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Trouble comes to the small town of Mystic Falls in the form of two vampire brothers -- one good, one evil -- who begin to battle for the souls of everyone around them, particularly the beautiful Elena.

Season One: 22 episodes
1296766Sep 10/09Pilot
22J5001Sep 17/09The Night of the Comet
32J5002Sep 24/09Friday Night Bites
42J5003Oct 01/09Family Ties
52J5004Oct 08/09You're Undead to Me
62J5005Oct 15/09Lost Girls
72J5006Oct 29/09Haunted
82J5007Nov 05/09162 Candles
92J5008Nov 12/09History Repeating
102J5009Nov 19/09The Turning Point
112J5010Jan 21/10Bloodlines
122J5011Jan 28/10Unpleasantville
132J5012Feb 04/10Children of the Damned
142J5013Feb 11/10Fool Me Once
152J5014Mar 25/10A Few Good Men
162J5015Apr 01/10There Goes the Neighborhood
172J5016Apr 08/10Let the Right One In
182J5017Apr 15/10Under Control
192J5018Apr 22/10Miss Mystic Falls
202J5019Apr 29/10Blood Brothers
212J5020May 06/10Isobel
222J5021May 13/10Founder's Day

Season Two: 22 episodes
232J5251Sep 09/10The Return
242J5252Sep 16/10Brave New World
252J5253Sep 23/10Bad Moon Rising
262J5254Sep 30/10Memory Lane
272J5255Oct 07/10Kill or Be Killed
282J5256Oct 21/10Plan B
292J5257Oct 28/10Masquerade
302J5258Nov 04/10Rose
312J5259Nov 11/10Katerina
322J5260Dec 02/10The Sacrifice
332J5261Dec 09/10By the Light of the Moon
342J5262Jan 27/11The Descent
352J5263Feb 03/11Daddy Issues
362J5264Feb 10/11Crying Wolf
372J5265Feb 17/11The Dinner Party
382J5266Feb 24/11The House Guest
392J5267Apr 07/11Know Thy Enemy
402J5268Apr 14/11The Last Dance
412J5269Apr 21/11Klaus
422J5270Apr 28/11The Last Day
432J5271May 05/11The Sun Also Rises
442J5272May 12/11As I Lay Dying

Season Three: 22 episodes
452J6001Sep 15/11The Birthday
462J6002Sep 22/11The Hybrid
472J6003Sep 29/11The End of The Affair
482J6004Oct 06/11Disturbing Behavior
492J6005Oct 13/11The Reckoning
502J6006Oct 20/11Smells Like Teen Spirit
512J6007Oct 27/11Ghost World
522J6008Nov 03/11Ordinary People
532J6009Nov 10/11Homecoming
542J6010Jan 05/12The New Deal
552J6011Jan 12/12Our Town
562J6012Jan 19/12The Ties That Bind
572J6013Feb 02/12Bringing Out the Dead
582J6014Feb 09/12Dangerous Liaisons
592J6015Feb 16/12All My Children
602J6016Mar 15/121912
612J6017Mar 22/12Break on Through
622J6018Mar 29/12The Murder of One
632J6019Apr 19/12Heart of Darkness
642J6020Apr 26/12Do Not Go Gentle
652J6021May 03/12Before Sunset
662J6022May 10/12The Departed

Season Four: 23 episodes
672J6651Oct 11/12Growing Pains
682J6652Oct 18/12Memorial
692J6653Oct 25/12The Rager
702J6654Nov 01/12The Five
712J6655Nov 08/12The Killer
722J6656Nov 15/12We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes
732J6657Nov 29/12My Brother's Keeper
742J6658Dec 06/12We'll Always Have Bourbon Street
752J6659Dec 13/12O Come, All Ye Faithful
762J6660Jan 17/13After School Special
772J6661Jan 24/13Catch Me If You Can
782J6662Jan 31/13A View to a Kill
792J6663Feb 07/13Into the Wild
802J6664Feb 14/13Down the Rabbit Hole
812J6665Feb 21/13Stand by Me
822J6666Mar 14/13Bring it On
832J6667Mar 21/13Because the Night
842J6668Mar 28/13American Gothic
852J6669Apr 18/13Pictures of You
862J6670Apr 25/13The Originals (pilot for spinoff series)
872J6671May 02/13She's Come Undone
882J6672May 09/13The Walking Dead
892J6673May 16/13Graduation

Season Five: 22 episodes
902J7501Oct 03/13I Know What You Did Last Summer
912J7502Oct 10/13True Lies
922J7503Oct 17/13Original Sin
932J7504Oct 24/13For Whom the Bell Tolls
942J7505Oct 31/13Monster's Ball
952J7506Nov 07/13Handle With Care
962J7507Nov 14/13Death and the Maiden
972J7508Nov 21/13Dead Man on Campus
982J7509Dec 05/13The Cell
992J7510Dec 12/13Fifty Shades of Grayson
1002J7511Jan 23/14500 Years of Solitude
1012J7512Jan 30/14The Devil Inside
1022J7513Feb 06/14Total Eclipse of the Heart
1032J7514Feb 27/14No Exit
1042J7515Mar 06/14Gone Girl
1052J7516May 20/14While You Were Sleeping
1062J7517Mar 27/14Rescue Me
1072J7518Apr 17/14Resident Evil
1082J7519Apr 24/14Man on Fire
1092J7520May 01/14What Lies Beneath
1102J7521May 08/14Promised Land
1112J7522May 15/14Home

