.14014Mar 10/20Death of the Speed Force
129T27.14015Mar 17/20The Exorcism of Nash Wells
130T27.14016Apr 21/20So Long and Goodnight
131T27.14017Apr 28/20Liberation
132T27.14018May 05/20Pay the Piper
133T27.14019May 12/20Success is Assured (part 1)

Season Seven: 18 episodes
134T27.14151Mar 02/21All's Wells That Ends Wells (part 2)
135T27.14152Mar 09/21The Speed of Thought
136T27.14153Mar 16/21Mother
137T27.14154Mar 23/21Central City Strong
138T27.14155Mar 30/21Fear Me
139T27.14156Apr 06/21The One With the Nineties
140T27.14157Apr 13/21Growing Pains
141T27.14158May 04/21The People vs Killer Frost
142T27.14159May 11/21Timeless
143T27.14160May 18/21Family Matters, Part 1
144T27.14161May 25/21Family Matters, Part 2
145T27.14162Jun 08/21Good-Bye Vibrations
146T27.14163Jun 15/21Masquerade
147T27.14164Jun 22/21Rayo de Luz
148T27.14165Jun 29/21Enemy at the Gates
149T27.14166Jul 06/21P.O.W.
150T27.14167Jul 13/21Heart of the Matter, Part 1
151T27.14168Jul 20/21Heart of the Matter, Part 2

Season Eight: 20 episodes
152T27.14801Nov 16/21Armageddon, Part 1
153T27.14802Nov 23/21Armageddon, Part 2
154T27.14803Nov 30/21Armageddon, Part 3
155T27.14804Dec 07/21Armageddon, Part 4
156T27.14805Dec 14/21Armageddon, Part 5
157T27.14806Mar 09/22Impulsive Excessive Disorder
158T27.14807Mar 16/22Lockdown
159T27.14808Mar 23/22The Fire Next Time
160T27.14809Mar 30/22Phantoms
161T27.14810Apr 06/22Reckless
162T27.14811Apr 13/22Resurrection
163T27.14812Apr 27/22Death Rises
164T27.14813May 04/22Death Falls
165T27.14814May 11/22Funeral For a Friend
166T27.14815May 18/22Into the Still Force
167T27.14816May 25/22The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen
168T27.14817Jun 08/22Keep it Dark
169T27.14818Jun 15/22The Man in the Yellow Tie
170T27.14819Jun 22/22Negative, Part 1
171T27.14820Jun 29/22Negative, Part 2
The Flash
Genre: action, drama, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 9
Number of Episodes: 184
Broadcast Run: 2014 - present
Starring: Grant Gustin
Candice Patton
Danielle Panabaker
Jon Cor (Season 9)
Kayla Compton (season 7-9)
Brandon McKnight (season 7-9)
Danielle Nicolet (season 5-9)
Efrat Dor (season 6-7)
Jesse L. Martin (season 1-8)
Carlos Valdes (season 1-7)
Tom Cavanagh (season 1-7)
Hartley Sawyer (season 5-6)
Jessica Parker Kennedy (season 5)
Chris Klein (season 5)
Keiynan Lonsdale (season 2-4)
Neil Sandilands (season 4)
Rick Cosnett (season 1)
Developed By: Greg Berlanti
Andrew Kreisberg
Geoff Johns
Based on Characters Published By: DC Comics
The Flash Created By: Gardner Fox
Harry Lampert
Showrunner: Andrew Kreisberg (season 1-4)
Aaron Helbing (season 2-3)
Todd Helbing (season 2-5)
Eric Wallace (season 6-9)
Broadcast Network: The CW
Production Company: Bonanza Productions
Berlanti Productions
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: The Flash
See Also: The Flash (1990)
Arrow (2012)
Supergirl (2015)
Legends of Tomorrow (2016)
Black Lightning (2018)
Batwoman (2019)
IMDb: The Flash