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Season One
Professor Stephen Hawking ... Narrator
  • Ep: 1
  • A Clean Escape
  • Opening Quote: Are there events so impossible to forget, that they become too painful to remember?
  • Starring: Sam Waterston (Robert Havelmann), Judy Davis (Dr. Deanna Evans), Allison Hossack (Kelly Prosky), Tom Butler (Warren Geslow), Robert Moloney (Pierce), Terence Kelly (Goldstone), Garry Chalk (General)
  • Cast: Peter Bryant (Dr. Garvin), McKye Kelly (Claire), Peter Hall (Nick), Burkely Duffield (Will), Camyar Chai (Mansur), Malaya Cooks (Technician)
  • Teleplay By: Sam Egan
  • Based on the Short Story By: John Kessel
  • Directed By: Mark Rydell
  • Closing Quote: When the fate of so many rests in the hands of so few, can the failure to be accountable ever be forgiven?
  • Ep: 2
  • The Awakening
  • Opening Quote: The impulse toward violence may be hardwired into our genes, but so is the dream that someday we might rise above it.
  • Starring: Terry O'Quinn (Major Albert Skynner), Elisabeth Rohm (Lieutenant Granger), William B. Davis (President), Julian D. Christopher (General MacKenzie), Malcolm Stewart (Colonel Dingham)
  • Cast: Doron Bell, Jr. (Kirby), Samir El-Sharkawi (Iraqi), Dave Lantaigne (Army Officer), Adrian McMorran (Medic), Dean Marshall (General's Aide), Hiro Kanagawa (Captain Oguchi), Johannah Newmarch (Assistant), Mitra Lohrasb (Palestinian Woman), Andre Fex (French Leader), Deni Delory (Interpreter), Veena Sood (Dr. Kashani), Parm Soor (Pakistani Leader), Scott Miller (Technician), Eddy Ko (Chinese Leader), Igor Ingelsman (Russian Leader), Laura Soltis (Skynner's Wife), Ben Cotton (Creature)
  • Teleplay By: Michael Petroni
  • Based on the Short Story "The General Zapped..." By: Howard Fast
  • Directed By: Michael Petroni
  • Closing Quote: none
  • Ep: 3
  • Jerry Was a Man
  • Opening Quote: If necessity is the mother of invention, what will drive our ingenuity when all our needs have been fulfilled?
  • Starring: Anne Heche (Martha Von Vogel), Malcolm McDowell (Tibor Cargrew), Russell Porter (Bronson Von Vogel), Jason Diablo (Jerry), Bill Dow (McCoy), Sonja Bennett (Judge Pomfrey)
  • Cast: Richard Ian Cox (Pudgy Dodge), Val Cole (News Anchor), Osmond L. Bramble (Bailiff), Matty Finochio (Judge #2), David Neale (Pyramus), Jeanie Cloutier (Judge #3)
  • Teleplay By: Michael Tolkin
  • Based on the Short Story By: Robert A. Heinlein
  • Directed By: Michael Tolkin
  • Closing Quote: What makes us human may one day be defined, not by the gifts we possess, but by the virtues we lack.
  • Ep: 4
  • The Discarded
  • Opening Quote: As we seek to improve and refine ourselves, to elevate humankind to it's consummate form, what will become of those who are less than perfect?
  • Starring: Brian Dennehy (Bedzyk), John Hurt (Samswope), James Denton (Curran), Gina Chiarelli (Annie), Lori Triolo (Harmony Teat), Donny Lucas (Steve)
  • Cast: Vicky Lambert (Frenchy), Alex Zahara (Bucky), Leanne Adachi (Sharon), Jason Diablo (Smiler), Brian Dobson (Voice of Samswope 2), Barbara Kottmeier (Sis), Harlan Ellison (Nate), Ken Kramer (Schmool), Gillian Barber (Dr. Goldstein)
  • Teleplay By: Harlan Ellison & Josh Olson
  • Based on the Short Story By: Harlan Ellison
  • Directed By: Jonathan Frakes
  • Closing Quote: What monstrosities would walk the streets were some people's faces as unfinished as their minds. -- Eric Hoffer
  • Ep: 5
  • Little Brother
  • Opening Quote: As machines become increasingly capable, will there come a time when we value their judgement above our own?
  • Starring: Clifton Collins, Jr. (Frendon Blythe), Kimberly Elise (Tilly Vee), Garwin Sanford (Judge - The Court), Daryl Shuttleworth (Otis Brill), Matthew Walker (Augustus)
  • Cast: Jorgito Vargas, Jr. (Young Man), Lorena Gale (Mary - Mother), Shelley MacDonald (Female Guard), Nicole Munoz (Frightened Girl), Adrien Dorval (Officer Bernard), Keith Dallas (Officer Omar Latey), Joanna Reid (Defense Attorney), Carlos Joe Costa (Juror #3 - Kwame), Alex Kliner (Juror #1 - Jessup), Alexia Fast (Juror #4 - Ginnie), Doreen Ramus (Juror #2 - Renee), Greg Chan (Juror #8 - Old Chinese Man), Jim Shepard (Juror #6 - Middle Aged White Man), Ray G. Thunderchild (Juror #7 - Native American Man), John Burnside (Juror #9), Ellen Ewusie (Juror #5 - Black Woman), Donna Yamamoto (Asian Police Woman), Louis Chirillo (Interrupt Program 9.1), Paul Hebert (Technician #1), Jeni Le Gon (Juror #10), Nimet Kanji (Juror #11), Esme Lambert (Juror #12)
  • Teleplay By: Walter Mosley
  • Based on a Short Story From the Novel "Futureland" By: Walter Mosley
  • Directed By: Darnell Martin
  • Closing Quote: Justice is not only the province of the mind but also the province of the heart.
  • Ep: 6
  • Watchbird
  • Opening Quote: In a world that grows increasingly dangerous, what will we sacrifice in the name of security?
  • Starring: Sean Astin (Charlie Kramer), James Cromwell (Randolph Ludwin), Vincent Gale (Jack Vaentine), Stacy Grant (Sarah Moser), Christine Chatelain (Marissa), Michael Kopsa (Ratcliffe)
  • And: Sally Kellerman (The Voice of the Watchbird)
  • Cast: Viv Leacock (Willy), Dean Redman (Bradley Tanner), David Abbott (President), Ivan De Leon (Hispanic Youth #1), Andreas Abbondanza (Hispanic Youth #2), Ken Camroux-Taylor (Sumner), A.B. Chater (Terrorist #1), Mehdi Darvish (Terrorist #2), Sean Owen Roberts (Mugger), Alistair Abell (SWAT Leader), Gerry South (Gunman), Vanesa Tomasino (Housekeeper), Jill Krop (TV Newscaster), Link Baker (Technician), Mark Docherty (TV Newscaster)
  • Teleplay By: Sam Egan
  • Based on the Short Story By: Robert Sheckley
  • Directed By: Harold Becker
  • Closing Quote: none