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Season Twenty-One
Sean Murray ... Timothy "Tim" McGee
Wilmer Valderrama ... Nicholas "Nick" Torres
Katrina Law ... Jessica Knight
Brian Dietzen ... Dr. Jimmy Palmer
Diona Reasonover ... Kasie Hines
Rocky Carroll ... Director Leon Vance
Gary Cole ... Alden Park
  • Ep: 458
  • Algún Día
  • Guest Starring: Al Sapienza (Maurice Riva), Pilar Holland (Colonel Lucia Campbell), Kim Matula (Agent Rose), Michael Garza (Reymundo De Leon), Chris Petrovski (Lev Trotski), J. Claude Deering (Curtis Hubley), Vanessa Martinez (Marta De Leon), Matthew Godbey (FBI Agent Brian Colfax)
  • Co-Starring: Jeff Boehm (Prison Detention Officer Otis Glazebrook), Johanna Curé (Aida Torres), Julian Rangel (Young Nicholas "Nick" Torres), Rita Angel Taylor (Young Lucia Torres), Maurice Webster (Bartender)
  • Written By: Christopher J. Waild
  • Directed By: Diana Valentine
  • Ep: 459
  • The Stories We Leave Behind
  • Guest Starring: David Starzyk (Councilman Allan Berger), James Landry Hébert (Jonesy), Olivia Sanabia (Serena Zawadski)
  • Special Guest Star: Michael Weatherly (Special Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo)
  • Co-Starring: Selah Victor (Susan)
  • Written By: Brian Dietzen & Scott Williams
  • Directed By: Michael Zinberg
  • Memorium: In memory of our dear friend and colleague David McCallum. We Will Miss You.
  • Ep: 460
  • Lifeline
  • Guest Starring: Chris L. McKenna (Eric Webb), Andy Favreau (CIA Officer Jim Hillcot), Louis Ferreira (Harlan Atwood), Indira G. Wilson (CIA Deputy Director Westin), Billy Malone (NCIS Mechanic Dominic), Michael A. Shepperd (NCIS Custodian Louis), Victoria Kelleher (NCIS Accountant Barbara), Nina Concepción (NCIS Dispatcher Gladys Molina)
  • Co-Starring: Harold Nieves Fisch (Alexander Renard), Marc Forget (GIGN Captain Laugier), Tina D'Marco (Parisian Woman)
  • Written By: Marco Schnabel
  • Directed By: Rocky Carroll
  • Ep: 461
  • Left Unsaid
  • Guest Starring: Carson Fagerbakke (Tanya Ellsworth), Alastair Duncan (Ron Davenport), Jake Thomas (Petty Officer Derek Bailey), Carly Hughes (Vicky Meyer)
  • Co-Starring: Devin Crittenden (Mickey Steele / Clown), Nancy Daly (Claire Raider), Joe Fusco (Mr. Dawson / Hostage), Kschris Anda (Security Guard Troy), Benmio McCrea (Lawyer)
  • Written By: Yasemin Yilmaz
  • Directed By: Daniela Ruah
  • Ep: 462
  • The Plan
  • Guest Starring: Russell Wong (Special Agent in Charge Feng Zhao), Jona Xiao (Dr. Mei Li), Jeanette O'Connor (Teri)
  • Co-Starring: Massi Pregoni (Kenny the Manager), Jason Ko (NCIS Special Agent James Chen), Victor William Chen (Chinese Man), Michael J. Chen (Sailor #1), Larry Myo Leong (Sailor #2)
  • Written By: Katherine Beattie & Chad Gomez Creasey
  • Directed By: Lionel Coleman
  • Ep: 463
  • Strange Invaders
  • Guest Starring: James Immekus (Daniel Silcott), J. Claude Deering (Curtis Hubley), Tommy Snider (Nestor Quinn), Mandy Levin (Shirley Ives)
  • Co-Starring: Iman Crosson (Navy Lieutenant Elliot Greene / Man), Cary Christopher (Kaiden Silcott / Al Kaiden), Tacey Adams (Grandma Avatar), Swati Kapila (CEO Tamara Hamilton), Robert Almodovar (Group Leader)
  • Written By: Gina Gold & Aurorae Khoo & Steven D. Binder
  • Directed By: Claudia Yarmy
  • Ep: 464
  • Guest Starring:
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By:
  • Directed By:
  • Ep: 465
  • Guest Starring:
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By:
  • Directed By:
  • Ep: 466
  • Guest Starring:
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By:
  • Directed By:
  • Ep: 467
  • Guest Starring:
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By:
  • Directed By: