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Three years ago they came, forever altering the future of humanity. William Boone's life has been destroyed. A man caught between two worlds: assigned Protector to the Companions, undercover Agent for the Liberation. An alien implanted cyber virus expands his mind. Controlling a bio-engineered weapon of unprecedented power, William Boone searches for the truth.

Season One: 22 episodes
1101Sep 26/97(CA)Decision
2102Oct 03/97(CA)Truth
3103Oct 20/97(US)Miracle
4104Oct 17/97(CA)Avatar
5105Oct 10/97(CA)Old Flame
6106Nov 07/97(CA)Float Like a Butterfly
7107Nov 14/97(CA)Resurrection
8108Nov 21/97(CA)Horizon Zero
9109Oct 31/97(CA)Scorpions Dream
10110Dec 05/97(CA)Live Free or Die
11111Jan 12/98(US)The Scarecrow Returns
12112Dec 19/97(CA)Sandoval's Run
13113Jan 09/98(CA)The Secret of Strandhill
14114Feb 09/98(US)Pandora's Box
15115Feb 16/98(US)If You Could Read My Mind
16116Feb 23/98(US)Wrath of Achilles
17117Apr 05/98(UK)The Devil You Know
18118Apr 12/98(UK)Law & Order
19119Apr 19/98(UK)Through the Looking Glass
20120Apr 26/98(UK)Infection
21121May 03/98(UK)Destruction
22122May 10/98(UK)The Joining

Season Two: 22 episodes
23201Sep 26/98(CA)First of Its Kind
24202Oct 03/98(CA)Atavus
25203Oct 10/98(CA)A Stitch in Time
26204Oct 17/98(CA)Dimensions
27205Oct 24/98(CA)Moonscape
28206Oct 31/98(CA)The Sleepers
29207Nov 07/98(CA)Fissures
30208Nov 14/98(CA)Redemption
31209Nov 28/98(CA)Isabel
32210Nov 21/98(CA)Between Heaven and Hell
33211Jan 18/99(US)Gauntlet
34212Jan 22/99(CA)One Man's Castle
35213Feb 01/99(US)Second Chances
36214Feb 08/99(US)Payback
37215Feb 15/99(US)Friendly Fire
38216Feb 22/99(US)Volunteers
39217Mar 01/99(US)Bliss
40218Mar 19/99(CA)Highjacked
41219Apr 02/99(CA)Defector
42220Apr 09/99(CA)Heroes & Heartbreak
43221Apr 23/99(CA)Message in a Bottle
44222May 17/99(US)Crossfire

Season Three: 22 episodes
45301Oct 04/99(US)Crackdown
46302Oct 11/99(US)The Vanished
47303Oct 18/99(US)Emancipation
48304Oct 25/99(US)Déjà Vu
49305Nov 01/99(US)The Once and Future World
50306Nov 08/99(US)Thicker Than Blood
51307Nov 15/99(US)A Little Bit of Heaven
52308Nov 22/99(US)Pad'Ar
53309Nov 29/99(US)In Memory
54310Dec 06/99(US)The Cloister
55311Jan 17/00(US)Interview
56312Jan 24/00(US)Keep Your Enemies Closer
57313Jan 31/00(US)Subterfuge
58314Feb 07/00(US)Scorched Earth
59315Feb 14/00(US)Sanctuary
60316Feb 21/00(US)Through Your Eyes
61317Feb 28/00(US)Time Bomb
62318Apr 17/00(US)The Fields
63319Apr 24/00(US)Apparition
64320May 01/00(US)One Taelon Avenue
65321May 08/00(US)Abduction
66322May 15/00(US)Arrival

Season Four: 22 episodes
67401Oct 02/00(US)The Forge of Creation
68402Oct 09/00(US)Sins of the Father
69403Oct 16/00(US)First Breath
70404Oct 23/00(US)Limbo
71405Oct 30/00(US)Motherlode
72406Nov 06/00(US)Take No Prisoners
73407Nov 13/00(US)The Second Wave
74408Nov 20/00(US)Essence
75409Nov 27/00(US)Phantom Companion
76410Dec 04/00(US)Dream Stalker
77411Jan 15/01(US)Lost Generation
78412Jan 22/01(US)The Summit
79413Jan 29/01(US)Dark Matter
80414Feb 05/01(US)Keys to the Kingdom
81415Feb 12/01(US)Street Chase
82416Feb 19/01(US)Trapped By Time
83417Feb 26/01(US)Atonement
84418Apr 16/01(US)Blood Ties
85419Apr 23/01(US)Hearts and Minds
86420Apr 30/01(US)Epiphany
87421May 07/01(US)Dark Horizons
88422May 15/01(US)Point of No Return

Season Five: 22 episodes
89501Oct 01/01(US)Unearthed
90502Oct 08/01(US)Pariahs
91503Oct 15/01(US)The Seduction
92504Oct 22/01(US)Subterra
93505Oct 29/01(US)Boone's Awakening
94506Nov 05/01(US)Termination
95507Nov 12/01(US)Guilty Conscience
96508Nov 19/01(US)Boone's Assassin
97509Nov 26/02(US)Entombed
98510Jan 14/02(US)Legacy
99511Jan 21/02(US)Death Suite
100512Jan 28/02(US)Atavus High
101513Feb 04/02(US)Deep Sleep
102514Feb 11/02(US)Art of War
103515Feb 18/02(US)Grave Danger
104516Feb 25/02(US)Deportation
105517Mar 24/02(CA)Honor and Duty
106518Mar 31/02(CA)Bad Genes
107519Apr 22/02(US)Subversion
108520Apr 29/02(US)Street Wise
109521May 06/02(US)The Journey
110522May 13/02(US)Final Conflict
Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict
Genre: science fiction, action, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 110
Broadcast Run: 1997 - 2002
Starring: Von Flores
Guylaine St. Onge (season 5)
Alan Van Sprang (season 5)
Melinda Deines (season 4-5)
Jayne Heitmeyer (season 3-5)
Robert Leeshock (season 2-4)
Anita La Selva (season 2-4)
Richard Chevolleau (season 1-4)
Leni Parker (season 1-4)
David Hemblen (season 1-3)
Lisa Howard (season 1-2)
Kevin Kilner (season 1)
Created By: Gene Roddenberry
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: Tribune Entertainment
Roddenberry/Kirschner Productions
Atlantis Films / Alliance Atlantis
Copyright: © 1997-2002 Lost Script Productions Inc.
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict