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Family is power.

Season One: 22 episodes
2J6670Apr 25/13The Originals (The Vampire Diaries episode)
12J7802Oct 03/13Always and Forever
22J7801Oct 08/13House of the Rising Son
32J7803Oct 15/13Tangled Up in Blue
42J7804Oct 22/13Girl in New Orleans
52J7805Oct 29/13Sinners and Saints
62J7806Nov 05/13Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
72J7807Nov 12/13Bloodletting
82J7808Nov 26/13The River in Reverse
92J7809Dec 03/13Reigning Pain in New Orleans
102J7810Jan 14/14The Casket Girls
112J7811Jan 21/14Après Moi, Le Déluge
122J7812Jan 28/14Dance Back From the Grave
132J7813Feb 04/14Crescent City
142J7814Feb 25/14Long Way Back From Hell
152J7815Mar 04/14Le Grand Guignol
162J7816Mar 11/14Farewell to Storyville
172J7817Mar 18/14Moon Over Bourbon Street
182J7818Apr 15/14The Big Uneasy
192J7819Apr 22/14An Unblinking Death
202J7820Apr 29/14A Closer Walk With Thee
212J7821May 06/14The Battle of New Orleans
222J7822May 13/14From a Cradle to a Grave

Season Two: 22 episodes
233J5201/T27.12201Oct 06/14Rebirth
243J5202/T27.12202Oct 13/14Alive and Kicking
253J5203/T27.12203Oct 20/14Every Mother's Son
263J5204/T27.12204Oct 27/14Live and Let Die
273J5205/T27.12205Nov 03/14Red Door
283J5206/T27.12206Nov 10/14Wheel Inside the Wheel
293J5207/T27.12207Nov 17/14Chasing the Devil's Tail
303J5208/T27.12208Nov 24/14The Brothers That Care Forgot
313J5209/T27.12209Dec 08/14The Map of Moments
323J5210/T27.12210Jan 19/15Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire
333J5212/T27.12212Jan 26/15Brotherhood of the Damned
343J5211/T27.12211Feb 02/15Sanctuary
353J5213/T27.12213Feb 09/15The Devil is Damned
363J5214/T27.12214Feb 16/15I Love You, Goodbye
373J5215/T27.12215Mar 09/15They All Asked for You
383J5216/T27.12216Mar 16/15Save My Soul
393J5217/T27.12217Apr 06/15Exquisite Corpse
403J5218/T27.12218Apr 13/15Night Has a Thousand Eyes
413J5219/T27.12219Apr 20/15When the Levee Breaks
423J5220/T27.12220Apr 27/15City Beneath the Sea
433J5221/T27.12221May 04/15Fire With Fire
443J5222/T27.12222May 11/15Ashes to Ashes

Season Three: 22 episodes
453J5601/T27.12601Oct 08/15For the Next Millennium
463J5602/T27.12602Oct 15/15You Hung the Moon
473J5603/T27.12603Oct 22/15I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans
483J5604/T27.12604Oct 29/15A Walk on the Wild Side
493J5605/T27.12605Nov 05/15The Axeman's Letter
503J5606/T27.12606Nov 12/15Beautiful Mistake
513J5607/T27.12607Nov 19/15Out of the Easy
523J5608/T27.12608Dec 03/15The Other Girl in New Orleans
533J5609/T27.12609Dec 10/15Savior
543J5610/T27.12610Jan 29/16A Ghost Along the Mississippi
553J5611/T27.12611Feb 05/16Wild at Heart
563J5612/T27.12612Feb 12/16Dead Angels
573J5613/T27.12613Feb 19/16Heart Shaped Box
3J5714/T27.12714Feb 26/16Moonlight on the Bayou (The Vampire Diaries episode)
583J5614/T27.12614Feb 26/16A Streetcar Named Desire (The Vampire Diaries crossover)
593J5615/T27.12615Mar 04/16An Old Friend Calls
603J5616/T27.12616Apr 01/16Alone With Everybody
613J5617/T27.12617Apr 08/16Behind the Black Horizon
623J5618/T27.12618Apr 15/16The Devil Comes Here and Sighs
633J5619/T27.12619Apr 29/16No More Heartbreaks
643J5620/T27.12620May 06/16Where Nothing Stays Buried
653J5621/T27.12621May 13/16Give 'Em Hell Kid
663J5622/T27.12622May 20/16The Bloody Crown

Season Four: 13 episodes
67T27.13351Mar 17/17Gather Up the Killers
68T27.13352Mar 24/17No Quarter
69T27.13353Mar 31/17Haunter of Ruins
70T27.13354Apr 07/17Keepers of the House
71T27.13355Apr 14/17I Hear You Knocking
72T27.13356Apr 28/17Bag of Cobras
73T27.13357May 05/17High Water and a Devil's Daughter
74T27.13358May 12/17Voodoo in My Blood
75T27.13359May 19/17Queen Death
76T27.13360Jun 02/17Phantomesque
77T27.13361Jun 09/17A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken
78T27.13362Jun 16/17Voodoo Child
79T27.13363Jun 23/17The Feast of All Sinners

Season Five: 13 episodes
80T46.10001Apr 18/18Where You Left Your Heart
81T46.10002Apr 25/18One Wrong Turn on Bourbon
82T46.10003May 02/18Ne Me Quitte Pas
83T46.10004May 09/18Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
84T46.10005May 16/18Don't it Just Break Your Heart
85T46.10006May 30/18What, Will, I, Have, Left
86T46.10007Jun 06/18God's Gonna Trouble the Water
87T46.10008Jun 13/18The Kindness of Strangers
88T46.10009Jun 20/18We Have Not Long to Love
89T46.10010Jul 11/18There in the Disappearing Light
90T46.10011Jul 18/18Til the Day I Die
91T46.10012Jul 25/18The Tale of Two Wolves
92T46.10013Aug 01/18When the Saints Go Marching In
The Originals
Genre: fantasy, drama, horror
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 92
Broadcast Run: 2013 - 2018
Starring: Joseph Morgan
Daniel Gillies
Phoebe Tonkin
Charles Michael Davis
Danielle Rose Russell (season 5)
Steven Krueger (season 5)
Riley Voelkel (season 3-5)
Yusuf Gatewood (season 2-5)
Leah Pipes (season 1-3)
Danielle Campbell (season 1-3)
Claire Holt (season 1)
Daniella Pineda (season 1)
Created By: Julie Plec
Broadcast Network: The CW
Production Company: Alloy Entertainment
Warner Bros. Television
CBS Television Studios
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: The Vampire Diaries (2009)
Legacies (2018)
IMDb: The Originals