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The New Addams Family
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They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Addams Family.

Season One: 65 episodes
1101Sep 12/98(CA)Deadbeat Relatives
2102Sep 12/98(CA)The Addams Family Goes to School
3103Sep 19/98(CA)Morticia and the Psychiatrist
4104Sep 19/98(CA)Morticia Joins the Ladies League
5105Sep 26/98(CA)Fester's Punctured Romance
6106Sep 26/98(CA)New Neighbors Meet the Addams Family
7107Oct 03/98(CA)The Addams Family Tree
8108Oct 03/98(CA)Morticia the Matchmaker
9109Oct 17/98(CA)Wednesday Leaves Home
10110Oct 17/98(CA)Lurch Learns to Dance
11111Oct 30/98(US)Art and the Addams Family
12112Oct 30/98(US)Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family
13113Oct 19/98(US)Halloween With the Addams Family
14114Nov 02/98(US)Thing is Missing
15115Nov 07/98(CA)Morticia's Romance
16116Nov 07/98(CA)Morticia's Romance, Part 2
17117Nov 11/98(US)Uncle Fester's Toupee
18118Nov 12/98(CA)Gomez, the Reluctant Lover
19119Nov 13/98(CA)The Winning of Morticia Addams
20120Nov 14/98(CA)My Fair Cousin Itt
21121Nov 15/98(CA)Grandpapa Addams Comes to Visit
22122Nov 17/98(US)Morticia's Favorite Charity
23123Nov 03/98(US)Fester Goes on a Diet
24124Nov 30/98(US)Morticia's Dilemma
25125Nov 23/98(US)Morticia, the Breadwinner
26126Nov 16/98(US)Melancholia Finds Romance
27127Dec 30/98(CA)Crisis in the Addams Family
28128Dec 19/98(CA)Christmas With the Addams Family
29129Dec 28/98(CA)Green-Eyed Gomez
30130Dec 28//98(CA)Amnesia in the Addams Family
31131Dec 29/98(CA)Gomez, the Cat Burglar
32132Jan 05/99(CA)Uncle Fester's Illness
33133Jan 18/99(CA)Morticia, the Decorator
34134Feb 11/99(CA)Wednesday's Crush
35135Feb 15/99(CA)Morticia, the Sculptress
36136Jan 18/99(US)Thing's Romance
37137Feb 18/99(CA)Gomez, the People's Choice
38138Jan 25/99(US)Close Encounters of the Addams Kind
39139Mar 01/99(CA)Lurch, the Teenage Idol
40140Mar 10/99(CA)Fester and Granny vs Grandpapa Addams
41141Mar 16/99(CA)Fester Joins the Global Mercenaries
42142Mar 23/99(CA)The Addams Family in Court
43143Mar 29/99(CA)My Son, the Chimp
44144Mar 20/99(CA)Morticia, the Playright
45145Apr 06/99(CA)Saving Private Addams
46146Apr 17/99(CA)Horseplay
47147Apr 21/99(CA)Lurch's Grand Romance
48148Apr 29/99(CA)Catastrophia's Career
49149May 04/99(CA)Cousin Itt's Problem
50150May 10/99(CA)Lurch, Man of Leisure
51151May 17/99(CA)Progress in the Addams Family
52152May 20/99(CA)The Undercover Man
53153May 26/99(CA)Fester, the Marriage Counselor
54154May 31/99(CA)Lurch and His Piano
55155Jun 08/99(CA)Cleopatra, Green of the Nile
56156Jun 14/99(CA)Granny, the Happy Medium
57157Jun 22/99(CA)Lurch's Little Helper
58158Jun 29/99(CA)Addams Family Feud
59159Jul 06/99(CA)Fester, the Tycoon
60160Jul 08/99(CA)Lights, Camera, Addams
61161Jul 15/99(CA)The Addams Policy
62162Jul 21/99(CA)Fester, World Leader
63163Jul 26/99(CA)The Tale of Long John Addams
64164Jul 28/99(CA)Keeping Up With the Joneses
65165Aug 02/99(CA)Death Visits the Addams Family
The New Addams Family
Genre: comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 65
Broadcast Run: 1998 - 1999
Starring: Ellie Harvie
Glenn Taranto
Brody Smith
Nicole Fugère
Betty Phillips
Michael Roberds
John De Santis
Steven Fox
Based on Characters Created By: Charles Addams
Broadcast Network: YTV
Fox Family
Production Company: Shavick Entertainment
Saban Entertainment
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: The Addams Family (1964)
The Addams Family (1973)
The Addams Family (1992)
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IMDb: The New Addams Family