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La Femme Nikita
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Nikita, a girl living on the streets, is sentenced to life in prison for a murder she did not commit. When the government fakes her suicide, Nikita wakes up in Section One, a top-secret agency that plans to train her as an anti-terrorist operative -- and she must comply in order to stay alive.

Season One: 22 episodes
1101Jan 13/97(US)Nikita
2105Jan 20/97(US)Friend
3104Jan 27/97(US)Simone
4102Feb 03/97(US)Charity
5107Feb 09/97(US)Mother
6103Feb 17/97(US)Love
7106Feb 24/97(US)Treason
8108Mar 03/97(US)Escape
9109Mar 10/97(US)Gray
10110Apr 07/97(US)Choice
11111Apr 14/97(US)Rescue
12112Apr 21/97(US)Innocent
13114Jun 22/97(US)Recruit
14113Jun 29/97(US)Gambit
15115Jul 20/97(US)Obsessed
16117Jul 27/97(US)Noise
17119Aug 03/97(US)War
18116Aug 10/97(US)Missing
19118Aug 17/97(US)Voices
20122Sep 21/97(US)Brainwash
21120Sep 28/97(US)Verdict
22121Oct 05/97(US)Mercy

Season Two: 22 episodes
23201Jan 04/98(US)Hard Landing
24202Jan 11/98(US)Spec Ops
25203Jan 18/98(US)Third Person
26204Feb 01/98(US)Approaching Zero
27205Mar 01/98(US)New Regime
28206Mar 08/98(US)Mandatory Refusal
29207Mar 22/98(US)Half Life
30208Mar 29/98(US)Darkness Visible
31209Apr 05/98(US)Open Heart
32210Apr 12/98(US)First Mission
33211Apr 19/98(US)Psychic Pilgrim
34212May 04/98(CA)Soul Sacrifice
35213May 11/98(US)Fuzzy Logic
36214May 18/98(US)Old Habits
37215May 26/98(CA)Inside Out
38216Jun 01/98(CA)Not Was
39217Jun 08/98(CA)Double Date
40218Jun 22/98(CA)Off Profile
41219Jul 06/98(CA)Last Night
42220Aug 16/98(US)In Between
43221Aug 23/98(US)Adrian's Garden
44222Aug 30/98(US)End Game

Season Three: 22 episodes
45301Jan 03/99(US)Looking For Michael
46302Jan 10/99(US)Someone Else's Shadow
47303Jan 17/99(US)Opening Night Jitters
48304Jan 24/99(US)Gates of Hell
49305Mar 07/99(US)Imitation of Death
50307Mar 21/99(US)Love and Country
51306Mar 28/99(US)Cat and Mouse
52309Apr 04/99(US)Outside the Box
53310Apr 11/99(US)Slipping Into Darkness
54308Apr 25/99(US)Under the Influence
55311Apr 25/99(US)Walk On By
56312Jun 06/99(US)Threshold of Pain
57313Jun 13/99(US)Beyond the Pale
58315Jun 20/99(US)Hand to Hand
59316Jun 27/99(US)Before I Sleep
60314Jul 18/99(US)I Remember Paris
61318Jul 25/99(US)All Good Things
62317Aug 01/99(US)Third Party Ripoff
63319Aug 08/99(US)Any Means Necessary
64322Aug 15/99(US)Three Eyed Turtle
65320Aug 22/99(US)Playing With Fire
66321Aug 29/99(US)On Borrowed Time

Season Four: 22 episodes
67401Jan 09/00(US)Getting Out of Reverse
68402Jan 09/00(US)There Are No Missions
69403Jan 16/00(US)View of the Garden
70404Jan 23/00(US)Into the Looking Glass
71405Feb 20/00(US)Man in the Middle
72406Feb 27/00(US)Love Honor and Cherish
73407Mar 05/00(US)Sympathy For the Devil
74408Mar 12/00(US)No One Lives Forever
75409Mar 19/00(US)Down a Crooked Path
76410Apr 02/00(US)He Came From Four
77411Apr 16/00(US)Time to Be Heroes
78412Apr 23/00(US)Hell Hath No Fury
79413Jun 25/00(US)Kiss the Past Goodbye
80414Jul 02/00(US)Line in the Sand
81415Jul 16/00(US)Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate
82416Jul 23/00(US)Catch a Falling Star
83417Jul 30/00(US)Sleeping With the Enemy
84418Aug 06/00(US)Toys in the Basement
85419Aug 13/00(US)Time Out of Mind
86420Aug 20/00(US)Face in the Mirror
87421Aug 27/00(US)Up the Rabbit Hole
88422Aug 27/00(US)Four Light Years Farther

Season Five: 8 episodes
89501Jan 07/01(US)Déjà Vu All Over Again
90502Jan 14/01(US)A Girl Who Wasn't There
91503Jan 21/01(US)In Through the Out Door
92504Feb 02/01(US)All the World's a Stage
93505Feb 11/01(US)The Man Behind the Curtain
94506Feb 18/01(US)The Evil That Men Do
95507Feb 25/01(US)Let No Man Put Asunder
96508Mar 04/01(US)A Time For Every Purpose
La Femme Nikita
AKA: Nikita
Genre: action, crime
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 96
Broadcast Run: 1997 - 2001
Starring: Peta Wilson
Don Francks
Eugene Robert Glazer
Cindy Dolenc (season 5)
Roy Dupuis (season 1-4)
Matthew Fergusan (season 1-4)
Alberta Watson (season 1-4)
Based on the Film "Nikita" By: Luc Besson
Broadcast Network: CTV
USA Network
Production Company: Fireworks Entertainment
Country of Origin: Canada
See Also: Nikita (2010)
IMDb: La Femme Nikita