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The Invisible Man
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There once was a story about a man who could turn invisible. I thought it was only a story, until it happened to me. Ok, so here's how it works. There's this stuff called quicksilver that can bend light. Some scientist made it into a synthetic gland and that's where I came in. See, I was facing life in prison and they were looking for a human experiment, so, we made a deal. They put the gland in my brain, I walk free. The operation was a success but that's where everything started to go wrong.

Season One: 24 episodes
1/2TO401Jun 09/00(US)The Invisible Man (two hours)
3TO402Jun 16/00(US)The Catevari
4TO403Jun 23/00(US)Ralph
5TO404Jul 07/00(US)Tiresias
6TO407Jul 14/00(US)Impetus
7TO406Jul 21/00(US)The Devil You Know
8TO405Jul 28/00(US)Liberty and Larceny
9TO408Aug 04/00(US)The Value of Secrets
10TO409Aug 11/00(US)Separation Anxiety
11TO410Aug 18/00(US)It Hurts When I Do This
12TO411Aug 25/00(US)The Other Invisible Man
13TO412Sep 08/00(US)Reunion
14TO413Sep 15/00(US)Cat and Mouse
15TO414Sep 22/00(US)Beholder
16TO415Jan 08/01(US)Ghost of a Chance
17TO416Jan 15/01(US)Flowers For Hobbes
18TO417Jan 22/01(US)Perchance to Dream
19TO418Jan 29/01(US)Frozen in Time
20TO419Feb 05/01(US)Diseased
21TO420Feb 12/01(US)The Lesser Evil
22TO421Mar 23/01(US)Money For Nothing
23TO422Mar 30/01(US)Money For Nothing, Part 2
24TO423Apr 06/01(US)It's a Small World

Season Two: 22 episodes
25TO801Apr 13/01(US)Legends
26TO802Apr 20/01(US)The Camp
27TO803Apr 27/01(US)The Importance of Being Eberts
28TO804Jun 15/01(US)Johnny Apocalypse
29TO805Jun 22/01(US)Going Postal
30TO806Jun 29/01(US)Brother's Keeper
31TO807Jul 06/01(US)Insensate
32TO808Jul 13/01(US)Den of Thieves
33TO809Jul 20/01(US)Bad Chi
34TO811Jul 27/01(US)Flash to Bang
35TO813Aug 03/01(US)Germ Theory
36TO814Aug 10/01(US)The Choice
37TO812Aug 17/01(US)Immaterial Girl
38TO816Aug 24/01(US)Father Figure
39TO810Sep 07/01(US)A Sense of Community
40TO815Sep 14/01(US)The Three Phases of Claire
41TO817Sep 28/01(US)Exposed
42TO819Jan 21/02(US)The Invisible Woman
43TO818Jan 28/02(US)Mere Mortals
44TO820Feb 04/02(US)Possessed
45TO821Feb 11/02(US)Enemy of My Enemy
46TO822Feb 18/02(US)The New Stuff
The Invisible Man
Genre: crime, drama, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 46
Broadcast Run: 2000 - 2002
Starring: Vincent Ventresca
Paul Ben-Victor
Shannon Kenny
Eddie Jones
Brandy Ledford (season 2)
Mike McCafferty (season 2)
Based on a Novel By: H.G. Wells
Created By: Matt Greenberg
Broadcast Network: SciFi
Production Company: Stu Segall Productions
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: H.G. Wells' Invisible Man (1958)
Gemini Man (1975)
The Invisible Man (1975)
The Invisible Man (1984)
The Vanishing Man (1998)
IMDb: The Invisible Man