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It's not a bird.
It's not a plane.
It's not a man.
It's Supergirl!

Season Six: 20 episodes
107T13.22601Mar 30/21Rebirth
108T13.22602Apr 06/21A Few Good Women
109T13.22603Apr 13/21Phantom Menaces
110T13.22604Apr 20/21Lost Souls
111T13.22605Apr 27/21Prom Night (part 1)
112T13.22606May 04/21Prom Again! (part 2)
113T13.22607May 11/21Fear Knot
114T13.22608Aug 24/21Welcome Back, Kara!
115T13.22609Aug 31/21Dream Weaver
116T13.22610Sep 07/21Still I Rise
117T13.22611Sep 14/21Mxy in the Middle
118T13.22612Sep 21/21Blind Spots
119T13.22613Sep 28/21The Gauntlet
120T13.22614Oct 05/21Magical Thinking
121T13.22615Oct 12/21Hope For Tomorrow
122T13.22616Oct 19/21Nightmare in National City
123T13.22617Oct 26/21I Believe in a Thing Called Love
124T13.22618Nov 02/21Truth or Consequences
125T13.22619Nov 09/21The Last Gauntlet
126T13.22620Nov 09/21Kara

Season One: 20 episodes
1276088/T15.10120Oct 26/15Pilot
24X7602/T13.19602Nov 02/15Stronger Together
34X7603/T13.19603Nov 09/15Fight or Flight
44X7604/T13.19604Nov 23/15How Does She Do It?
54X7605/T13.19605Nov 16/15Livewire
64X7606/T13.19606Nov 30/15Red Faced
74X7607/T13.19607Dec 07/15Human For a Day
84X7608/T13.19608Dec 14/15Hostile Takeover
94X7609/T13.19609Jan 04/16Blood Bonds
104X7610/T13.19610Jan 18/16Childish Things
114X7611/T13.19611Jan 25/16Strange Visitor From Another Planet
124X7612/T13.19612Feb 01/16Bizarro
134X7613/T13.19613Feb 08/16For the Girl Who Has Everything
144X7614/T13.19614Feb 22/16Truth, Justice and the American Way
154X7615/T13.19615Feb 29/16Solitude
164X7616/T13.19616Mar 14/16Falling
174X7617/T13.19617Mar 21/16Manhunter
184X7618/T13.19618Mar 28/16Worlds Finest (The Flash crossover)
194X7619/T13.19619Apr 11/16Myriad
204X7620/T13.19620Apr 18/16Better Angels

Season Two: 22 episodes
21T13.20151Oct 10/16The Adventures of Supergirl
22T13.20152Oct 17/16The Last Children of Krypton
23T13.20153Oct 24/16Welcome to Earth
24T13.20154Oct 31/16Survivors
25T13.20155Nov 07/16Crossfire
26T13.20156Nov 14/16Changing
27T13.20157Nov 21/16The Darkest Place
28T13.20158Nov 28/16Medusa (The Flash crossover)
Nov 29/16Invasion!, Part 1 (The Flash episode)
Nov 30/16Invasion!, Part 2 (Arrow episode)
Dec 01/16Invasion!, Part 3 (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
29T13.20159Jan 23/17Supergirl Lives
30T13.20160Jan 30/17We Can Be Heroes
Jan 31/17Dead or Alive (The Flash episode)
31T13.20161Feb 06/17The Martian Chronicles
32T13.20162Feb 13/17Luthors
33T13.20163Feb 20/17Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk
34T13.20164Feb 27/17Homecoming
35T13.20165Mar 06/17Exodus
36T13.20166Mar 20/17Star-Crossed (part 1)
Mar 20/17Duet (part 2) (The Flash episode)
37T13.20167Mar 27/17Distant Sun
38T13.20168Apr 24/17Ace Reporter
39T13.20169May 01/17Alex
40T13.20170May 08/17City of Lost Children
41T13.20171May 15/17Resist
42T13.20172May 22/17Nevertheless, She Persisted

Season Three: 23 episodes
43T13.20651Oct 09/17Girl of Steel
44T13.20652Oct 16/17Triggers
45T13.20653Oct 23/17Far From the Tree
46T13.20654Oct 30/17The Faithful
47T13.20655Nov 06/17Damage
48T13.20656Nov 13/17Midvale
49T13.20657Nov 20/17Wake Up
50T13.20658Nov 27/17Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1 (Supergirl episode)
Nov 27/17Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2 (Arrow episode)
Nov 28/17Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3 (The Flash episode)
Nov 28/17Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4 (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
51T13.20659Dec 04/17Reign
52T13.20660Jan 15/18Legion of Super-Heroes
53T13.20661Jan 22/18Fort Rozz
54T13.20662Jan 29/18For Good
55T13.20663Feb 05/18Both Sides Now
56T13.20664Apr 16/18Schott Through the Heart
57T13.20665Apr 23/18In Search of Lost Time
58T13.20666Apr 30/18Of Two Minds
59T13.20667May 07/18Trinity
60T13.20668May 14/18Shelter From the Storm
61T13.20669May 21/18The Fanatical
62T13.20670May 28/18Dark Side of the Moon
63T13.20671Jun 04/18Not Kansas
64T13.20672Jun 11/18Make it Reign
65T13.20673Jun 18/18Battles Lost and Won

Season Four: 22 episodes
66T13.21201Oct 14/18American Alien
67T13.21202Oct 21/18Fallout
68T13.21203Oct 28/18Man of Steel
69T13.21204Nov 04/18Ahimsa
70T13.21205Nov 11/18Parasite Lost
71T13.21206Nov 18/18Call to Action
72T13.21207Nov 25/18Rather the Fallen Angel
73T13.21208Dec 02/18Bunker Hill (The Flash 1990 crossover)
Dec 09/18Elseworlds: Hour One (The Flash episode)
Dec 10/18Elseworlds: Hour Two (Arrow episode)
74T13.21209Dec 11/18Elseworlds: Hour Three (Supergirl episode)
75T13.21210Jan 20/19Suspicious Minds
76T13.21211Jan 27/19Blood Memory
77T13.21212Feb 17/19Menagerie
78T13.21213Mar 03/19What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?
79T13.21214Mar 10/19Stand and Deliver
80T13.21215Mar 17/19O Brother, Where Art Thou?
81T13.21216Mar 24/19The House of L
82T13.21217Mar 31/19All About Eve
83T13.21218Apr 21/19Crime and Punishment
84T13.21219Apr 28/19American Dreamer
85T13.21220May 05/19Will the Real Miss Teschmacher Please Stand Up?
86T13.21221May 12/19Red Dawn
87T13.21222May 19/19The Quest For Peace

Season Five: 19 episodes
88T13.21801Oct 06/19Event Horizon
89T13.21802Oct 13/19Stranger Beside Me
90T13.21803Oct 20/19Blurred Lines
91T13.21804Oct 27/19In Plain Sight
92T13.21805Nov 03/19Dangerous Liaisons
93T13.21806Nov 10/19Confidence Women
94T13.21807Nov 17/19Tremors
95T13.21808Dec 01/19The Wrath of Rama Khan
96T13.21809Dec 08/19Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 1 (Supergirl episode)
Dec 09/19Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 2 (Batwoman episode)
Dec 10/19Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 3 (The Flash episode)
Jan 14/20Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 4 (Arrow episode)
Jan 14/20Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 5 (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
97T13.21810Jan 19/20The Bottle Episode
98T13.21811Jan 26/20Back From the Future, Part 1
99T13.21812Feb 16/20Back From the Future, Part 2
100T13.21813Feb 23/20It's a Super Life
101T13.21814Mar 08/20The Bodyguard
102T13.21815Mar 15/20Reality Bytes
103T13.21816Mar 22/20Alex in Wonderland
104T13.21817May 03/20Deus Lex Machina
105T13.21818May 10/20The Missing Link
106T13.21819May 17/20Immortal Kombat (part 1)
Genre: action, drama, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended (resolved)
Number of Seasons: 6
Number of Episodes: 126
Broadcast Run: 2015 - 2021
Starring: Melissa Benoist
Chyler Leigh
David Harewood
Peta Sergeant (season 6)
Azie Tesfai (season 5-6)
Julie Gonzalo (season 5-6)
Staz Nair (season 5-6)
Jesse Rath (season 4-6)
Nicole Maines (season 4-6)
Katie McGrath (season 3-6)
Andrea Brooks (season 5)
Mehcad Brooks (season 1-5)
April Parker Jones (season 4)
Sam Witwer (season 4)
Odette Annable (season 3)
Chris Wood (season 2-3)
Jeremy Jordan (season 1-3)
Floriana Lima (season 2)
Calista Flockhart (season 1)
Developed By: Greg Berlanti
Ali Adler
Andrew Kreisberg
Supergirl Created By: Otto Binder
Al Plastino
Showrunner: Andrew Kreisberg (season 1-3)
Ali Adler (season 1-2)
Jessica Queller (season 3-6)
Robert Rovner (season 3-6)
Broadcast Network: CBS (season 1)
The CW (season 2-6)
Production Company: Berlanti Productions
DC Comics
Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Supergirl
See Also: Arrow (2012)
The Flash (1990)
The Flash (2014)
Legends of Tomorrow (2016)
Black Lightning (2018)
Batwoman (2019)
Superman & Lois (2021)
IMDb: Supergirl