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We all use math everyday. To predict weather, to tell time, to handle money. Math is more than formulas and equations. It's logic. It's rationality. It's using your mind to solve the biggest mysteries we know.

Season One: 13 episodes
1101Jan 23/05Pilot
2104Jan 28/05Uncertainty Principle
3103Feb 04/05Vector
4105Feb 11/05Structural Corruption
5106Feb 18/05Prime Suspect
6102Feb 25/05Sabotage
7107Mar 11/05Counterfeit Reality
8108Apr 01/05Identity Crisis
9109Apr 15/05Sniper Zero
10110Apr 22/05Dirty Bomb
11111Apr 29/05Sacrifice
12112May 06/05Noisy Edge
13113May 13/05Manhunt

Season Two: 24 episodes
14202Sep 23/05Judgement Call
15203Sep 30/05Bettor or Worse
16204Oct 07/05Obsession
17205Oct 14/05Calculated Risk
18201Oct 21/05Assassin
19206Nov 04/05Soft Target
20207Nov 11/05Convergence
21208Nov 18/05In Plain Sight
22209Nov 25/05Toxin
23210Dec 09/05Bones of Contention
24211Dec 16/05Scorched
25212Jan 06/06The O.G.
26213Jan 13/06Double Down
27214Jan 27/06Harvest
28215Feb 03/06The Running Man
29216Mar 03/06Protest
30217Mar 10/06Mind Games
31218Mar 31/06All's Fair
32219Apr 07/06Dark Matter
33220Apr 21/06Guns and Roses
34221Apr 28/06Rampage
35222May 05/06Backscatter
36223May 12/06Undercurrents
37224May 19/06Hot Shot

Season Three: 24 episodes
38Sep 22/06Spree (part 1)
39Sep 29/06Two Daughters (part 2)
40Oct 06/06Provenance
41Oct 13/06The Mole
42Oct 20/06Traffic
43Oct 27/06Longshot
44Nov 03/06Blackout
45Nov 10/06Hardball
46Nov 17/06Waste Not
47Nov 24/06Brutus
48Dec 15/06Killer Chat
49Jan 05/07Nine Wives
50Jan 12/07Finders Keepers
51Feb 02/07Take Out
52Feb 09/07End of Watch
53Feb 16/07Contenders
54Feb 23/07One Hour
55Mar 09/07Democracy
56Mar 30/07Pandora's Box
57Apr 06/07Burn Rate
58Apr 27/07The Art of Reckoning
59May 04/07Under Pressure
60May 11/07Money For Nothing
61May 18/07The Janus List

Season Four: 18 episodes
62401Sep 28/07Trust Metric
63403Oct 05/07Hollywood Homocide
64402Oct 12/07Velocity
65404Oct 19/07Thirteen
66405Oct 26/07Robin Hood
67406Nov 02/07In Security
68407Nov 09/07Primacy
69408Nov 16/07Tabu
70409Nov 23/07Graphic
71410Dec 14/07Chinese Box
72411Jan 09/08(CA)Breaking Point
73412Jan 16/08(CA)Power
74413Apr 04/08Black Swan
75414Apr 11/08Checkmate
76415Apr 25/08End Game
77416May 02/08Atomic No. 33
78417May 09/08Pay to Play
79418May 16/08When World's Collide

Season Five: 23 episodes
80501Oct 03/08High Exposure
81502Oct 10/08The Decoy Effect
82503Oct 17/08Blowback
83505Oct 24/08Jack of All Trades
84506Oct 31/08Scan Man
85507Nov 07/08Magic Show
86508Nov 14/08Charlie Don't Surf
87504Nov 21/08Thirty-Six Hours
88509Dec 05/08Conspiracy Theory
89510Dec 19/08Frienemies
90511Jan 09/09Arrow of Time
91512Jan 16/09Jacked
92513Jan 23/09Trouble in Chinatown
93514Feb 06/09Sneakerhead
94515Feb 13/09Guilt Trip
95516Feb 27/09Cover Me
96517Mar 06/09First Law
97518Mar 13/0912:01 AM
98519Apr 10/09Animal Rites
99520Apr 24/09The Fifth Man
100521May 01/09Disturbed
101522May 08/09Greatest Hits
102523May 15/09Angel and Devils

Season Six: 16 episodes
103601Sep 25/09Hangman
104602Oct 02/09Friendly Fire
105603Oct 09/097 Men Out
106604Oct 16/09Where Credit's Due
107605Oct 23/09Hydra
108606Oct 30/09Dreamland
109607Nov 06/09Shadow Markets
110608Nov 13/09Ultimatum
111609Nov 20/09Con Job
112610Dec 04/09Old Soldiers
113611Jan 08/10Scratch
114612Jan 15/10Arm in Arms
115613Jan 29/10Devil Girl
116614Feb 05/10And the Winner Is...
117615Mar 05/10Growin' Up
118616Mar 12/10Cause + Effect
Genre: crime, drama, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 6
Number of Episodes: 118
Broadcast Run: 2005 - 2010
Starring: Rob Morrow
David Krumholtz
Judd Hirsch
Alimi Ballard
Peter MacNicol
Sophina Brown (season 5-6)
Aya Sumika (season 5-6)
Dylan Bruno (season 3-6)
Navi Rawat (season 2-6)
Diane Farr (season 2-4)
Sabrina Lloyd (season 1)
Created By: Cheryl Heuton
Nicolas Falacci
Broadcast Network: CBS
Production Company: Scott Free Productions
CBS Television Studios
Post 109
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Numb3rs