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As an agent for the Department of External Services, MacGyver is often called upon to solve the most difficult of situations. His out-of-the-box thinking and ability to survive with minimal resources make him the best man for the job.

Season One: 22 episodes
1001Sep 29/85Pilot
2003Oct 06/85The Golden Triangle
3004Oct 13/85Thief of Budapest
4002Oct 20/85The Gauntlet
5007Nov 03/85The Heist
6005Nov 10/85Trumbo's World
7006Nov 17/85Last Stand
8008Nov 27/85Hellfire
9009Dec 08/85The Prodigal
10010Dec 22/85Target MacGyver
11012Jan 15/86Nightmares
12011Jan 22/86Deathlock
13014Jan 29/86Flame's End
14013Feb 05/86Countdown
15015Feb 12/86The Enemy Within
16016Feb 19/86Every Time She Smiles
17017Feb 26/86To Be a Man
18018Mar 12/86Ugly Duckling
19019Apr 02/86Slow Death
20020Apr 16/86The Escape
21021Apr 30/86A Prisoner of Conscience
22022May 07/85The Assassin

Season Two: 22 episodes
23024Sep 22/86The Human Factor
24023Sep 29/86The Eraser
25027Oct 06/86Twice Stung
26026Oct 20/86The Wish Child
27028Oct 27/86Final Approach
28029Nov 03/86Jack of Lies
29030Nov 10/86The Road Not Taken
30025Nov 17/86Eagles
31031Nov 24/86Silent World
32032Dec 15/86Three For the Road
33033Jan 05/87Phoenix Under Siege
34034Jan 12/87Family Matter
35035Jan 19/87Soft Touch
36036Feb 02/87Birth Day
37037Feb 09/87Pirates
38038Feb 16/87Out in the Cold
39039Feb 23/87Dalton, Jack of Spies
40040Mar 02/87Partners
41041Mar 23/87Bushmaster
42042Apr 06/87Friends (clip show)
43043Apr 27/87D.O.A.: MacGyver
44044May 04/87For Love or Money

Season Three: 20 episodes
45045Sep 21/87Lost Love
46046Sep 28/87Lost Love, Part 2
47047Oct 05/87Back From the Dead
48048Oct 19/87Ghost Ship
49049Oct 26/87Fire and Ice
50050Nov 02/87GX-1
51051Nov 09/87Jack in the Box
52052Nov 16/87The Widowmaker
53053Nov 23/87Hell Week
54054Dec 21/87Blow Out
55055Jan 04/88Kill Zone
56056Jan 18/88Early Retirement
57058Feb 01/88Thin Ice
58057Feb 29/88The Odd Triple
59059Mar 07/88The Negotiator
60060Mar 14/88The Spoilers
61061Mar 28/88Mask of the Wolf
62062Apr 18/88Rock the Cradle
63063May 02/88The Endangered
64064May 09/88Murderer's Sky

Season Four: 19 episodes
65065Oct 31/88The Secret of Parker House
66066Nov 21/88Blood Brothers
67067Nov 28/88The Outsiders
68068Dec 05/88On a Wing and a Prayer
69069Dec 12/88Collision Course
70071Jan 09/89The Survivors
71072Jan 16/89Deadly Dreams
72070Jan 23/89Ma Dalton
73073Feb 06/89Cleo Rocks
74074Feb 13/89Fraternity of Thieves
75075Feb 20/89The Battle of Tommy Giordano
76076Feb 27/89The Challenge
77077Mar 13/89Runners
78078Mar 27/89Gold Rush
79079Apr 10/89The Invisible Killer
80080Apr 24/89Brainwashed
81081May 01/89Easy Target
82082May 08/89Renegade
83083May 15/89Unfinished Business (clip show)

Season Five: 21 episodes
84086Sep 18/89Legend of the Holy Rose
85087Sep 25/89Legend of the Holy Rose, Part 2
86085Oct 02/89The Black Corsage
87084Oct 09/89Cease Fire
88088Oct 16/89Second Chance
89089Oct 30/89Halloween Knights
90090Nov 06/89Children of Light
91091Nov 13/89Black Rhino
92092Nov 20/89The Ten Percent Solution
93094Dec 11/89Two Times Trouble
94093Dec 18/89The Madonna
95095Jan 08/90Serenity
96096Jan 15/90Live and Learn
97097Feb 05/90Log Jam
98098Feb 12/90The Treasure of Manco
99099Feb 19/90Jenny's Chance
100100Feb 26/90Deep Cover
101101Mar 19/90The Lost Amadeus
102102Apr 09/90Hearts of Steel
103104Apr 16/90Rush to Judgement
104103Apr 30/90Passages

Season Six: 21 episodes
105106Sep 17/90Tough Boys
106105Sep 24/90Humanity
107107Oct 01/90The Gun
108108Oct 08/90Twenty Questions
109110Oct 22/90The Wall
110111Oct 29/90Lesson in Evil
111109Nov 05/90Harry's Will
112112Nov 12/90MacGyver's Women
113113Nov 19/90Bitter Harvest
114114Dec 03/90The Visitor
115115Dec 17/90Squeeze Play
116116Jan 07/91Jerico Games
117117Jan 21/91The Wasteland
118118Feb 04/91Eye of Osiris
119119Feb 11/91High Control
120120Feb 18/91There But For the Grace
121121Mar 04/91Blind Faith
122122Mar 08/91Faith, Hope & Charity
123123Apr 08/91Strictly Business
124124Apr 29/91Trail of Tears
125126May 06/91Hind-Sight (clip show)

Season Seven: 14 episodes
126129Sep 16/91Honest Abe
127128Sep 23/91The Hood
128127Sep 30/91Obsessed
129130Oct 07/91The Prometheus Syndrome
130125Oct 14/91The Coltons
131131Oct 21/91Walking Dead
132132Nov 04/91Good Knight MacGyver
133133Nov 11/91Good Knight MacGyver, Part 2
134134Nov 18/91Deadly Silents
135135Dec 02/91Split Decision
136136Dec 16/91Gunz 'n' Boyz
137137Dec 30/91Off the Wall
138139Apr 25/92The Stringer
139138May 21/92The Mountain of Youth
May 14/94Lost Treasure of Atlantis (two hours)
Nov 24/94Trail to Doomsday (two hours)
unairedYoung MacGyver (pilot for spinoff)
Genre: action, crime, adventure
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 139
Broadcast Run: 1985 - 1992
Starring: Richard Dean Anderson
Dana Elcar (season 2-7)
Created By: Lee David Zlotoff
Broadcast Network: ABC
Production Company: Henry Winkler/John Rich Productions
Copyright: © 1985-1992 Paramount Pictures
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: MacGyver (2016)
IMDb: MacGyver