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Once upon a time, Snow White and Prince Charming sent their beautiful baby daughter away to a far away place, to protect her from the curse of the Evil Queen. But the curse was so powerful that the fairy tale land itself was drawn to this place, and its inhabitants forgot who they were and became normal people.

Emma Swan has come to the quaint town of Storybrooke at the urging of her 10 year old son who believes she's the only one who can make things right again. But if they are to live happily ever after, Emma must first learn to believe and embrace her destiny.

Season One: 22 episodes
1101Oct 23/11Pilot
2102Oct 30/11The Thing You Love Most
3103Nov 06/11Snow Falls
4104Nov 13/11The Price of Gold
5105Nov 27/11That Still Small Voice
6106Dec 04/11The Shepherd
7107Dec 11/11The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
8108Jan 08/12Desperate Souls
9109Jan 15/12True North
10110Jan 22/127:15 A.M.
11111Jan 29/12Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
12112Feb 12/12Skin Deep
13113Feb 19/12What Happened to Frederick
14114Mar 04/12Dreamy
15115Mar 11/12Red Handed
16116Mar 18/12Heart of Darkness
17117Mar 25/12Hat Trick
18118Apr 01/12The Stable Boy
19119Apr 22/12The Return
20120Apr 29/12The Stranger
21121May 06/12An Apple Red as Blood
22122May 13/12A Land Without Magic

Season Two: 22 episodes
Sep 30/12Magic is Coming (recap)
23201Sep 30/12Broken
24202Oct 07/12We Are Both
25203Oct 14/12Lady of the Lake
26204Oct 21/12The Crocodile
27205Oct 28/12The Doctor
28206Nov 04/12Tallahassee
29207Nov 11/12Child of the Moon
30208Nov 25/12Into the Deep
31209Dec 02/12Queen of Hearts
32210Jan 06/13The Cricket Game
33211Jan 13/13The Outsider
34212Jan 20/13In the Name of the Brother
35213Feb 10/13Tiny
36214Feb 17/13Manhattan
37215Mar 03/13The Queen is Dead
38216Mar 10/13The Miller's Daughter
39217Mar 17/13Welcome to Storybrooke
40218Mar 24/13Selfless, Brave and True
Apr 14/13The Price of Magic (recap)
41219Apr 21/13Lacey
42220Apr 28/13The Evil Queen
43221May 05/13Second Star to the Right
44222May 12/13And Straight on 'Til Morning

Season Three: 22 episodes
Sep 29/13Journey to Neverland (special)
45301Sep 29/13The Heart of the Truest Believer
46302Oct 06/13Lost Girl
47303Oct 13/13Quite a Common Fairy
48304Oct 20/13Nasty Habits
49305Oct 27/13Good Form
50306Nov 03/13Ariel
51307Nov 10/13Dark Hollow
52308Nov 17/13Think Lovely Thoughts
53309Dec 01/13Save Henry
54310Dec 08/13The New Neverland
55311Dec 15/13Going Home
Mar 09/14Wicked is Coming (special)
56312Mar 09/14New York City Serenade
57313Mar 16/14Witch Hunt
58314Mar 23/14The Tower
59315Mar 30/14Quiet Minds
60316Apr 06/14It's Not Easy Being Green
61317Apr 13/14The Jolly Roger
62318Apr 20/14Bleeding Through
63319Apr 27/14A Curious Thing
64320May 04/14Kansas
65321May 11/14Snow Drifts
66322May 11/14There's No Place Like Home

Season Four: 23 episodes
Sep 28/14Storybrooke Has Frozen Over (special)
67401Sep 28/14A Tale of Two Sisters
68402Oct 05/14White Out
69403Oct 12/14Rocky Road
70404Oct 19/14The Apprentice
71405Oct 26/14Breaking Glass
72406Nov 02/14Family Business
73407Nov 09/14The Snow Queen
74408aNov 16/14Smash the Mirror, Part 1
75408bNov 16/14Smash the Mirror, Part 2
76409Nov 30/14Fall
77410Dec 07/14Shattered Sight
78411Dec 14/15Heroes and Villains
Mar 01/15Secrets of Storybrooke (behind-the-scenes special)
79412Mar 01/15Darkness on the Edge of Town
80413Mar 08/15Unforgiven
81414Mar 15/15Enter the Dragon
82415Mar 22/15Poor Unfortunate Soul
83416Mar 29/15Best Laid Plans
84417Apr 12/15Heart of Gold
85418Apr 19/15Sympathy For the De Vil
86419Apr 26 /15Lily
87420May 03/15Mother
88421May 10/15Operation Mongoose, Part 1
89422May 10/15Operation Mongoose, Part 2

Season Five: 23 episodes
Sep 27/15Dark Swan Rises: A Once Upon a Time Fan Celebration (special)
90Sep 27/15The Dark Swan
91Oct 04/15The Price
92Oct 11/15Siege Perilous
93Oct 18/15The Broken Kingdom
94Oct 25/15Dreamcatcher
95Nov 01/15The Bear and the Bow
96Nov 08/15Nimue
97Nov 15/15Birth
98Nov 15/15The Bear King
99Nov 29/15Broken Heart
100Dec 06/15Swan Song
Dec 13/15Behind the Magic: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (special)
101Mar 06/16Souls of the Departed
102Mar 13/16Labor of Love
103Mar 20/16Devil's Due
104Mar 27/16The Brothers Jones
105Apr 03/16Our Decay
106Apr 10/16Her Handsome Hero
107Apr 17/16Ruby Slippers
108Apr 24/16Sisters
109May 01/16Firebird
110May 08/16Last Rites
111May 15/16Only You
112May 15/16An Untold Story

Season Six: 22 episodes
Sep 25/16Evil Reigns Once More (special)
113Sep 25/16The Saviour
114Oct 02/16A Bitter Draught
115Oct 09/16The Other Shoe
116Oct 16/16Strange Case
117Oct 23/16Street Rats
118Oct 30/16Dark Waters
119Nov 06/16Heartless
120Nov 13/16I'll Be Your Mirror
121Nov 27/16Changelings
122Dec 04/16Wish You Were Here
123Mar 05/17Tougher Than the Rest
124Mar 12/17Murder Most Foul
125Mar 19/17Ill-Boding Patterns
126Mar 26/17Page 23
127Apr 02/17A Wondrous Place
128Apr 09/17Mother's Little Helper
129Apr 16/17Awake
130Apr 23/17Where Bluebirds Fly
131Apr 30/17The Black Fairy
132May 07/17The Song in Your Heart
May 14/17The Final Battle Begins (special)
133May 14/17The Final Battle, Part 1
134May 14/17The Final Battle, Part 2

Season Seven: 22 episodes
135Oct 06/17Hyperion Heights
136Oct 13/17A Pirate's Life
137Oct 20/17The Garden of Forking Paths
138Oct 27/17Beauty
139Nov 03/17Greenbacks
140Nov 10/17Wake Up Call
141Nov 17/17Eloise Gardener
142Nov 17/17Pretty in Blue
143Dec 08/17One Little Tear
144Dec 15/17The Eighth Witch
145Mar 02/18Secret Garden
146Mar 09/18A Taste of the Heights
147Mar 16/18Knightfall
148Mar 23/18The Girl in the Tower
149Mar 30/18Sisterhood
150Apr 06/18Breadcrumbs
151Apr 13/18Chosen
152Apr 20/18The Guardian
153Apr 27/18Flower Child
154May 04/18Is This Henry Mills?
155May 11/18Homecoming
156May 18/18Leaving Storybrooke
Once Upon a Time
Genre: fantasy, drama, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 156
Broadcast Run: 2011 - 2018
Starring: Lana Parrilla
Robert Carlyle
Andrew J. West (season 7)
Dania Ramirez (season 7)
Gabrielle Anwar (season 7)
Alison Fernandez (season 7)
Colin O'Donoghue (season 2-7)
Ginnifer Goodwin (season 1-6)
Jennifer Morrison (season 1-6)
Josh Dallas (season 1-6)
Jared S. Gilmore (season 1-6)
Emilie de Ravin (season 2-6)
Rebecca Mader (season 5-6)
Sean Maguire (season 5)
Michael Socha (season 4)
Michael Raymond-James (season 3)
Meghan Ory (season 2)
Eion Bailey (season 1)
Raphael Sbarge (season 1)
Jamie Dornan (season 1)
Created By: Adam Horowitz
Edward Kitsis
Broadcast Network: ABC
Production Company: ABC Studios
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Once Upon a Time
See Also: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013)
IMDb: Once Upon a Time