Season Six: 22 episodes
1122J7851/T27.11851Oct 02/12I'll Remember
1132J7852/T27.11852Oct 09/12Yellow Ledbetter
1142J7853/T27.11853Oct 16/12Welcome to Paradise
1152J7854/T27.11854Oct 23/12Black Hole Sun
1162J7855/T27.11855Oct 30/12The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
1172J7856/T27.11856Nov 06/14The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
1182J7857/T27.11857Nov 13/14Do You Remember the First Time?
1192J7858/T27.11858Nov 20/14Fade Into You
1202J7859/T27.11859Dec 04/14I Alone
1212J7861/T27.11861Dec 11/14Christmas Through Your Eyes
1212J7860/T27.11860Jan 22/15Woke Up With a Monster
1232J7862/T27.11862Jan 29/15Prayer For the Dying
1232J7863/T27.11863Feb 05/15The Day I Tried to Live
1252J7864/T27.11864Feb 12/15Stay
1252J7865/T27.11865Feb 19/15Let Her Go
1272J7866/T27.11866Mar 12/15The Downward Spiral
1272J7867/T27.11867Mar 19/15A Bird in a Gilded Cage
1292J7868/T27.11868Apr 16/15I Never Could Love Like That
1292J7869/T27.11869Apr 23/15Because
1312J7870/T27.11870Apr 30/15I'd Leave My Happy Home For You
1312J7871/T27.11871May 07/15I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime
1332J7872/T27.11872May 14/15I'm Thinking of You All the While

Season Seven: 22 episodes
1343J5701/T27.12701Oct 08/15Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take
1353J5702/T27.12702Oct 15/15Never Let Me Go
1363J5703/T27.12703Oct 22/15Age of Innocence
1373J5704/T27.12704Oct 29/15I Carry Your Heart With Me
1383J5705/T27.12705Nov 05/15Live Through This
1393J5706/T27.12706Nov 12/15Best Served Cold
1403J5707/T27.12707Nov 19/15Mommie Dearest
1413J5708/T27.12708Dec 03/15Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
1423J5709/T27.12709Dec 10/15Cold as Ice
1433J5710/T27.12710Jan 29/16Hell is Other People
1443J5711/T27.12711Feb 05/16Things We Lost in the Fire
1453J5712/T27.12712Feb 12/16Postcards From the Edge
1463J5713/T27.12713Feb 19/16This Woman's Work
1473J5714/T27.12714Feb 26/16Moonlight on the Bayou (The Originals crossover)
3J5614/T27.12614Feb 26/16A Streetcar Named Desire (The Originals episode)
1483J5715/T27.12715Mar 04/16I Would For You
1493J5716/T27.12716Apr 01/16Days of Future Past
1503J5717/T27.12717Apr 08/16I Went to the Woods
1513J5718/T27.12718Apr 15/16One Way or Another
1523J5719/T27.12719Apr 22/16Somebody That I Used to Know
1533J5720/T27.12720Apr 29/16Kill 'Em All
1543J5721/T27.12721May 06/16Requiem For a Dream
1553J5722/T27.12722May 13/16Gods and Monsters

Season Eight: 16 episodes
156T27.13301Oct 21/16Hello Brother
157T27.13302Oct 28/16Today Will Be Different
158T27.13303Nov 04/16You Decided That I Was Worth Saving
159T27.13304Nov 11/16An Eternity of Misery
160T27.13305Nov 18/16Coming Home Was a Mistake
161T27.13306Dec 02/16Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell
162T27.13307Dec 09/16The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, it Could Be You
163T27.13308Jan 13/17We Have History Together
164T27.13309Jan 20/17The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch
165T27.13310Jan 27/17Nostalgia's a Bitch
166T27.13311Feb 03/17You Made a Choice to Be Good
167T27.13312Feb 10/17What Are You?
168T27.13313Feb 17/17The Lies Will Catch Up With You
169T27.13314Feb 24/17It's Been a Hell of a Ride
170T27.13315Mar 03/17We're Planning a June Wedding
171T27.13316Mar 10/17I Was Feeling Epic
Mar 10/17Forever Yours (special)
The Vampire Diaries
Genre: fantasy, drama, horror
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 8
Number of Episodes: 171
Broadcast Run: 2009 - 2017
Starring: Paul Wesley
Ian Somerhalder
Katerina Graham
Candice Accola
Zach Roerig
Matt Davis (seasons 1-3,6-8)
Michael Malarkey (season 6-8)
Nina Dobrev (season 1-6)
Steven R. McQueen (season 1-6)
Michael Trevino (season 1-6)
Joseph Morgan (season 3-4)
Sara Canning (seasons 1-2)
Kayla Ewell (season 1)
Based upon the book by: L.J. Smith
Showrunner: Kevin Williamson
Julie Plec
Broadcast Network: CW
Production Company: Alloy Entertainment
CBS Television Studios
Outerbanks Entertainment
Bonanza Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: The Originals (2013)
Legacies (2018)
IMDb: The Vampire Diaries