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School, dating, peer pressure, shapeshifters, secret government agencies. Just some of the things that every alien/hybrid teenager has to learn to deal with.

Season One: 22 episodes
11ADA79Oct 06/99Pilot
21ADA01Oct 13/99The Morning After
31ADA02Oct 20/99Monster
41ADA03Oct 27/99Leaving Normal
51ADA04Nov 03/99Missing
61ADA05Nov 10/99285 South (part 1)
71ADA06Nov 17/99River Dog (part 2)
81ADA07Nov 24/99Blood Brothers
91ADA08Dec 01/99Heat Wave
101ADA09Dec 15/99The Balance
111ADA10Jan 19/00The Toy House
121ADA11Jan 26/00Into the Woods
131ADA12Feb 02/00The Convention
141ADA13Feb 09/00Blind Date
151ADA14Feb 16/00Independence Day
161ADA15Mar 01/00Sexual Healing
171ADA16Apr 10/00Crazy
181ADA17Apr 17/00Tess, Lies and Videotape
191ADA18Apr 24/00Four-Square
201ADA19May 01/00Max to the Max
211ADA20May 08/00The White Room (part 1)
221ADA21May 15/00Destiny (part 2)

Season Two: 21 episodes
232ADA01Oct 02/00Skin and Bones
242ADA02Oct 09/00Ask Not
252ADA03Oct 16/00Surprise
262ADA04Oct 23/00Summer of '47
272ADA05Oct 30/00The End of the World
282ADA06Nov 06/00Harvest
292ADA07Nov 13/00Wipeout!
302ADA08Nov 20/00Meet the Dupes (part 1)
312ADA09Nov 27/00Max in the City (part 2)
322ADA11Dec 18/00A Roswell Christmas Carol
332ADA10Jan 22/01To Serve and Protect
342ADA12Jan 29/01We Are Family
352ADA13Feb 05/01Disturbing Behavior (part 1)
362ADA14Feb 19/01How the Other Half Lives (part 2)
372ADA15Feb 26/01Viva Las Vegas
382ADA17Apr 16/01Heart of Mine
392ADA18Apr 23/01Cry Your Name
402ADA19Apr 30/01It's Too Late and It's Too Bad
412ADA20May 07/01Baby, It's You
422ADA16May 14/01Off the Menu
432ADA21May 21/01Departure

Season Three: 18 episodes
443ADA01Oct 08/01(CA)Busted
453ADA02Oct 15/01(CA)Michael, the Guys and the Great Snapple Caper
463ADA03Oct 22/01(CA)Significant Others
473ADA04Oct 29/01(CA)Secrets and Lies (part 1)
483ADA05Nov 05/01(CA)Control (part 2)
493ADA06Nov 12/01(CA)To Have and to Hold
503ADA07Nov 19/01(CA)Interruptus
513ADA08Nov 26/01(CA)Behind the Music
523ADA09Dec 17/01(CA)Samuel Rising
533ADA10Dec 31/01(CA)A Tale of Two Parties
543ADA11Jan 28/02(CA)I Married an Alien
553ADA12Feb 04/02(CA)Ch-Ch-Changes
563ADA13Feb 11/02(CA)Panacea
573ADA14Feb 25/02(CA)Chant Down Babylon
583ADA15Apr 22/02(CA)Who Died and Made You King?
593ADA16Apr 29/02(CA)Crash
603ADA17May 06/02(CA)Four Aliens and a Baby
613ADA18May 13/02(CA)Graduation
AKA: Roswell High (UK)
Genre: science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 61
Broadcast Run: 1999 - 2002
Starring: Shiri Appleby
Jason Behr
Katherine Heigl
Majandra Delfino
Brendan Fehr
Nick Wechsler
William Sadler
Adam Rodriguez (season 3)
Emilie De Ravin (season 2)
Colin Hanks (season 1-2)
Based on the Roswell High Books By: Melinda Metz
Broadcast Network: The WB (season 1-2)
UPN (season 3)
Production Company: Jason Katims Productions
Regency Television
20th Century Fox Television
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Roswell, New Mexico (2019)
IMDb: Roswell